BTS' Jungkook's viral comparison video with Inside Out 2 character Envy garners 1 million views within 12 hours

BTS' Jungkook has sparked a viral sensation after fans noticed his uncanny resemblance to a new character, Envy, from Inside Out 2. Read on!

Updated on Jun 20, 2024  |  03:07 AM IST |  1.9M
BTS' Jungkook, Inside Out 2's Envy; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC, Disney Pixar
BTS' Jungkook, Inside Out 2's Envy; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC, Disney Pixar
Key Highlight
  • BTS' Jungkook gets compared to Inside Out 2 character Envy
  • A catch-up on Jungkook's recent engagements

BTS' Jungkook has sparked a social media frenzy after fans noticed his uncanny resemblance to the new character Envy in Inside Out 2. A viral comparison video swiftly gained 1 million views on TikTok within just 12 hours, while X (formerly Twitter) erupted with tweets and edits celebrating the striking similarity.

BTS’ Jungkook and Inside Out 2’s Envy’s resemblance goes viral

Recently, BTS' Jungkook has been making waves across social media platforms for his uncanny resemblance to the character Envy from Inside Out 2. Since the animated film's premiere in US cinemas on June 14, fans have been drawing parallels between Jungkook's past bob cut hairstyle in 2023 and Envy's appearance, which features a similar blue bobbed hairdo and distinct fashion choices.

The comparison gained significant traction with a viral TikTok edit reaching over 1 million views within just 12 hours, showcasing side-by-side clips of Jungkook and Envy. This sparked a flurry of fan-created content, including fan art and edited videos that highlight the striking similarities between the BTS member and the animated character.

Netizens also pointed out specific details such as Envy's hair clips and Jungkook's previous hairstyles, further fueling the comparison. Fans noted how Envy's cyan-colored aesthetic and distinctive fashion, like her statement purple top with white dots, resonated with Jungkook's own style choices seen during BTS events and personal appearances.


BTS fans, ARMY's creativity shone through as they incorporated scenes from Inside Out 2 with clips of Jungkook, blending animated sequences with real-life footage to underscore the resemblance.

More details about Jungkook’s latest activities

Following his enlistment in December 2023, Jungkook recently marked BTS' 11th anniversary with the release of his single Never Let Go on June 7, 2024. This song serves as his first release post-enlistment, showcasing the Standing Next to You singer’s ongoing commitment to treat ARMYs with new music despite his military service obligations. Meanwhile, fans whole-heartedly received the track, lauding Jungkook's enduring influence and dedication to his artistic endeavors amidst his temporary hiatus from public performances.

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