Here's how BTS' RM was a part of Glastonbury music festival thanks to Balming Tiger

At the 2024 Glastonbury Music Festival, as Balming Tiger took to the pyramid stage fans were thrilled to to witness their iconic performance on Sexy Nukim featuring BTS' RM. Read on!

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Balming Tiger, BTS' RM; Image Courtesy: PENNACKY PICTURES
Balming Tiger, BTS' RM; Image Courtesy: PENNACKY PICTURES
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  • Balming Tiger performs Sexy Nukim featuring BTS' RM at 2024 Glastonbury Music Festival
  • All about Balming Tiger

At the 2024 Glastonbury Music Festival, Balming Tiger electrified the pyramid stage with their much-anticipated performance of Sexy Nukim featuring BTS’ RM. Fans were thrilled to hear RM’s voice on stage while the BTS member fulfills his mandatory military service. 

Balming Tiger’s Sexy Nukim featuring BTS’ RM serenades fans at Glastonbury Festival

Recently, at the 2024 Glastonbury Music Festival, Balming Tiger delivered an electrifying performance on the Pyramid Stage, captivating the audience with their much-anticipated track, Sexy Nukim, featuring BTS' RM. Despite RM currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, fans were thrilled to hear his voice resonate through the festival grounds, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. 

Take a look at the clip here;

Balming Tiger's dynamic stage presence and electrifying sound drew in a massive crowd, showcasing their unique blend of genres and solidifying their place on the international music scene. 

Meanwhile, Balming Tiger had thrilled fans earlier on September 1, 2022 when they unveiled the exciting collaboration with BTS leader RM on Sexy Nukim. Written by bj wnjn, Omega Sapien, Mudd the student, and RM, Sexy Nukim is a genre-defying track that blends elements of hip-hop, electronic music, and pop. The song emphasizes communication through non-verbal means, invoking a sense of telepathy and connection. 


Watch Balming Tiger’s Sexy Nukim music featuring BTS’ RM here;

This fusion of talent not only highlighted RM's versatile artistry but also introduced many festival-goers to Balming Tiger's creative prowess, leaving a lasting impression and anticipation for future collaborations.

More about Balming Tiger

Balming Tiger, formed in 2018 in Seoul, is a unique musical collective known for pushing boundaries in the K-pop scene. Led by director San Yawn, the group includes rapper Omega Sapien, DJ Abyss, and singer-songwriters like Sogumm, Wnjn, and Mudd the Student, among others. They debuted with I'm Sick in 2018, establishing their eclectic style that blends genres freely. 

Balming Tiger prides itself on being a "multi-national alternative K-pop group," emphasizing innovation and creativity over traditional genre constraints. Their music and artistic vision have garnered attention for their bold approach and diverse influences, setting them apart in South Korea's vibrant music landscape.

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