Park Min Young's relationship history: From Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho to CEO Kang Jong Hyun, mapping actresses’ rumored and confirmed dating run

Let’s look back at popular actress Park Min Young’s relationships in the past years including rumors, confirmations, and more.

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Park Min Young: HOOK Entertainment, Ji Chang Wook: Spring Company, Lee Min Ho: MYM Entertainment
Park Min Young: HOOK Entertainment, Ji Chang Wook: Spring Company, Lee Min Ho: MYM Entertainment

Park Min Young has successfully become one of the most sought-after actresses in the South Korean entertainment scene. She has cemented this popularity with her acting prowess and strong versatile roles across the face of the industry. Unsurprisingly, her dating life has always been in the spotlight, so let’s have a look at Park Min Young’s relationship history in detail. The actress has been rumored to be in a relationship with her co-actors like Ji Chang Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and more. 

At present, however, Park Min Young is enjoying her single life and is not involved with anyone. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know the top actress’ rich dating history whether it might be rumored or confirmed. 

Park Min Young’s relationship history mapped down

Park Min Young’s rumored relationship with Ji Chang Wook

Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook’s breathtaking chemistry in the hit action and romance K-drama Healer. Their chemistry on the screen was so eye-catching that it unsurprisingly fueled dating rumors however, no confirmation was made from either side. Regardless, fans did not let it fade their hopes for them being together as they used to ship them. 

Healer was a hit action thriller K-drama with the sizzling romance between Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook. Park Min Young played a headstrong reporter who dreams of becoming a legendary reporter but finds herself in the middle of a dangerous incident whose truth she tries to unravel. Ji Chang Wook, on the other hand, played the role of her protector who was given the task to protect her from the people who want her dead as she knows something she should not.  


Park Min Young used to date Lee Min Ho

Park Min Young did indeed date her City Hunter co-star the South Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho for some time. As it happened, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho were confirmed to be seeing each other in August of 2011 soon after their K-drama concluded. However, they tried their best not to get their relationship in the public eye and were careful with their dates, a South Korean media outlet revealed photos of their romantic outings. 

Sadly, only after a few months in January 2012, their agency confirmed that Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho had parted ways due to busy schedules. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s relationship though was a perfect pair according to fans could not go long. 

Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook’s relationship (rumored)

Another sizzling K-drama led to another rumor of Park Min Young dating her co-star Kim Jae Wook. Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook worked together on the hit romantic comedy Her Private Life. In Her Private Life, Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young’s palpable chemistry made way for the rumor of their dating. On-screen, both actors breathed life into their characters and created a special romantic energy that connected them so it was no surprise, that such rumors began. 


Her Private Life is a drama that rightly depicts the sad side of idol culture in South Korea and the way it affects lives in a bad way. The show showed the saesang culture rampant nowadays which includes rough mobs surrounding K-pop idols, scrutiny and hate regarding their dating culture, and more. Park Min Young played an ardent fangirl of a K-pop idol who receives hate when the rumor of her dating him gets out. She was in the end helped by her new boss who looked cold-hearted on the outside but was quite caring, Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook). 

Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon’s rumored relationship 

Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon’s iconic rom-com What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim which changed the face of romance and intimacy on screen, was sure to give air to dating rumors. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is still regarded as one of the most romantic and heartfelt K-dramas. The credit undoubtedly goes to Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young’s burning chemistry on screen. 


Park Min Young played the role of Kim Mi So a hardworking and perfect secretary who shocks her boss Lee Young Joon (Park Min Young) by announcing her plans to quit. The story that unfolds after is heartwarming, tear-jerking, fun and romantic. They both end up finding that they are more than just a boss and secretary.  

Park Min Young and CEO Kang Jong Hyun

Park Min Young’s most relationship which ended rather ugly was with a rich businessman. This relationship also brought the actress under flames due to her boyfriend’s financial scandals. In September 2022, Park Min Young was revealed to be in a relationship with CEO Kang Jong Hyun by a South Korean media outlet however, her agency swiftly replied to it saying that she had already broken up with him long before. It was also reported that her former boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun was facing multiple charges of money embezzlement, fraud, and more. He is still being investigated for various offenses and unsurprisingly this had a bad effect on Park Min Young’s name. 

She was accused of receiving illegal money from her former husband but the rumors were rejected by her agency who also added that she had also participated in prosecution’s interview and other legal procedures. The actress herself in January 2024 posted on her Instagram expressing her outrage at the fact that she was still being scrutinized for something that she did not even do. She had finished the relationship well before Kang Jong Hyung got embroiled in cases. All the rumors and allegations since have died down. 


Park Min Young was loved by her fans in her most recent drama Marry My Husband, and got immense love and support. Currently Park Min Young is not dating anyone and there are no romantic rumors surrounding the actress at the moment. 

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