How many kids does Eddie Murphy have? Everything you need to know about the actor-comedian’s family

Eddie Murphy’s eldest son Eric Murphy was born in 1989, while his youngest child Max Charles Murphy was born in 2018. Find out everything about the comedian’s children.

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Eddie Murphy (Image: Getty Images)
Eddie Murphy (Image: Getty Images)

Eddie Murphy has made an illustrious career as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer in the past 3 decades. However, work has not kept him away from building a family, and a big one at that. If you did not already know, Eddie Murphy has 10 children! Yes, you read that right. Murphy has 6 daughters and 4 sons – all from different partners. Continue reading to know more about Eddie Murphy’s all 10 kids and their mothers in detail.

Who are the mothers of Eddie Murphy’s children?

Eddie Murphy has 10 children with five women.

  1. Paulette McNeely is the mother of Eddie's first child, Eric Murphy.
  2. Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie from 1993 to 2006. Together, they had 5 children: Bria, Myles, Shane, Zola, and Bella.
  3. Murphy’s then-girlfriend Tamara Hood and he have a son named Christian.
  4. Melanie Brown, who is a former Spice Girl, is the mother of his daughter Angel.
  5. Eddie Murphy’s current partner and fiancé Paige Butcher is the mother of Izzy and Max.

Who are Eddie Murphy’s 10 children?

1. Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy was born to Eddie Murphy and his then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely. Born in 1989, he is the oldest of Eddie Murphy’s all 10 children. Eric began dating Martin Lawrence’s daughter Jasmine in mid-2021. Jasmine shared a love-filled post for Eric on his birthday on July 11 last year. She also caught the bouquet at Eric’s sister Bria’s wedding.



2. Bria Murphy

Bria Murphy is Eddie and Nicole Murphy’s first child, and they had her when they were still dating. Bria has worked on a few Hollywood projects, the most recent being Conflict of Interest in 2017. She also featured in Hollywood exes in 2014 alongside Nicole. Bria also co-founded an art gallery named ArtUs. In July 2022, Bria got married to Michael Xavier in an intimate ceremony in Beverly Hills, California.

Eddie Murphy with daughter Bria Murphy (Image: Getty Images)

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3. Christian Murphy

Christian Murphy was born in 1990. Eddie’s then-girlfriend Tamara Hood is his mother. Christian keeps a low presence on social media and has not ventured into the world of acting and showbiz.

4. Miles Mitchell Murphy

Miles Mitchell Murphy is Nicole Murphy and Eddie Murphy’s second child. He was born in 1990. In 2019, Miles had a daughter whom he named Evie. So, Eddie is now a grandfather too.

5. Shayne Audra Murphy

Shayne Audra Murphy, born in 1994, is Eddie and Nicole’s first child after their marriage, and third child overall. She is currently pursuing modelling and keeps quite active on Instagram. In 2014, she appeared on Hollywood Exes alongside her mother and sister Bria.  

6. Zola Ivy Murphy

Zola is Eddie and Nicole’s fourth child. She was born in 1999 and appeared on Hollywood Exes in 2014 alongside her mother, and siblings Shayne and Bria. As per a report in Parade, she too is pursuing modelling, much like her sister Shayne.

Eddie Murphy with daughter Bella Murphy (Image: Getty Images)

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7. Bella Zahra Murphy

Eddie and Nicole had their fifth and last child, Bella in 2002. A year later, in 2003, the couple got divorced over ‘irreconcilable differences’.

8. Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Eddie had his daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who is also known as Mel B. Angel was born on April 3rd, 2007, on Murphy’s 46th birthday. During Mel B’s pregnancy Eddie doubted if he really was the biological father of Angel. However, a DNA test a couple of months after Angel’s birth reportedly confirmed that he indeed was. Mel B claimed that Eddie did not want to have a relationship with his daughter Angel. But, two months later, it was claimed that the comedian was just getting to know her.


Eddie Murphy with fiance Paige Butcher (Image: Getty Images)

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9. Izzy Oona Murphy

The comedian actor had his first child with his current fiancé Paige in May 2016. The couple named their daughter Izzy Oona Murphy.

10. Max Charles Murphy

The youngest child in the Murphy family, Max Charles Murphy was born to Eddie and Paige in November, 2018. His middle is taken from Eddie’s elder brother Charlie Murphy who died after battling leukemia in 2017.  

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More about Eddie Murphy

How many biological children does Eddie Murphy have?
Eddie Murphy has 10 biological children – six daughters and four sons.

How old is Eddie Murphy’s youngest child?
Eddie and Paige welcomed their youngest child Max Charles in November 2018. He is now 4 years old. Max was named after Eddie’s elder brother Charles who passed away in 2017 after battling leukemia. He too was an actor.

Who is Eddie Murphy’s oldest child?
Eddie Murphy’s oldest child is Eric Murphy, who was born in 1989. Eric is Eddie’s son from his then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely.

Does Eddie Murphy have a wife?
Eddie Murphy was married to Nicole Murphy from 1993 to 2006.

Who is Eddie Murphy’s partner now?
Eddie Murphy’s current partner is Paige Butcher. They have been together since 2012 and they got engaged in 2018. However, they are not officially married yet.

Who are Eddie Murphy’s children’s mothers?
Eddie Murphy has 10 children with 5 women: Nicole Murphy, (ex-wife) Paulette McNeely, Tamara Hood, Mel B, and his current fiancé Paige Butcher.

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