'Whole Bunch Of Threats': Jeff Goldblum Opens Up About Troubles Faced By Oceans

Jeff Goldblum's first ocean experience sparked a lifelong passion for ocean conservation. As an Oceana supporter, he's dedicated to fighting plastic pollution and promoting ocean health.

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 Image via IMDb
Jeff Goldblum: Image via IMDb
Key Highlight
  • Jeff Goldblum's love for the ocean began with a childhood trip to Atlantic City
  • He actively supports Oceana, raising awareness and advocating for legislation

Jeff Goldblum grew up in Pittsburgh and rarely went to the beach. So when his mother took him to Atlantic City for his first dip, it was a momentous experience. "It's the first ocean I ever had an experience with," Goldblum recalls. 

"I remember my mom taking me into the ocean cradle-style and feeling the waves for the first time and getting bobbed up and down."

The ocean fell in love with me

That event left a deep impression on Goldblum.“I couldn’t believe it,” he says.“I was tripping out, and then when we get back to shore, I laid down and let the sun dry this salty water on my tingly skin.” That’s when he fell deeply in love with the sea.

Apart from being a successful actor who featured in forthcoming Wicked movies as well as his own jazz band, Jeff Goldblum, and The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Jeff Goldblum has devoted years of his life to saving oceans. He says that oceans are home to many of the life on this planet. He continues, “They play a central role in the world's natural systems, like regulating the climate, and they provide livelihoods to so many.”

He stresses that oceans feed hundreds of millions of people while having the potential to provide healthy seafood meals to one billion individuals every day, yet realizes their threats, too.


He raises the concern by suggesting that oceans are in trouble due to climate change, overfishing, habitat destruction, oil, and plastic pollution. Even killing endangered species like turtles, whales, and sharks causes the destruction of the whole planetary structure, leading to rising problems for the oceans.

Jeff Goldblum: Image via IMDb

Supporting Oceana

This is where the Oceana organization comes into play. “Over the past 20 years, that organization has won more than 300 victories,” says Goldblum. He also says that he is so excited whenever he can give anything little to support them.

In 2020, Goldblum, along with Board Member Keith Addis of Oceana, met with California lawmakers to push for statewide plastics legislation. He says that they knew the situation was urgent for the planet, “I'll be darned if a couple of years ago, like you say, California passed the strongest plastic source reduction policy in the whole country.”

The Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act (SB 54) was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2022; hence, the manufacturers are required to decrease their single; use plastic waste by 2032 and make their packaging recyclable or compostable.


Fighting against plastic pollution

Despite these strategies, Oceana estimates that around 33 billion pounds of plastic still enter the ocean annually. “That is roughly equivalent to dumping two garbage trucks full of plastic into the ocean every single minute,” says Goldblum.

In addition to this, Goldblum created awareness on oceans through a sneaker design contest known as Supreme Sneakerhead held in 2023, which raised over $729,000 for Oceana.

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Ways you can help

Goldblum tells everyone that they can save the oceans. He says that everyone needs to ensure that their political leaders recognize that looking after the ocean and addressing climate change should be at the top of their agenda. He suggests, “And, of course, vote with your wallet. All the services that you use make sure that and demand that they're using products that are plastic-free. Those are some things you can do.”

Another way in which we could assist is simply by enjoying our oceans. For example, Goldblum himself still loves swimming in the ocean. He adds, “You only have to imagine that it's this supremely alive place. I put on a pair of goggles, and I saw some unbelievable fish.” He concludes by saying how this gets into one’s cells, and the feeling of it is just wonderful.


Jeff Goldblum's passion for the sea has been ignited since his childhood experience and has kept propelling him towards conserving oceans to date so that it inspires others to join him in fighting to protect our planet’s vital water bodies.

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What inspired Jeff Goldblum's passion for the ocean?
A childhood trip to Atlantic City, where he experienced the ocean for the first time, sparked his lifelong love for it.

How is Jeff Goldblum contributing to ocean conservation?
He supports Oceana, advocates anti-plastics legislation, and raises awareness through various initiatives.

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