EXCLUSIVE: MAX on 'taking risks' with Colour Vision and how he can't imagine Blueberry Eyes without BTS Suga

Updated on Sep 19, 2020 05:34 PM IST  |  1.9M
EXCLUSIVE: MAX on 'taking risks' with Colour Vision and how he can't imagine Blueberry Eyes without BTS Suga
EXCLUSIVE: MAX on 'taking risks' with Colour Vision and how he can't imagine Blueberry Eyes without BTS Suga

2020 has indeed been quite a year for Max Schneider aka MAX as not only has he released new foot-tapping/swoon-worthy music but will soon be welcoming his first child, a baby girl, with the love of his life Emily Schneider. Speaking of his sophomore album Colour Vision, while an earlier release date was initially planned, the COVID-19 pandemic rained on the singer's parade.

However, with adversities, comes a silver lining and with a few months to spare by pushing the release date to today, i.e. September 18, 2020, MAX was able to flesh out Colour Vision from a better, mature perspective. It's an album he states to have taken more risks with in comparison to his 2016 album Hell's Kitchen Angel. Given how 2019 was a turbulent time for the 28-year-old singer, his personal experiences deeply inspired his songwriting in Colour Vision. And, it was indeed a fruitful bargain as MAX's fans, termed as HKA, have flooded Twitter with positive comments already for Colour Vision.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, MAX gets candid about his new album Colour Vision, adding his personal experiences to the mix, working with BTS member Suga on Blueberry Eyes and which Colour Vision track would he dedicate to his future daughter.

You've said earlier that you've taken more risks with Colour Vision in comparison to Hell's Kitchen Angel. Could you elaborate more on why you feel that way?


Everything from the life-size actual Rubik's Cube we built for the album cover to the colour scheme for all of the videos to the overall sonic landscape was far more according to my own vivid vision than that of Hell's Kitchen Angel. I felt like I went into this album knowing exactly what I wanted the journey to look and sound like whereas, with Hell's Kitchen Angel, I took 10 songs I loved and tried to fit them into a mould.

With 2020 being a year of taking a backseat and having an existential awakening of sorts, how would you say the pandemic has influenced you as an artist? Were there any changes made to Colour Vision post the delay?

This pandemic has just reminded me how precious every moment is. Nothing is guaranteed. So many changes were made after the delay of the album. I really had the time to flesh out the final videos especially Blueberry Eyes which really took almost two months to create from inception till release. I was grateful to have that time to get it right.

Judging by the songs in Colour Vision (Terrific title btw!) that have come out so far, there is a sense of emotional maturity in your music with you even saying that 2019 was a hard year. How personally influenced is Colour Vision?

Thank you so much; delighted you like the title. Shout out to my creative and musical partner Ryan Siegel for sparking the idea for the title. The whole album is so personal. Every song is based on a real story.

Which song from Colour Vision was the hardest to write and why?


Where Am I At was really hard. It still gets me really emotional anytime I perform it. I wrote it when one of my heroes passed away in my family. Putting that emotion of loss on paper and recording it basically put that pain in a time capsule for me that will always be there to look back on.

You've collaborated with BTS member Suga for Blueberry Eyes and the preview had ARMY going insane and flooding Twitter with happy tweets. What would you say is the difference between the collaboration process of Blueberry Eyes and Burn It?

Really not much difference. We did both from a distance in different countries and pretty simultaneously. I was sending Suga and his team different versions of Burn It while he was listening to different songs on my album and deciding which one he wanted to add his story to. He ended up choosing Blueberry Eyes and I can't imagine it without him.

You gave everyone a righteous tease about the music video for Blueberry Eyes. Could we expect Suga to make an appearance? [NOTE: The interview questions were sent before Blueberry Eyes MV dropped.]

Well, the video is out now and though he couldn't end up being in it in person my wife and I learned his entire Korean verse and lip-synced it in the video as our quarantine wedding vows. We even added a little cat in there for ARMY.

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Congratulations on becoming a soon-to-be dad. How excited or nervous are you to welcome a new addition to your family? If you could dedicate a song from Colour Vision to your daughter, what would it be?

So excited. My wife and I talk about all the things we're most excited for. Shoulder rides. Watching her ride her first tricycle. Seeing her, my wife, and my dog all sleeping like little angels. I can't wait. There Is A God is definitely the song I dedicate to her. When you have someone so special to lose your faith gets instilled in such a deep way unlike anything else.