Bachelorette Alumn Rachel Lindsay Claims She Found Out About Bryan Abasolo Filing For Divorce Via Text; Details Here

Rachel Lindsay learned that her husband, Bryan Abasolo, had filed for divorce through a text message, which left her shocked. The chiropractor, 44, filed for divorce on January 2.

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Rachel Lindsay Says She Learned of Bryan Abasolo's Divorce Filing  Through a Text
Rachel Lindsay (PC: Instagram)

Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay recently claimed that she learned husband Bryan Abasolo filing for divorce through text message. In a declaration filed on June 26, Lindsay, who is 39 years old, claimed that one day, she engaged Abasolo, 44, in a conversation in the kitchen, during which the latter did not tell her about filing for divorce, at least not before sending her a text message half an hour later, that read, “Hey ... I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed."

Although Lindsay acknowledged that they had been long separated and were moving towards divorce, she expressed anger and disappointment that she had to learn about the divorce filing through a text message.

Rachel Lindsay shocked as Bryan Abasolo informs her of divorce filing via text

Rachel Lindsay was quite shocked and unhappy when Bryan Abasolo told her that he had filed for divorce and asked her to log into a computer and sign the papers on January 2. On June 26 in the documents filed to the court, Lindsay stated that their prior conversation had been civil and they agreed to resolve the divorce without much publicity.

According to the screenshot Lindsay provided, Abasolo texted her at 11:So on January 2 at 43 a.m. As in a casual conversation, with the message – “Hey. .. I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed. ” To which Lindsay briefly replied, “Wait what?” And then at night, she turned off the location sharing for Abasolo as seen in the screenshot.

This was rather shocking for Lindsay, despite intense conversations that both had regarding the divorce in question or surrounding it.


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Rachel Lindsay expresses frustration as divorce proceedings with Bryan Abasolo unfold

Rachel Lindsay has not been happy in her divorce process with Bryan Abasolo, saying that she tried to talk to him and sort it out without lawyer mediation, but he said everything must involve lawyers. Lindsay further added in her paperwork that Abasolo never displayed any concern about handling the issue personally with her.

Abasolo filed for divorce at the beginning of the show, stating irreconcilable differences, after being married for four years. He hinted at this as announcing the end of their marital union on Instagram and has since deleted the post and wrote in part, ‘"Sometimes loving yourself and your partner means you must let go."

On her podcast dubbed High Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, Lindsay discussed the divorce and described it as a difficult phase. Although she was still rather vague in her response, she said that she would expand on it at a later date but for now she is day-by-day. "Now is not the time," she said. "[I'm] just trying to take it day by day."


Bryan Abasolo was on June 26 presented with temporary orders of financial support and legal fees after Rachel Lindsay filed her own papers at the request of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Bryan Abasolo.

Subsequently, through their respondent’s counter-affirmative defense, Abasolo said that their accommodation was squalid and cumbersome because they still lived together in the same house. He said he would like to leave the house but could not do so, financially speaking, at the moment.

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Rachel Lindsay prioritizes inner healing amid divorce challenges

In a recent exclusive interview with E! News, Rachel Lindsay underlined that she currently pursues her self-care strategies as much as she can, calling it the most important aspect. Workplace wellness promotion has seen her engage in some activities that can help heal the heart; this includes meditation, prayer, exercise and social relations as taking time and being close to relatives and friends. Lindsay said she has felt the need to separate the concept of self-care from what she noted as frills of life such as social interactions and travels.


‘Yes, I know people see me out and about, and that is true,’ Lindsay said further. Hanging out with friends helps, and traveling helps, but that is healing from the outside Anuradha, I want to heal within.

Lindsay regretted the first decision mentioning that if she could turn the time back, she wouldn’t have decided not to get a prenuptial agreement with Abasolo. She elaborated that she did not desire the dispute over the prenuptial agreement to escalate since, during their wedding, they had relatively comparable income levels. But, what Lindsay will not deny is had she pre-made a prenuptial agreement, she would somehow have been protected a little bit more from life’s unexpected hitches.

Concerning the decisions made in the past that impacted the year 2024, Lindsay said that she could not have imagined getting a divorce in the coming years. She said that in life one should never know what was in store for you next, what new challenge to come your way.

Other challenges resulting from the divorce with Abasolo are family lawsuits on child custody as well as alimony. Currently living together in Los Angeles, Lindsay said that Abasolo’s interaction was rather nervous and stiff. Lindsay has been requested to give Abasolo money to enable him to move out of the house they were jointly staying from.


Rachel Lindsay finds strength in self-care amid transition

Lindsay has experienced challenges, but with her determination, she is now an optimistic lady. She said that focusing on her own self isn’t wrong it’s necessary for her health and growth.

Lindsay agreed with Mowry that finding solace with a counsellor enabled her to discover the strength to persevere through this phase of transition. She is positive and this makes her tell everyone the importance of taking good care of themselves as well as make a point of staying in the present during such moments of turbulence.

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