Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 8: Anime Compared To Manga

Here is how the last episode of the Demon Slayer season 4: Hashira Training Arc was different than the original manga.

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Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 8 Comparison To Manga
Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc (PC: Crunchyroll, Studio Ufotable, Koyoharu Gotouge)

This article contains spoilers from the Demon Slayer anime and manga.

The latest episode of the Demon Slayer anime finally brought an end to the Hashira Training arc and started off the Infinity Castle arc. We saw how Muzan came to meet Ubuyashiki in his mansion and the latter ambushed him by killing himself and his family in an explosion. After that, Tamayo and Himejima attacked Muzan who was stuck there while the other Hashira also got ready to attack him. 

However, at the very end of the episode, Muzan, with the help of Nakime, brought every demon slayer into the infamous Infinity Castle. Some new scenes in this sequence made everything more interesting to watch. 

Demon Slayer season 4 episode 8 anime vs manga

However, as the fans know, the Hashira Training arc in the manga only consists of nine chapters, which means there were a lot of anime-only scenes in the series. The last episode, which adapted chapters 137-139 was 40 minutes long and also had some great anime-only scenes. 

The manga was adapted scene-to-scene into the anime, but with some extra details that made everything look more interesting. As always, the anime had phenomenal animation thanks to Studio Ufotable. We saw the whole exchange between Kagaya Ubuyashiki and Muzan where the former said that he was actually a descendent of Muzan’s bloodline. Their whole family was cursed because their bloodline produced such an evil creature like Muzan, making the men in their family die of a terrible illness at a very young age. This whole conversation was perfectly adapted. However, the anime was able to absolutely stun the audience with the explosion that came after. Not only was the animation mind-blowing, but the expressions of the Hashira who were running towards the mansion were also perfect with the voice actors adding more depth to the scene.


After that, we also saw Tamayo attack Muzan with a new blood demon art which pushed numerous thorns into the demon’s body and rendered him immobile. Then she also was able to put the poison she made to turn demons back into humans into his body. Their conversation at the time was also perfect. When Tamayo asked Himejima to attack Muzan, we also saw some phenomenal animation for the Hashira.

Muzan teleported every Demon Slayer into the Infinity Castle

Even though there were some added details in the anime, most of the scenes up until this point were all taken from the manga. However, things changed when the anime episode started with chapter 139 of Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga. 

The manga chapter originally showed that Muzan teleported all the Hashira and Tanjiro who were present at the Ubuyashiki mansion alongside himself and Tamayo into the Infinity Castle. Afterward, we also got to know that the rest of the Demon Slayer corps were also brought into the castle at the same time although we do not see it. 


In the manga, things are different, along with all the Hashira, we also see the likes of Genya, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and others also get teleported into the Infinity Castle. Genya, who was practicing shooting fell into the trapdoor and was surprised. Inosuke, who was eating, was very excited to fall into the castle and pulled his boar mask onto his head as he got ready for battle with his two katanas. Kanao Tsuyuri, who fell into the castle alongside some other slayers was trying to save people from falling too far. But the most surprising appearance of them all was Zenitsu, who did not look like his usual scaredy-cat self. Instead, he was concentrated, serious, and battle-ready, telling us that something inside him changed after he got that letter in the previous episode during Himejima’s training. 

We also saw that some of the Hashira fell into different places of the castle alone while some were paired up with others. Sanemi and Shinobu were alone when they fell but Muichiro and Gyomei, and Giyu and Tanjiro landed together. Mitsuri and Obanai were also together as they fell into the Infinity Castle. In the end, we saw Muzan and Tamayo standing on a platform in the Infinity Castle as Tanjiro looked up at him. Unlike in the manga where Muzan declared his intent to take down the Demon Slayers when they were falling, in the anime, he was standing on the platform when he said it. The platform under Tanjiro opened up again, which caused him to fall further, which is when he made the declaration to take down Muzan, unlike in the manga where he did this when he first started falling. 


Even though these were very minor changes, they made the anime experience of Demon Slayer much better. Now the fans are waiting for the three movies that are to come out which will adapt the final battle between Muzan and his demons vs. the Hashira and the whole Demon Slayer corps in the Infinity Castle arc. 

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