EXCLUSIVE: Black Widow and Stranger Things' David Harbour on why he 'LOVES' India: It felt like being on Mars

Updated on Sep 07, 2021 08:57 PM IST  |  75.3K
David Harbour revealed he "can't wait to go back" to India.

David Harbour, who fans adore as Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things and who dazzled the big screen as Red Guardian aka Alexei Shostakov in Black Widow, indulged in an EXCLUSIVE chat with Pinkvilla, where he reminisced about his memorable trip to India in late 2018 and early 2019. In an Instagram post about his holiday in India, with plenty of happy snaps, David had lovingly penned, "Truly the greatest vacation I've ever had."

During our candid conversation, I couldn't help but ask Harbour what was the highlight from his India trip that compelled him to write a love letter to the country. To this, the Golden Globe nominee gushed, "I mean, all of India was a highlight for me. I've never been to a country like that. It felt like... so often, we travel in the western world and it feels, there are different tenets of a country, but it really felt like a... like being on Mars."

"People there are so beautiful. The hearts are so open, the way... they call it the land of light, India, right? And I found that it had such a unique character. I'd never experienced anything like it," the 46-year-old actor shared before elaborating, "I absolutely adored India and I was up North, on the river [Ganga], and just seeing that river flow through was so stunning. I mean, to see the green waters up North, flowing through, and there were huge statues of, I think it was Vishnu. It's just a magical, magical land. I can't wait to go back. Love, I love India, love India."

Watch David Harbour's interview with Pinkvilla below:

We can't wait for David Harbour to come to India, again!

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