Opinion: Why are Vijay Deverakonda's recent films struggling to find success in theaters?

The enchantment and appeal of Vijay Deverakonda have encountered obstacles in finding success on the big screen in recent times. Let's explore why.

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Opinion: Why is Vijay Deverakonda movies struggling to succeed over the past years?
Opinion: Why is Vijay Deverakonda movies struggling to succeed over the past years? (PC: Pinkvilla)

Throughout the years, Vijay Deverakonda has definitely won over the hearts of many fans as a beloved actor. Those who enjoy Telugu cinema have warmly welcomed him for his charming looks and impressive acting abilities.

Despite not having a film industry background, he began his career with smaller roles before making his mark as a lead actor in the hit movie Pelli Choopulu, directed by Tharun Bhascker. This film not only did well at the box office but also brought a fresh face to the Telugu film industry.

Vijay Deverakonda’s biggest breakthrough

Though the film Pelli Choopulu made him a recognizable face in films, it wasn’t until 2017 that Vijay Deverakonda became a sensation through his acting and films. That year, the actor starred in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s debut film Arjun Reddy which catapulted the actor to a whole new level of fan following and craze.

Pelli Choopulu and Arjun Reddy (PC: IMDb)

The actor's fame spread like wildfire throughout the Indian film industries, establishing him as a prominent figure not only in Telugu-speaking sectors but also in the entire country. The film's impact was so immense that it turned him into a legendary icon in the film world. His filmography received a tremendous boost.


Vijay's success not only altered the path of his film career but also garnered him a dedicated fan base. As a result, he went on to star in popular movies such as Mahanati, Geetha Govindam, Taxiwaala, and ultimately Dear Comrade. These films not only achieved commercial success at the box office but also received acclaim for Vijay's exceptional acting skills.


The success he achieved through these movies not only established him as a talented actor but also propelled him to stardom. However, looking at his recent projects, it raises concerns about Vijay Deverakonda's script selection.

Geetha Govindam and Dear Comrade (PC: IMDb)

Vijay Deverakonda’s recent filmography

Since 2020, Vijay Deverakonda's movies haven't been able to capture the same enchantment and wonder that he did in his earlier works. Films like World Famous Lover, Liger, Kushi, and even his latest release, The Family Star, just didn't have that same impact.

Vijay's career took a major hit with all these movies, especially Liger. Not only did they give critics a headache, but they also failed to make a mark on the general audience. Despite being touted as commercially successful, these films didn't seem to resonate with the viewers as expected.

What is the cause for such a downtrend in Vijay Deverakonda's films over the last few years? Understanding the trends and choices of films he has made over the years, it seems that Vijay Deverakonda is stuck in a loop of his own making. Though attempting to create the same commercial blockbuster as his previous films, the actor is signing up for repetitive scripts and used-up formulas.

Last year, the actor took on the lead role of a struggling writer in the movie World Famous Lover. Directed by Kranthi Madhav, the film seemed to be a diluted version of Arjun Reddy. The occasional outbursts and aggressive actions felt like a cheap imitation of the original, with Vijay's performance becoming increasingly unbearable in every scene.

The film was not only a failure in registering with the audience but also negatively received by critics. The amateurish screenplay and below-average performances only made it more and more unbearable.

Was Vijay Deverakonda at fault here? Not really. His performance wasn't the issue. Rather, it was his choice of script that may have missed the mark. Though it is understandable that stars also have a fair share of bad movies, the actor was next set to appear in the commercial sports-action flick Liger.

Directed by Puri Jagannadh, who made some of the most iconic Telugu films like Badri, Pokiri, Desamuduru, Businessman, and many more, everyone believed that Liger would follow suit and present highly commercial cinema.

Liger (PC: IMDb)


The film had everyone, including the actors, particularly Vijay, extremely excited. They were convinced it would break all records at the box office, and they even managed to get boxing legend Mike Tyson to make a cameo appearance. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The film turned out to be one of the actor's biggest failures, both commercially and critically. It ended up being just another typical Vijay Deverakonda project, with his usual anger management theme. To make matters worse, there seemed to be a campaign against him and a culture of boycotting, which further harmed the film.

Deverakonda left no stone unturned and showed a solid persona to fulfill the requirements of the character but the other central characters collapsed due to cringe dialogues and poor storyline. To note, the film was made at a massive cost of over Rs. 100 crore approx. Well, Puri has a lot of conviction, but he writes his script within 15 days. Is this possible to do it in current times? 

Later on, the actor starred in a romantic comedy that tried to be unique but ended up being boring. Now, the actor is back in theaters with a new movie, but it doesn't seem to have the same spark as previous ones.

Will the Vijay Deverakonda magic happen again?

Vijay Deverakonda is undoubtedly a talented actor who never fails to deliver impressive performances and gather a huge fan base. However, it seems like he is sticking to familiar scripts with different titles, where the characters and their traits remain unchanged. 

The scripts in his previous films were of much higher quality compared to the ones he is currently getting. It gives the impression that he is only being offered one-dimensional roles. The lack of depth and originality is becoming a repetitive issue, and it's inevitable that the audience will eventually grow tired of it.

However, if the actor can bring the same level of energy and dedication to a more vulnerable script or a well-developed character, he has the potential to become the driving force behind a successful film that dominates the box office. 

Despite back-to-back flops, Vijay Deverakonda's dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering memorable performances make him a capable and sought-after actor in the Indian film industry. With a well-crafted script and appropriate promotions, he has the potential to rise to the top of the industry. The charm of his rowdy hero persona is still intact, waiting to be unleashed by someone who recognizes his talent.


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