Who Is Melonie Haller? What Led to Her Horrific Experience On Manhattan-Bound Train

Model and actress Melonie Haller was found in bloodied condition on a Manhattan-bound train in April of 1980. Here is what led to her bone-chilling state.

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 All You Need To Know About Melonie Haller And Her Horrifying Experience
All You Need To Know About Melonie Haller And Her Horrifying Experience ( Getty Images )

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of rape, violance, and drugs

Actor and model Melonie Haller’s life changed after attending a dinner party at the mansion of film producer Roy Radin. She was found beaten, injured, and bloody on a Manhattan City-bound train on 13th April, 1980 and later alleged that Radin and his associates committed the vile crimes against her. Here is what you need to know.

Melonie Haller in Welcome Back, Kotter

Melonie Haller’s horrible experience

Haller was a model and actress in the  70s and even appeared in the March 1980 issue of Playboy Magazine. She starred in TV series Welcome Back, Kotter and also had some uncredited roles in films like The French Connection and The Love Machine. She also played a role in Hollywood 90028 in 1973. 

On 12th April 1980, Haller attended a party of Hollywood producer and showbiz promoter Roy Radin in hopes of forwarding her acting career. Photographer Ronald Sisman was the one who introduced her to Radin. 

But the next morning, she was found unconscious and injured on a Manhattan-bound train by a railroad conductor. Haller claimed that she was brutally raped, and beaten by Radin and his associates at the producer's Southampton mansion. She also claimed that they forced her into sexual games and recorded her. In her statement to the Southampton Village Police, Haller alleged that she was also forced to commit sodomy by Radin and his associates. 


The aftermath of Melonie’s experience 

When Melonie spoke to Suffolk County Police detective Lee Roman, she claimed, “I was beaten. They dumped me on the train like I was baggage. They beat me and kicked me,” according to the Los Angeles Times. It was also reported that she was left on the train by Ray Wounters, one of Radin’s employees. Melonie further revealed that Robert McKeage, who was her date to the party, brutally beat her and they fought. 

Melonie reported that not only did Radin commit these violent crimes against her but that he also had large amounts of cocaine and a gun in his bedroom. The lens of the camera was broken during a struggle between Melonie and the perpetrators, according to her. 

Even though before the Suffolk County police officers raided his mansion, Radin had ordered his employees to clean it up, the officers still found a pistol in his home and he was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm. He had to pay a $1000 fine and was put on probation. Robert McKeage, who was Melonie’s date to the party, pleaded guilty to assaulting her in 1981 and was sentenced to prison for 30 days. 

Melonie’s story is now being shown on Investigation Discovery’s The Playboy Murders. The sixth episode of the second season of the show, titled Horror in the Hamptons, chronicles what went down that night. The episode was aired on 19th February 2024 at 10 pm EST (20th February 2024, 8:30 am IST). 

The episode synopsis reads, “Actress Melonie Haller is poised for stardom after appearing in the television series 'Welcome Back, Kotter' and a pictorial in the March 1980 edition of Playboy; eager for her next role, she goes to a party in the Hamptons that takes a violent turn."

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