Jeff Daniels Doesn't Think ‘Too Deeply’ About His Character In Netflix’s A Man in Full; Find Out Why

Jeff Daniels' character on his latest drama series is complex with deep rooted metaphors! However, the actor doesn't take the theories seriously and leans into director's instincts! Read more...

Updated on Jul 05, 2024  |  11:58 PM IST |  31.7K
Jeff Daniels in A Man In Full (via YouTube/Netflix)

Jeff Daniels’s character in A Man in Full is ridden with metaphors!

The actor plays business tycoon Charlie Croker, whose life takes a sudden turn with bankruptcy, making him vulnerable to eagle-eyed and money-hungry competitors. Through the series, his internal decay manifests itself in physical form—a torn knee—which becomes a metaphor for his life. However, Daniels doesn’t overthink that aspect of his character! 


Jeff Daniels on playing his character on A Man in Full

The Dumb and Dumber might be one of Hollywood’s veteran superstars, but his approach to acting is far from intense. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels was asked about the complexities of his character and whether he leans into the metaphor of the character. 

“I’ve done really well not thinking too deeply about metaphors. That’s why I don’t direct, because that’s their job,” he said. Daniels is evidently a director’s actor and trusts in the spontaneity of a scene. 

He added that the metaphors are great for conveying an unspoken emotion to the viewers, but from the character's point of view, he was actually struggling with a bad knee. “ I just knew that Charlie knew that his knee hurt and that was him falling apart. He wanted the best new knee he could get,” The Emmy-winning actor added.  



What’s A Man in Full about?

The Netflix drama series is a modern adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s 1998 novel of the same name, which dealt with tales of race and class disparity. Daniels played the former football star turned business titan Charlie Croker—whose egotistical business moves and clash with financers led him into bankruptcy. 

Amidst his fall from grace, he is forced to battle enemies attempting to capitalize on his Empire. This leads to entanglement with his ex-wife, Martha Croker (Diane Lane), a vengeful beauty company owner, Joyce Newman (Lucy Lui), conniving politician Wes Jordan (William Jackson Harper), and many others. 

The original book covered themes like the vanity of a man. In the series adaptation, the theme effortlessly translated into modern contexts and dealt with issues like police brutality, #MeToo, a growing class divide and corporate corruption. 

The series—directed by David E. Kelley and Oscar-winning actor-director Regina King—is currently streaming on Netflix. 



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