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Bigg Boss 13 Written Update, January 18, 2020: Salman loses calm at Paras, Madhurima Tuli ousted for violence

In tonight's episode, while Salman Khan gives the contestants an earful to housemates, special guests visited the house too.
Bigg Boss 13 Written Update, January 18, 2020: Salman loses calm at Paras, Madhurima Tuli ousted for violenceBigg Boss 13 Written Update, January 18, 2020: Salman loses calm at Paras, Madhurima Tuli ousted for violence
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Salman Khan welcomes everyone and the first topic that he touches down upon is the fight gone by between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh and while he does indulge in some fun banter during the explanation, he did seem to be rather angry. In fact, he also revealed how he has been asked to make the decision pertaining the same, but instead of doing so, he will ask the housemates about their opinion instead. Everyone expressed their own opinion while both Vishal and Madhurima also give away their point of view. Salman then shows them the episode of their fight, and seeing Shehnaaz Gill have a smile on her face, he lashes out at her too, citing how may be it is because she has hit Sidharth Shukla earlier too. He then asks Madhurima and Vishal about what do they think now after seeing the episode. Salman then talks about Madhurima being evicted from the house in order to not show any such kind of violence further and she then makes the exit. He asks Vishal if this feels nice and if he is happy now, and also talks about things he told him back when they both were a part of Nach Baliye 9. During the entire conversation as Salman speaks to Vishal, Rashami Desai speaks for him while Shehnaaz talks in favour of Madhurima.

A lot of arguments follow where Sidharth Shukla, Arti Singh, Shehnaaz, and others get talking. When Salman asks Vishal how does he feel after coming out of the jail, he says he is feeling heavy and he also advises him to show his personality now. After salman goes away, Shehnaaz and Mahira Sharma talk about Vishal wanting to have Madhurima out. Vishal, on the other hand, talks to Sidharth, Paras Chhabra, and Asim Riaz also talk about the current scenario. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz tells Mahira that she will apologize to Sidharth and not hit him anymore. Rashami, Arti Singh, Shefali Jariwala also join Sidharth and others during their conversation with Vishal. Shehnaaz comes to them and asks Vishal why is he fighting with Sidharth now that Madhurima is gone.

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Sidharth and Rashami too, talk it out about Vishal and Madhurima's equation in the house while Vishal tells the housemates that if Madhurima loves him even 50% of how much he loves her, she would have respected him. Conversations about the same thing continue amongst the housemates. Sidharth indulges in some fun banter with Paras and Mahira too, enjoys all of this. Salman then says how this is the kind of thing that they keep talking about and Salman gets back to Vishal once again, talking to him about his future, and the forecast of the astrologist that came to the house. Next, he also shows Arti's clipping from during the task and congratulates her in advance hinting at her pairing with Sidharth. He then shows them a photoshopped edits of Arti and Sidharth and everyone breaks into laughter. Salman shows some more clippings showing Arti as the two other eyes of Bigg Boss who is present everywhere, leaving everyone laughing their hearts out. Salman then welcomes a fan on stage and indulges in some banter with Asim Riaz over Himanshi Khurana.

Salman then confirms that Himanshi did not get married and also tells him that he was wrong for having feelings about Himanshi in the first place and says that she is now single and the guy has left her. He also tells him that now it is his duty to be nice to her. Salman then gives us a glimpse of the guests who visited the house, the first of which is Karan Singh Grover. He meets Arti and has the sweetest things to say to her and he then goes to Sidharth and has any advice to give him about his anger. He also has some nice things to say to Asim, and other people as well. Next Vindu Dara Singh enters the house and says little something to Paras pertaining Mahira and Akanksha Puri, praises Sidharth Shukla, asks Rashami to be back in the game, and some more things here and there. Gautam Gulati finally enters and hugs Shehnaaz tight and we also see how she showers Gautam with kisses.

