Who Are Omarion's Brothers And Sisters? All We Know About Singer's Six Siblings

Discover the family behind the Grammy-nominated artist Omarion.

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Who Are Omarion's Brothers And Sisters? All We Know About Singer's Six Siblings
Who Are Omarion's Brothers And Sisters? All We Know About Singer's Six Siblings

Grammy Award-nominated musician Omarion has established himself as a significant figure in the music industry, with a career spanning nearly two decades. However, he isn't the only talent in his family. Omarion has six siblings, some of whom have also pursued careers in entertainment. Read on to learn more about Omarion's brothers and sisters and their individual paths.

Omarion’s Siblings: All About Omarion’s Family

Amira Grandberry 

Details about Amira Grandberry’s personal and professional life remain largely unknown, maintaining a private profile compared to her siblings. Amira prefers to keep out of the spotlight, and little is publicly shared about her endeavors or lifestyle. Despite her low profile, it's clear that family bonds are significant within the Grandberry clan, and Amira’s presence in Omarion’s life is undoubtedly cherished.

Ukil Grandberry 

Ukil Grandberry is another sibling who keeps a low profile. Like Amira, Ukil's personal and professional details are scarce. Reports suggest that he is a business owner, focusing on entrepreneurial ventures rather than a career in entertainment. His decision to steer clear of the public eye reflects a desire for privacy, and he seems content to support his family from behind the scenes.

Arielle Grandberry 

Arielle Grandberry also remains a private figure, with few public details about her life. The Grandberry family values privacy, and Arielle’s decision to keep her personal and professional life under wraps is consistent with this ethos. While information about her is limited, it is evident that she is an integral part of the family’s support system.


Kira Grandberry 

Kira Grandberry maintains a low profile similar to her siblings, with little information available to the public. The Grandberry siblings seem to share a common trait of valuing their privacy, and Kira is no exception. Though she may not be in the public eye, her role within the family is undoubtedly significant, contributing to the tight-knit nature of the Grandberrys.

Omari “Omarion” Grandberry

Omarion, born Omari Ishmael Grandberry, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. He gained fame as the lead singer of the boy band B2K, which played a crucial role in defining the early 2000s R&B scene. Born in Inglewood, California, Omarion's career began with appearances in commercials for major brands like Kellogg's and McDonald's. He transitioned to music, initially as a backup dancer for the all-girl group Before Dark, before joining B2K.

B2K's debut album, released in 2002, quickly rose to the top of the charts, marking the beginning of Omarion’s successful music career. The group disbanded in 2004, but Omarion’s solo career took off with his debut album, "O," which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in 2005. Since then, he has released several albums, though none have matched the commercial success of his initial efforts.


In addition to his music career, Omarion has dabbled in acting. He starred in the dance film "You Got Served" and appeared in other projects like "Fat Albert" and "The Proud Family Movie." Omarion continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, balancing music, acting, and other ventures.

Tymon Grandberry 

Tymon Grandberry, another of Omarion’s siblings, is known to maintain a presence on social media, sharing glimpses of his life with his followers. Despite his relatively low public profile, Tymon is active on Instagram, where he occasionally shares personal moments and family interactions. His exact professional pursuits are not well-documented, but his social media activity provides a window into his life and his relationship with his famous brother.

O'Ryan Browner

O'Ryan, the youngest of Omarion's siblings, is also a singer. He released his self-titled album in 2004, which saw moderate success on the U.S. charts. Known for his close resemblance to Omarion, O'Ryan is the only half-sibling in the family, born to Leslie Burrell and Vic Browner. He shares a close bond with Omarion, and their sibling relationship is often highlighted in public appearances and social media posts.


O'Ryan's music career includes the 2004 album "O'Ryan," which reached #75 on the U.S. charts and #21 on the U.S. R&B chart. The album featured the single "Take It Slow," which made a modest impact on the charts. His second album, "Ocean’s O," was released six years later but did not achieve significant recognition.

O'Ryan also gained attention through his three-year relationship with singer Jhene Aiko, with whom he shares a daughter. This relationship further connected him to the music industry, as Aiko's career also began with appearances in B2K music videos.

Omarion's six siblings have each carved their paths, some following in his musical footsteps while others prefer to stay out of the limelight. Together, they form a diverse and talented family, each contributing to the unique tapestry of the Grandberry legacy. For fans of Omarion and his family, their journeys continue to be a source of interest and inspiration.

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