‘Why Wouldn't You Be Open About It': Andrew Scott Reveals Why He Derides At The Term 'Openly Gay'

Andrew Scott dislikes the term "openly gay" because he believes there is no reason to label someone's sexual orientation. Read on to learn more!

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  10:03 PM IST |  46.1K
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Andrew Scott commented that it was one of those strange April days in Los Angeles, where the sun was hesitant to appear even in the afternoon. "It's like, Will I?" he joked. "Won't I?" he asked, taking a seat on the Edition Hotel's rooftop in West Hollywood. 

The ominous weather seemed fitting for him to be in the city promoting his newly released Netflix series Ripley. The Italian landscapes in the limited series, he noticed, appeared as restless as the antihero's soul. Scott describes the show's mood as similar to the current cloudy weather in Los Angeles, "This is not how the sky usually looks where I come from."

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Exploring Scott's "Ripley": Morality and character

Scott's Ripley, a glamorously gloomy adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel about a thief whose 1950s European trip results in a body count, is also morally questionable. This year's The Talented Mr. Ripley is a blunter object than the 1999 version, which pitted a stiff Tom Ripley (then played by peak-heartthrob Matt Damon) against the bucolic charm of Italy, drawing its charge from the contrast. While Scott stumbles through a nightmare, Damon, dressed in a speedo, gallops through the Italy of your dreams.

The television series Ripley, directed by Steven Zaillian, is known for its striking black-and-white cinematography by Robert Elswit, which sets a stark tone for the protagonist. Despite its initially low viewership on Netflix, the show has received positive reviews, implying that it may have a long run, especially since it is likely to be nominated for an Emmy.

This series is a significant challenge for 47-year-old Scott, who is well-known for his versatile acting. He is a gay actor who received praise for his performance as "Hot Priest" in Fleabag and for his work in All of Us Strangers. Even in Sherlock, he stood out for his distinct portrayal of Moriarty. Ripley offers Scott a new acting challenge as a restrained sociopath, demonstrating his ability.


Scott's perception of Ripley was distinct from others. He declared that many could relate to Ripley because he was an outsider and that he had a great character. Although Ripley was an intelligent man, he didn't have many friends because most of the wealthy American expats he came across were rude and lazy.

Scott likened Ripley's occasional outbursts of fury, which compelled him to hide bodies, to the creative whims of an irate artist. He supposed the man was more of an artist, though he didn't think Ripley was smart enough to realize that.

In short, Ripley was a troubled character, which Scott understood well. In Fleabag, a show Scott worked on, a Catholic priest he played struggled with his faith and desires in a funny but sad way. In another project, All of Us Strangers, Scott played a gay writer who reconnects with his late parents in a dream, forgiving them and himself for past misunderstandings while falling in love with a character played by Paul Mescal.


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Scott's life and relationships

Andrew Haigh, who directed All of Us Strangers, was astounded by Scott's candor about being a gay lead actor. He stated, "He's not afraid to talk about it and be open about it!" This demonstrates Scott's comfort with himself. 

Scott is often referred to as Hollywood's new prince of heartache. This is primarily due to the roles he plays. But did you know he's friends with Taylor Swift, who is known for her heartfelt songs? Scott was so impressed with Taylor's new album, The Tortured Poets Department. He texted her to tell her how great it was. He thinks that Taylor is a fantastic person, and her album is really, really good.

Scott's favorite song on the album is The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived. It's unfortunate, but Scott might be underselling his role. Some believe he deserves as much credit as the men Swift sings about in the album's title. This belief gained popularity online after Mescal and Joe Alwyn discussed it on Variety Actors on Actors in 2022. 


Swift was dating Alwyn at the time, who is believed to have served as an inspiration for a few songs on the album. Mescal and Alwyn talked about how Scott had started a group chat known as the "Tortured Man Club," and how they were members of it.

Scott clarified that they would portray tortured characters, and he had previously played a tortured character in Fleabag. He went on to explain that it had nothing to do with their personal characteristics. However, the conversation quickly cooled down when he stated, "There appeared to be three texts, like, 'Hey, guys.' You know those groups that you set up, and they just collapse."

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