IVE’s Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon caught up in dating rumours yet again over ‘silly’ evidence

Jang Wonyoung and Sunghoon, who were previously MCs of music bank, find themselves embroiled in dating rumors again. However the reason this time is silly to say the least.

Published on Nov 23, 2023  |  07:34 PM IST |  1.5M
Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Instagrams
Key Highlight
  • Fans ship their favorite idols with the weakest evidence
  • Jang Wonyoung gets dating rumors with idols even if she just greets them

Baseless dating rumors are a common occurrence in the world of K-pop, but recent times have seen an increase in speculated relationships with little to no evidence. Instances include weak connections between BTS' RM and aespa's Karina, as well as Stray Kids' Lee Know and NMIXX's Sullyoon. Earlier this year, TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin also found themselves entangled in similar unfounded rumors.

Why are IVE’s Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon being shipped?

Presently, the most recent pairing of idols in such dating rumors seems to have the flimsiest evidence compared to previous speculations. IVE's Wonyoung and ENHYPEN's Sunghoon are the idols in question, and their shared history as Music Bank MCs has fueled unfounded rumours. While it's plausible that they are friends due to their past collaboration, certain netizens are blowing a casual interaction between them out of proportion, likely exaggerating its significance.

In a forum discussion surrounding these rumours, the original poster (OP) shared screenshots capturing a moment when Sunghoon and Jang Wonyoung exchanged greetings. The OP described it as cute, emphasizing that Sunghoon made a special effort to be the sole person to greet Jang Wonyoung and she returned it back with a small nod.


The supposed evidence supporting the dating rumor between Sunghoon and Jang Wonyoung is centered around their shared interest in sageuks (historical dramas) and the accompanying dialect. Leeseo from IVE mentioned that Jang Wonyoung finds humor in mimicking sageuk dialects. Similarly, Sunghoon has showcased his affinity for the sageuk dialect. Some netizens are speculating a romantic connection based solely on these shared interests, leading to varied opinions in the post's comments.

About Jang Wonyoung and Sunghoon

Jang Wonyoung, managed by Starship Entertainment, trained for over a year and participated in a survival show where she secured 1st position and joined the final lineup of IZONE. Ranked 1st and named the center on her birthday, she was featured in TC Candler's The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018 at 88th place. After IZONE's disbandment on April 29, 2021, she joined the girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment.

While, Sunghoon excelled as a professional figure skater, winning silver at the Asian Figure Skating Trophy on two occasions and participating in the Korea Figure Skating Championship in 2018, before becoming a trainee. Introduced on June 1, 2020, as a contestant on the reality survival show I-LAND, he secured 6th place by global votes on September 18, 2020, earning a spot in the boy group ENHYPEN.

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