Opinion: BTS’ Jimin and BLACKPINK’s Lisa releases on June 28 to spark K-pop clash of the year? Expectations, concepts and more

BTS’ Jimin and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are set to drop new music on the same day, leading us to believe it will just be the K-pop clash of the year. Let’s see what we can expect, concepts, and more.

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Jimin of BTS, Lisa of BLACKPINK; Image: BIGHIT MUSIC, Lisa's Instagram
Jimin of BTS, Lisa of BLACKPINK; Image: BIGHIT MUSIC, Lisa's Instagram

Not long ago, two of the biggest names in the K-pop industry announced that they would be making a comeback, it was none other than Jimin of BTS and Lisa of BLACKPINK. Well, it's no news if two K-pop artists, groups, or soloists make comebacks in the same month or week. But, here is where it got interesting, as BTS’ Jimin and BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be releasing new music on the same day, June 28, 2024, it could be dubbed as the K-pop clash of the year. 

As everyone knows, BTS and BLACKPINK are the two biggest K-pop icons worldwide, and currently, neither group is releasing new music. The focus is on the members as solo artists. So, when Jimin announced MUSE, it was expected to be a big release, and similarly, when Lisa suddenly surprised everyone by announcing her comeback, ROCKSTAR, the response was expected to be as big. 

It is the K-pop clash of the year for many reasons: Lisa and Jimin are both dance aces, both are huge names in the K-pop world, expectations from both are immensely high, and both K-pop stars are dropping new music after a long break. Let’s see what we can expect from Jimin and Lisa’s releases, their concepts, and banging choreography from dance aces of K-pop. 

Expectations from Jimin’s MUSE and Lisa’s ROCKSTAR

For Jimin’s solo pre-release single, Smeraldo Garden Marching Band, which will be one half of the clash, we can expect it to touch on different genres. Being as it is, the album MUSE has two versions, BLOOMING and SERENADE, leading us to think it might be an amalgamation of electrifying and soft songs, allowing the track to be anywhere in between. 


Looking at the tracklist led by the lead track Who, pre-release track Smeraldo Garden Marching Band featuring Loco, Rebirth (Intro.), INTERLUDE: SHOWTIME, SLOW DANCE featuring Sofia Carson, BE MINE and Closer Than This, we can expect the songs to be self-reflective, growth based as well as romantic.

When we peek back at Jimin’s FACE, his lead songs, Set Me Free Pt. 2 and Like Crazy, were different in both concepts and genres; a similar expectation finds route with the BTS member’s new release.

On the other hand, Lisa’s ROCKSTAR is a single. Looking at the name of the release and the concept images that ROCKSTAR was announced with, we can not help but expect another banger like MONEY.

ROCKSTAR is expected to be a female-boss energy-based track with Lisa’s iconic overwhelming raps that surge like power shots through the veins.

Looking back at the BLACKPINK member’s solo debut album, LALISA, it included two power-injecting and stylish, rap-based tracks, namely LALISA and MONEY. It leads us to believe that ROCKSTAR might bring back Lisa’s well-known energy.


Nevertheless, the expectations for Jimin’s Smeraldo Garden Marching Band and Lisa’s ROCKSTAR are shooting up. Jimin and Lisa, both K-pop idols, created big records with their debut music releases hence, the heat is high with their same-day music releases on June 28.

Concept dissection of Jimin’s MUSE and Lisa’s ROCKSTAR

Coming to concepts, what has been released until now leads us to think that Jimin’s pre-release and Lisa’s single look wildly different.

On the one hand, Jimin has dropped BLOOMING concept photos for MUSE, where the BTS member is amongst a garden of Smeraldo flowers, piquing interest as to what the album will bring forth. Due to the Smeraldo flowers, which are fictional flowers created by BTS and soft palette tones, we are led to believe that soft, emotionally compelling songs might await us.

However, the SERENADE version brings us to more powerful hip-hop and pop genres. However, since the world serenade can also mean a romantic serenade, it also leads us to expect a much more romantic outlook through the album and songs. 


On the other hand, Lisa dropped two concept photos for ROCKSTAR, where the BLACKPINK member is channeling the eponymous rockstar energy. The mullet-cut hair with bold makeup and heavy silver jewelry sets the tone for the hip-hop concept, with lyrics playing on the energy.

Lisa also captioned the concept photo ‘Baby I’m a ROCKSTAR,’ leading us to believe it might be a line from the song or hints about the concept. The phrase is a statement to the world by Lisa that she is a rockstar (she is); at the same time, it also pushes us to think if it might be a diss track. 

Banging choreography releases from K-pop dance aces

Lastly, this is making us more and more excited about Jimin’s upcoming MUSE release in July and Lisa’s solo album, which is expected to follow so much so that we can say it just might be the K-pop clash of the year. 

Jimin is well-known as a dance ace of the K-pop world; his iconic dance breaks have left a great mark on history; he is a vocalist and dancer in BTS. If we go back to Filter, the performance by Jimin was more than captivating. Not only this but he is also known to have one of the most detailed and beautiful choreographies. Jimin’s contemporary dance style is just another magnificent moment to behold. It leads us to believe we can expect banging choreography from Jimin’s upcoming music. 


Similarly, Lisa is the main dancer of BLACKPINK and an ace. Lisa’s dance performance video for MONEY left us breathless, and her dance steps have always been full of energy, even as a group member. Not to mention, Lisa’s attitude while dancing is unique; she can ace almost all choreographies. Her hip-hop dance style is striking and on-point. Leading us to expect amazing choreography from Lisa’s ROCKSTAR. 

Hence, Jimin and Lisa both might serve with music comebacks laced with amazing choreographies. 

Well, nothing is left for us than to wait for the day of the K-pop clash of the year between BTS’ Jimin’s Smeraldo Garden Marching Band on June 28, 2024, at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST) and BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s ROCKSTAR at 9 AM KST (5:30 AM IST).

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