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Dumb Money review: Paul Dano and Pete Davidson ‘HODL’ until the end in this must-watch GameStop drama

Dumb Money starring Paul Dano explores the iconic GameStop stock chaos that happened back in 2021. A must-watch financial film. Read Pinkvilla review.

Updated on Oct 14, 2023   |  01:20 AM IST  |  520.7K
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Dumb Money Poster (IMDb)

Name: Dumb Money

Cast: Pete Davidson,Shailene Woodley,Sebastian Stan,seth rogen,America Ferrera

Rating: 4.5


Dumb Money takes you through the iconic event of Gamestop (GME) stock back in 2021. How Keith Gill shook the Wall Street and ended up crashing multiple billionaires with his knowledge of the market. Not only him, but many people ended up benefitting from him and the sheer amount of dedication towards his belief. 

What Works? 


If you have lived through the iconic era of stock market when Reddit went all berserk going against the Wall Street, this movie will keep you on the edge of the seat. GME went to the moon and how. Based on true story, Dumb Money dramatises the iconic event and how online communities went ahead to make millions of dollars within days. With comical moments, the movie walks you through rich vs poor and how the world flipped during the most intense time post lockdown. Throughout the movie, you will end up, gasping about the amount of money that Keith Gill makes. It is surely an entertaining movie with multiple elements stretching from emotional to the real world struggle of a guy. Amongst all the money, we get to see the Wall Street guys in the bad light but also show them in a very funny manner. 

I love the part where common people feel that they are standing up against the bad guys of the world also known as the corporate world. You would feel a sense of belongingness if you are into stock market. The movie wraps up the whole event in a very comical dramatic as well as a pinch of emotions. Not to forget the endless Memes popping up on the screen hit home. The best part of this movie was how multiple characters were portrayed in different scenarios and how they were a part of this event. 

What doesn't work? 

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and have witnessed the whole event in real time, I felt I was seeing the past again on a big screen. The only thing that might appear unflattering are financial terms that are all over the movie. It might be difficult for non-financial people to understand certain terms and how the stock market works. 

Star Performances 


Paul Dano and Pete Davidson steal the show. Paul has Keith stay true to his character, the way he spoke, resembles the real life character. He generated a sense of empathy while being on screen and also appeared to be a peoples person. On the other hand, Pete as his brother was a true funny character, every time he appeared on screen, there were laughs and giggles.

America Ferrera shined bright as a supporting character. She plays the role of a nurse who tries her hand on stock market. She feels homely throughout the movie. 

Sebastian Stan, Seth Rogan and Nick Offerman as Wall Street Guys aced their role. Big mansions, elite club and what not. They were capable of pulling off such characters who in real life appear to be serious but on screen they added a bit of fun. 

Dumb Money movie review: Final Verdict 

Dumb Money is a fun watch and has the potential to keep you glued to your seat. It makes the audience laugh, gasp and also clap for the whole GME fiasco. Even if you are not aware of the financial terms, do watch it. 


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