What kind of scents did Kim Hye Yoon use for Lovely Runner, Extraordinary You and SKY Castle? Actor reveals

Kim Hye Yoon recently in a behind the scenes video shared the kind of scents she uses for her K-drama especially mentioning about Lovely Runner, Extraordinary You and SKY castle. Know more

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Kim Hye Yoon (Image credits- MBC, tvN)
Kim Hye Yoon (Image credits- MBC, tvN)
Key Highlight
  • Kim Hye Yoon talked about her favorite scents and how she uses different one for each project
  • She also talked about her current favorite song by Chuu

Lovely Runner’s Kim Hye Yoon recently appeared in an interview on an MBC radio show, where she answered numerous questions. Later, a behind-the-scenes video of the same was posted, showing her enjoying various gifts from the staff and answering a few more questions.

Kim Hye Yoon talks about scents, favorite song and more 

In the behind-the-scenes video of her appearance on MBC's radio show, Kim Hye Yoon shared a lot. First off, she was pleasantly surprised by the adorable cake and decorations, which really touched her. Throughout, she kept expressing her gratitude to the staff. After her radio interview, she was warmly greeted by the Hye Yoon zone.

Later, she participated in the Hye Yoon balance game, answering some fun questions such as choosing between animals, where she likened herself to a rabbit, and expressing her preference for her eyes over her dimples. She was then asked about the scent she used while filming Lovely Runner. Kim Hye Yoon described it as having a flowery aroma, feeling cozy, and evoking the essence of spring.

She was also asked about the scents she used for Extraordinary You and SKY Castle. For Extraordinary You, she mentioned it was also a floral scent, but for her character Eun Dan Oh, it was more akin to the freshness of real flowers compared to the dreamy floral scent of her character Im Sol in Lovely Runner. Regarding SKY Castle, she described it as having a soapy scent, although not precisely soap, but something similar. She expressed, "I guess I was using that according to my role. While wondering how this character feels, I wear those scents."


When asked to choose between being labeled Actor with the most beautiful smile or Actor with the most beautiful tears, Kim Hye Yoon found it difficult but ultimately leaned towards tears, citing it as her first time considering such a title. However, she noted that she believes her bright smile is attractive wherever she goes. 

She also shared her current favorite song, excluding songs from her K-drama's fictional boy band ECLIPSE, which is Chuu's ONE AND A HALF. Given her long-time friendship with Chuu, she opted for her friend's song. Lastly, she left a message for fans saddened by the end of Lovely Runner, promising to return with another Monday disease-cure drama. Watch the episode here-

More about Kim Hye Yoon

Kim Hye Yoon's latest role was in the K-drama Lovely Runner. Adapted from a popular web novel and written by True Beauty writer Lee Si Eun, Lovely Runner is a time-slip romance drama that explores the question: "What would you do if you had the chance to save your ultimate bias?" In the series, Kim Hye Yoon portrays Im Sol, a devoted fan shattered by the loss of her favorite star, Ryu Sun Jae of ECLIPSE (played by Byeon Woo Seok), who travels back in time to rescue him.


Kim Hye Yoon is also in discussions to take on a role in the upcoming webtoon-based drama The Year We Turned 29, co-starring with Red Velvet's Joy. The series, adapted from a webtoon with the same title, delves into the genre of youth romance, focusing on three characters, all aged 29 and sharing the name Woo Ri. As they struggle with the complexities of love, career, and education, the trio learns to lean on one another and embrace personal growth as they approach their thirties, embarking on life's journey together.

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