One-Punch Man Season 3 Teases Fans with Fifth Hero Visual Featuring Silver Fang; READ

A new teaser visual for the upcoming season 3 of One-Punch Man just came out. This is the fifth hero visual for this season from the anime and it features Silver Fang.

Published on Jul 08, 2024  |  04:29 PM IST |  38.3K
new her visual released for One-Punch Man season 3
Silver Fang in the new One-Punch Man visual (PC: JC Staff, Yusuke Murata, ONE)

Fans have been waiting for the release of One-Punch Man season 3 for quite a while now. But even though have not gotten any confirmation about when the season will finally come out, we have gotten another Hero Visual from the staff of the anime. 

This new visual is the fifth Hero Visual that has come out yet for the 3rd season of One-Punch Man and it’s making people wonder if the release schedule would be announced soon. Here is what we know about the series as of yet. 

The new visual features Silver Fang

The new Hero Visual for the anime came out on July 5, 2024, Friday and features the veteran hero Silver Fang, also known as Master Bang. The former professional hero is one of the most powerful heroes of the Hero Association of all time. Master Bang and his brother Bomb are also two of the most revered masters in the martial arts world of One-Punch Man. From the new visual of this character, it seems that he is set to play a big role in the upcoming season. A new promotional video for the character has also been released by the staff, which they have also released for the other characters before. 

As mentioned before, this is the fifth new Hero Visual that has been released for One-Punch Man season 3 as of yet. Previously, we also saw stunning visuals for the protagonist Saitama, as well as King, Genos, and Fubuki. It seems that the staff for the anime is going to tease the audience with some more visuals down the line before announcing the release date for the upcoming season, which will hopefully come out this year. 


One-Punch Man season 3 staff and other details

People have been waiting for season 3 of One-Punch Man for a long time since the second season came out back in 2019. After five long years, the anime is once again coming back with JC Staff as the production house much as they were for the second season of the anime (Studio Madhouse created the first season of One-Punch Man). 

A lot of the people who were at the helm of affairs for One-Punch Man season 2 are returning for season 3. Tomohiro Suzuki is returning as screenwriter for the 3rd season. Chisaki Kusaba is also returning as the character designer but will be joined by Shinjiro Kuroda and Ryosuke Shirakawa for the upcoming season. Makoto Miyazaki is also returning as the music composer of the series. Fans are excited to see what the 3rd season of One-Punch Man, which is based on a manga written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata brings. 


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