He talks about how the season has been going and has a fun time with Shehnaaz and Gautam too enjoys his time and also dances with her. Shehnaaz is left awestruck after Gautam's exit while seeing her fun with Sidharth, Arti is all hearts for their cuteness. Next, Asim gives his side of the explanation about Himanshi's love for him to Salman and that is why they broke up while Salman tells him that he can believe whatever he wants. He also gives a piece of advice to Rashami and motivates her a bit. Salman then moves to Shehnaaz and apart from Gautam and Sidharth, he also reveals to her what did Paras talk about her father. Salman then reprimands him for his behaviour and then asks him what did his mother tells him in the first place. He also highlights how his mother told him 'Chattis ayengi, chattis jayengi, teri wali toh mummy hi layegi' and they have an entire conversation about this. Salman then also picks on the words he used, indicating at him using the word 'pyada.' Salman talks about his girlfriend Akanksha Puri and about what is going on.

He tells him how he got food from her, clothes, perfumes and everything else from her and asks him 'ki yeh game kaha tak ja raha hai' to which he also explains his point of view and Mahira too speaks. Salman also highlights how what Salman and Mahira are doing does not look like just friendship, and in the spur of the moment, Paras also says that he is not having a smooth relationship with Akanksha and then his fight with Asim also comes in. While Paras reveals he wants to leave Akanksha and she does not want to leave her, and then follows a series of arguments and Salman then asks Sidharth about what does he think about Paras' relationship with Mahira and he gives his opinion and others too speak up, when Rashami gets into an argument with Paras.

Mahira then speaks up her side of the story too. Salman then asks Paras that if there are so many issues then why doesn't he break up with Akanksha and he then explains his point of view. Salman then reveals that Paras also sent a letter for Akanksha which said certain things while Paras continues to defend himself. Salman ultimately loses his cool while Paras does not stop speaking. After all of it, Salman gives a piece of advice to Paras about life, love, and career. Salman says at the end that all of this was just for Mahira and that is it. Salman then exits and while Paras is fuming in rage, Rashami asks Shefali to tell Mahira things while Shehnaaz talks to Mahira too. Meanwhile, Sidharth tries to explain things to Paras and Shehnaaz makes the point about Gautam before Asim too and then apologizes to Gautam on camera. Mahira then hugs Paras and calms him down. 

Salman then puts hi stance forward and gets back to the housemates and Paras apologizes to Salman once again. Salman then gets to evictions and without the announcement, bids goodbye to everyone. Meanwhile, Paras talks to Shehnaaz about her behaviour, Mahira, and they try to talk things out and Salman then bids goodbye for the night.

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Salman ji, complete respect to you. Love watching you correct and bash the contestants, but it happened that the channel did not brief you right and you taking a stand on wrong information and hurting yourself by getting angry is something not of your stature. Why get into their personal lifes, not needed. We love you but this times episode did not show you in right light, but all was well when the channel gave you the right information and it ended well. I don't like Paras, he is arrogant, I don't care about him. But Salman ji , I love you and you rock. Bash the contestants for their doings inside the house but don't get their personal outside relations in the house, wherein you have to get angry and say meet me outside I will show you.

Salman showing Paras mirror was required. Serves Paras right. He always looked down upon the other contestants showing off his clothes, shoes where in he actually is a parasite living off a girl he seems to be perpetually using others. Paras saying he never asked for things from Akansha and that she is doing on her own shows how ungrateful he is. Mahira is desperate else no sensible girl would speak for and stand by him.

Action movie Paras and Salman! haha maza aa jayega. Paras Godfather Villian and Salman Tiger Vaapis Aa Gaya! haha


It is so much enteratining to see Paras and Salman Khan fighting! Like literally! THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER! Want to see more of Paras and Salman Khan Nauk Jhok! Paras always disagreering with Salamn is so awesome to watch! Maybe Paras could be real good Villian in Salman Khan movie! And Paras is Funny! HAHA Buttering Salman! HAHA Epic!

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