Meet Jayam Ravi’s wife Aarti Ravi; the entrepreneur who has made a respectable career for herself

Aarti Ravi deserves your attention, not for being the wife of Jayam Ravi but for the career she has built for herself. The entrepreneur is an achiever in her own right.

Updated on Jun 24, 2023  |  11:45 AM IST |  1.9M
PC: Aarti Ravi Instagram
Meet Jayam Ravi’s wife Aarti Ravi; the entrepreneur who has made a respectable career for herself (PC: Aarti Ravi Instagram)
Key Highlight

Being the wife of a star actor has its boons and pitfalls. On one hand, you get a front-row seat to witness the success of a loved one. The love and adoration of the fans is an added bonus. On the other hand, for the general public, you will always be known as the actor’s wife. Her personal achievements thus take a backseat to those of her husband. 

Aarti Ravi, an entrepreneur, influencer, and wife of Jayam Ravi, also falls into this category. She is someone who deserves to be lauded for her individual career. Unlike her husband, she has not starred in Ponniyin Selvan, nor has she given a 100 crore hit, nor has she fetched a Tamil Nadu State Film Award. But just because her career isn’t as colorful as that of a film star does not mean it should be celebrated any less. 

Obviously, being the wife of Jayam Ravi is a major reason for her popularity, and there is no denying that. But, keeping the Jayam Ravi factor aside, the career that Aarti has built for herself still deserves to be celebrated.


Aarti using her platform to give voice to those in need of it

Aarti Ravi has over 722k followers on Instagram, and she takes her platform very seriously. This is evident in the causes she chooses to associate herself with. Her Instagram bio reads, 'I do not influence. I hope to inspire'. And she proved this to be true during the time when COVID was at its peak. 


During the pandemic, Aarti used her platform to promote small businesses after seeing the negative impact the pandemic had on them. As she had received many messages about small businesses going through a tough time, she decided to spotlight local businesses run by women through her social media. This was a great initiative by Aarti to give a platform to women that they otherwise wouldn't have had.

Also, Aarti is the ambassador for Rise4Girl, through which she sponsors the education of girls who otherwise cannot do so themselves. 

Check out her pictures here:

Meet Aarti Ravi

Meet Aarti Ravi

Meet Aarti Ravi

Meet Aarti Ravi

Meet Aarti Ravi

Always in the spotlight

Aarti is not just an emotional support to her husband, Jayam Ravi, but their association also extends to a professional capacity. Aarti has shared that the Santosh Subramaniam actor’s publicity, image management, financials, and social media are handled by her. She further added that she is actively involved in the film choices of the actor as well. 

Not just her husband, but her son Aarav is also an actor already, acting in the film Tik Tik Tik along with his father. But her entry point into the world of films was her mother, Sujatha Vijayakumar. Aarti has credited her mother for teaching her leadership and management. In an interview given to Vogue India, she said, "My mother, Sujata, who is also a TV producer, taught me the art of management, understanding budgets and production, leadership skills, and how to run a company."

She is not one to just be complacent with the platform that she has. It is high time that Aarti gets more recognition for the content she puts out and the causes she has associated herself with.

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