Christine Brown’s Weight Loss: Transformation Secrets of the “Sister Wives” Star

The “Sister Wives” star recently spilled the beans on her fitness journey. Here’s everything we know about Christine Brown’s weight loss transformation.

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Christine Brown Weight Loss
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A lot has been happening in Christine Brown’s life since she split with Kody Brown. In 2021, the Sister Wives star announced divorce from the polygamist, Kody Brown — she also found love with David Woolley, and the couple got married 2 years later in 2023. 

Alongside the personal developments, what garnered a lot of attention was her physical transformation. Christine Brown’s weight loss is no secret — despite facing turbulence in her personal life, she stood strong and focused on her lifestyle regimen to stay fit and healthy. 

She has credited her weight loss success to healthy lifestyle choices along with Plexus, a powdered weight loss supplement. When celebrities come out in the open, sharing their weight loss secrets, fans are quick to give their reactions — in Christine’s case, fans admired how she looked, with many people commenting “You look fantastic,” in her Instagram posts. 

Many fans wanted to know her weight loss secret, and Christine didn’t shy away from sharing her fitness story — in this article, we will dive deep into Christine Brown’s weight loss transformation, getting to know all about her diet, fitness routine, and supplements she used to tone her body down. 


Who Is Christine Brown?


Christine Brown is the ex-wife of Kody Brown — a polygamist. She got married to Kody in 1994 and became a part of the Brown family. She is best known for starring in Sister Wives, an American reality TV show that premiered on TLC that showcases the life of Kody and his wives and children. The show is all about the struggles the polygamist family goes through in their daily lives. 


Christine has six children with Kody, namely Mykelti Brown, Paedon Brown, Gwendlyn Brown, Aspyn Brown, Truely Brown, and Ysabel Brown. 

In November 2021, Christine and Kody announced that they were going to split up. It didn’t come as a surprise to the viewers of Sister Wives, as they could sense some tension brewing between the two of them. Even Janelle Brown, another one of Kody’s wives, supported Christine’s decision to part ways with him. 

One year later, Janelle, too announced that she and Kody had parted ways. Talking about Christine, she definitely had a hard time in the open marriage — once, she even walked out of an interview as Kody mentioned that he helped pick the wedding dress of Robyn (Kody’s wife) — something that he has not done for his other partners. 



Another reason that might have caused a strain in their relationship must be the fact that Kody was negligent when Truely, the couple’s daughter got really sick and he wasn’t there to support her. 


But as the famous adage goes, “All is well that ends well” — Christine truly deserved a happy and fulfilling love story, which she got when she met David Woolley. The couple got married in 2023 and is getting stronger day by day. 



Christine has now made it a point to focus on her health and has a partnership with Plexus to promote the product. Her story is truly remarkable and she is the epitome of a strong warrior — her fitness journey is also inspiring in a lot of ways. Let’s know more about her diet and fitness regimen. 


Christine Brown Weight Loss: How Did She Shed Pounds?



Unlike a few celebrities who faced weight gain issues during their childhood and adulthood, Christine didn’t really struggle a lot with weight. However, there have been times when her weight fluctuated a bit — she maintained a steady weight until 2021 but then lost a lot of weight after that. 


Her posts are filled with things related to weight loss and products she uses, including Plexus. When fans asked her the secret behind her commendable weight loss, she replied that she eats according to her blood type and works out regularly. 



Although there is no scientific evidence that a blood type diet helps a person lose weight and get a slimmer frame, anecdotal evidence suggests that eating food items according to your blood type can help raise energy levels, boost digestion, and also prevent heartburn. 


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Christine’s digestive issues are also not hidden from her fans — she revealed that living with digestive discomfort, including bloating, and abdominal cramps is not easy. Christine also stated that Plexus helped her with digestive issues as well. 



While Kody’s ex-wife hasn’t given a lot of details about her diet regimen and workout routine, in 2022, she revealed that she loves her PINK DRINK, called Slim Hunger Control to curb cravings and control hunger pangs. Further, she also stated that she resorts to using Active & Metaburn to get a burst of energy and lose stubborn belly fat. 

In another candid post on Instagram, the reality star stated that “Getting hard doesn’t have to be hard”. The post caption was all about dos and don’ts for a healthy lifestyle. The post gave a glimpse of what she herself might have done to lose weight and become fitter. 




From the post, it was evident that Christine doesn’t believe in starving oneself, obsessing over the scale, getting addicted to caffeine, and embarking on a health journey alone. She laid emphasis on using plant-based supplements, fueling the body, staying off the scale, and surrounding oneself with supportive people to get healthy.


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Christine has not provided a lot of information about her diet plan. However, it’s evident that the Blood type diet along with weight loss supplements, helped her a lot in her weight loss journey. 


Christine Brown’s Fitness Routine



Christine not only made amendments to her diet but also transformed her fitness routine to achieve her weight loss goals. In one of the posts, the reality TV star showed a glimpse of her home gym, which was magnificent! She indulges in a full-fledged workout routine, doing arm dumbbell exercises, using the rowing machine, etc. to stay in shape. 

Exercising daily is pivotal to maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind. Regular physical activity boosts blood circulation in the body, improves muscle strength, builds endurance, increases flexibility, and keeps many health issues at bay (1), (2). 



Christine Brown Before And After Weight Loss Images

The motivating fitness story of Christine Brown can be depicted in the before and after weight loss images. Let’s take a look:



Although fans have only a few details about Christine Brown’s weight loss plan, the fact that she slimmed down with the help of a strict fitness regimen and supplements is noteworthy. Post her divorce, she found happiness in David and now she focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle. While Christine heavily promotes Plexus, a weight loss supplement, it should be duly noted that using any kind of medicine or supplement without the advice of a doctor can be detrimental to one’s health. 

It isn’t necessary that if it worked for her, it would work for everyone — when it comes to Christine’s incredible transformation, the good points to take away are that she focused on a diet that soothed her digestive health and worked out every day. But when it comes to weight loss supplements and medications, always consult a medical professional first. 

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