Poacher Review: Alia Bhatt's production venture on illegal ivory trade rewards your attention and patience

Poacher, created by Richie Mehta and starring Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew and Dibyendu Bhattacharya now streams on Prime Video.

Published on Feb 23, 2024  |  12:12 AM IST |  164.6K
Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, Dibyendu Bhattacharya
Poacher is a thought-provoking series that now streams on Prime Video (Credit: Prime Video)
Key Highlight
  • Poacher is a thought-provoking web-series that stresses on the need to preserve the ecosystem
  • Poacher is now streaming on Prime Video

Name: Poacher

Director: Richie Mehta

Cast: Roshan Mathew,Nimisha Sajayan

Poacher, directed by Richie Mehta and starring Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew and Dibyendu Bhattacharya is based on an eye-opening true story involving a long-time poacher who turns himself in after drowning in his own guilt. Poacher stresses on the responsibility of humans to not mess around with the ecosystem since it can have some hazardous long-term implications.


A guilt-stricken forest watcher Aruku, turns himself in after confessing that he is involved in the murder of elephants and subsequently the illegal trade of ivory. His confession starts a chain reaction that helps bust the entire illegal ivory trade racket consisting of some really powerful people. A group of Indian Forest Service workers namely Mala (Nimisha Sajayan), Alan (Roshan Mathew) and Neel (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), along with their team, put their life on the line to solve the complex puzzle involving the poaching of innocent elephants. Through the limited series, it has repeatedly been emphasised on why it is important to preserve the natural habitat and what happens if there is an imbalance in the ecosystem.

What works for Poacher:

Poacher counts for an enticing watch that not just keeps you on the edge of your seats through the 8 episodes but also makes you introspect on your own responsibility towards mother nature, something that we generally choose to overlook. The investigative thriller directly cuts to the chase with an attention-grabbing first sequence. Shows like Poacher require to catch the attention of the viewer in the first few minutes and it succeeds in managing that. Every scene of Poacher following the opening scene either takes the story forward or helps you know more about the characters in the show.


The show is very sleek and doesn't bicker much from its core theme. It is shot craftily and with great precision. The long, one take shots are done to perfection. The mystery is unraveled delicately, like the petals of a flower and by the end of it, you feel a sense of contentment. All the actors compliment the strong subject matter with their nuanced performances. Nimisha Sajayan as Mala particularly is just terrific and emotes very gracefully, especially in the scene where she breaks down. Cinematography is brilliant and so is the sound-design and set design. All these departments help in making the show atmospheric and thus more compelling for an average viewer.

What doesn't work for Poacher:

Poacher for its better part is flawless. Yes, there are portions where the pace slightly dips but in a matter of a scene or two, it gets back its momentum. Also for some reason, it feels as though Poacher peaks before its climax. The show is trilingual. This is not a grievance. Just that viewers planning to watch it must be prepared when they decide on watching the show.

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Performances in Poacher:

Nimisha Sajayan as Mala is incredible in her title role. She is a strong performer who has a lot to give to the story as an actor. Every scene featuring her is high on adrenaline. Roshan Mathew as Alan gives a beautiful yet restrained performance. He lets other artists take the center stage with his subdued act. Dibyendu Bhattacharya as the strong-headed Neel is excellent. What a personality he has! Every other performer in Poacher only enhances the show with their presence.

Final Verdict of Poacher:

Poacher, presented by Alia Bhatt, is a gritty investigative thriller with an underlying message of preserving the ecosystem. It is a recommended watch and requires your full attention. You can watch Poacher on Prime Video, now.

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