A Guide to Charlie Puth's Dating History; Know Famous Ladies Who the Singer Has Dated

Not only has Charlie Puth solidified his presence in the music scene, but he has also left a lasting impression on the hearts of a few notable and attractive women. Here is a rundown of Charlie Puth's dating history.

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Charlie Puth Dating History
Charlie Puth (IMDb)

If you are amazed by the appealing songs he has composed, you would be startled to know the personalities who have been Charlie Puth's girlfriends. Speaking of Charlie Puth's dating history, it might not be new to his fans that his tracks which are so beloved are mostly intended for his love interests.

Rumors have always swarmed in the music industry about his connection with famous ladies. Without further delay, let's get started and learn a bit about the women Charlie Puth has dated.

Brooke Sansone (2022-Present)

If you wonder who Charlie Puth is dating, here is a bit of a start.

After a string of romantic relationships with some of the most high-profile ladies, the musician opened up in an interview with Howard Stern in October 2022 and stated that he was seeing someone.

The Attention singer stated, "(She's) someone that I grew up with." Although while talking about her, he avoided spilling the details of his new love interest, he however said, "She's always been very, very nice to me, and I would assume that when times inevitably are hard in the future, because what is life without valleys and peaks, she would be there for me as well."



Towards the end of 2022, his Instagram story shocked his followers as it gave an update on who Charlie Puth dated back then. The social media story confirmed that the new Charlie Puth girlfriend was none other than Brooke Sansone.

This was just the beginning of something new and fresh, with a lot of excitement. And from that time, Puth and Sansone have been dropping a lot of social media posts together, speaking of their memories and also their engagement.

And yes, the I Don't Think That I Like Her singer has gotten engaged to the digital marketing and PR coordinator.

On September 7, 2023, through a heartwarming post, Charlie Puth announced his engagement with Sansone that read, "I flew to New York to ask my best friend to marry me, and she said yes."

The post that describes the romance at its best swiftly reached the hearts of all the followers of the Left or Right singer.

It further read, "I am the happiest, best version of myself, and it is all because of you, Brookie. I love you endlessly forever and ever and ever."

Charlotte Lawrence (2019)

The romantic relationship blossomed in 2019 when the duo was connected through gossip after being seen together multiple times during New York Fashion Week. The singer later addressed the dating speculations by sharing a photo of himself with Lawrence, which has since been removed.

In the post, one could see the Dangerously singer having his arms wrapped around Charlotte Lawrence, and it also read, "Happy Valentine's Day."

This Instagram post grabbed the attention of Puth's fans, while it even saw the Slow Motion singer commenting with emojis filled with love.

However, their story didn't last long, and with a sudden shock, their split became another topic of the town.

In 2019, the Marvin Gaye singer revealed through a post on Twitter, "Only because I want people to stop asking the question....Yes, I am single now...and please don't believe everything you read...thank you."

A few reports also suggest that the song That's Hilarious is about the lady who was Charlie Puth's girlfriend in 2019.

Halston Sage (2018)

The Light Switch singer has often been surrounded by dating rumors. Additionally, his songs have raised eyebrows among his followers, prompting them to wonder who Charlie Puth is dating at present.


In 2018, one such rumor involved a name from the Hollywood industry, Halston Sage.

In September 2018, both stars shared a few pictures on Instagram, causing a stir among the followers of both Puth and the actress from You Get Me.

For a couple of weeks, the two prominent personalities were spotted together at a few public events. However, neither the How Long singer nor the Daughter of the Bride actress spoke publicly about dating each other.

The two stars parted ways soon after.

Danielle Campbell (2017)

Among the celebrities included in Charlie Puth's dating history, Danielle Campbell was also one reported by Hollywood Life to be involved in a romantic relationship with the singer.

The news came out in October 2017 and stated that the singer and Campbell seemed to be dating secretly. The rumors erupted as Puth had posted a screenshot of himself FaceTiming with the gorgeous actress.

Although this post was later deleted, fans quickly noticed that Puth was commenting on Danielle's pictures. The rumors gained further traction by the fact that the Tell Me a Story actress had also started following Puth, as well as his siblings Stephen and Mikaela, on social media back then.

Additionally, Charlie had himself revealed that he was "in a relationship" but was "done with dating people in the public eye."

He stated this on October 12 on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

This relationship, too, was never confirmed by either party.

Bella Thorne (2016-2017)

This was a big mystery, as Charlie Puth did not have a long-term relationship with Bella Throne, however, he accused her of cheating on him with her ex Tyler Posey. 

During her appearance on SiriusXM's "The Jenny McCarthy Show" in 2017, Bella revealed a bit about what exactly happened with Charlie.

She stated, "I hung out with him twice. We went to the movies. He was cool. I was like, 'Wow, you're really talented. Holy sht. You're fcking great, dude.' And then he invited me to Jingle Ball to watch him perform."

After the two were spotted together at the Jingle Ball 2016, leading to rumors of them dating, Charlie came across an old article that spoke of Bella Thorne and her ex.


Without looking at the date of the article, Puth tweeted, "I don't know Tyler personally, but I know he shouldn't be treated this way."

Thorne, during her SiriusXM interview, also stated that the mess on the internet could have been easily solved if the singer had reached out to her privately.

Selena Gomez (2016)

Amongst all the Charlie Puth's girlfriend Selena Gomez is one for whom the singer has poured his heart into a few lyrics. If you are familiar with the song We Don't Talk Anymore, it was directly inspired by the time that Charlie had spent with Gomez.

While discussing the aforementioned track with Billboard, Puth once stated, "I don't kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can come across as real is if there's something else going on behind the scenes."

He further added, "And that's what was happening (with Selena). Very short-lived, very small, but very impactful. And it really messed me up… And she evoked such good emotion on that song, it was a pleasure working with her. That's why I'm always happy to sing it, even though it came from a dark point in my life."

The singer also revealed that their relationship didn't work out because of someone else being present in Gomez's life.

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Who is Charlie Puth engaged to?
Charlie Puth is engaged to Brooke Sansone.

When Charlie Puth and Brooke Sansone get engaged?
On September 7, 2023, the singer announced his engagement with Brooke Sansone.

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