Failure Frame Episode 2: Release Date, Where To Watch, Plot & More

The first episode of the new anime Failure Frame has already got people excited. Here is everything to know about the upcoming second episode of the series including streaming details and more.

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Everything to know about failure frame episode 2
Failure Frame (PC: Seven Arcs, Synergy SP, Kaoru Shinozaki)

This article contains spoilers from the Failure Frame anime

The first episode of Failre Frame focused a lot on the protagonist Touka Mimori and all his classmates. We also saw the power dynamic between the members of the class and how Touka is bottom-of-the-barrel when it comes to the class hierarchy. 

However, the most important thing that happened in the first episode was Touka’s whole class being transported to the world of Alion, which is a fantastical and magical place. The second episode will focus more on Touka’s life in this world. 

Failure Frame episode 2 release date, streaming details, and more

The 2nd episode of the anime Failure Frame, based on Kaoru Shinozaki’s light novel series, is set to come out on July 12, 2024, Friday at around 12:59 a.m. JST. Due to time differences, the episode will be available in different countries at different times. Local Japanese networks TBS AND IBC Iwate Broadcasting will be airing the episode. Other networks that will air the episode at different times in Japan are AT-X, BS11, and Tochigi TV. The international viewers will be able to watch the episode on Crunchyroll, most likely on Thursday due to time differences. 

The first episode of Failure Frame sets up the backstory of the protagonist Touka and shows why he became so hungry for revenge. Although we do not have a preview for the next episode, we can guess that the anime will continue to build up upon Touka’s plan. We also saw an elven blonde girl bathing at the end of the previous episode. Considering she was heavily featured in the anime’s trailers, it is likely that she is an important character and we might get to know her in the next episode. 


We saw an example of Touka’s newfound powers in the last episode, and as he tries to get out of the ruins, we will get to see what more he is capable of as he starts to test the limits of his abilities, surrounded by enemies. We might also get to see Kashima Kobato, who is also a classmate of Touka’s, turn up in the 2nd or 3rd episode if the anime follows the manga. Much like Touka, she is also bullied by other class 2-C students. 

Failure Frame episode 1 recap

The first episode of Failure Frame set up the main plot point of the manga and introduced some important characters. Most importantly, we got to meet the protagonist of the series Touka Mimori, who is a student of class 2-C in Okito Academy. We also meet the class president Sogou Ayaka and the delinquent Oyamada Shougo. The episode also showed us that Touka’s parents used to be abusive towards him and some of his classmates also bullied him.


However, everything changes when the entire class is summoned to the magical world of Alion filled with fantastical elements. Once there, they meet the Goddess Vicius, who summoned them to make them fight against the Demon Empire. All the students are tested and Sogou Ayaka and the upperclassman Kirihara Akuto are classified as S-Rank, which is the highest tier. However, Touko turns out to be an E-rank, which is the lowest rank also known as the trash tier. 

Due to his unfavorable rank, he is disposed of by Vicius, who also punishes anyone who tries to help him. He is thrown into the Ruins of Disposal, a dungeon-like dark and hellish place filled with monsters where both criminals and lower-ranked heroes are disposed of. After a few close brushes with death due to a minotaur and a cockatrice, Touka uses his power, which is ailment infliction to damage the monsters and save his life. Angry about how he was treated, Touka promises to take revenge on everyone who treated him poorly and vows to get out of the dungeon to exact his revenge. Now due to his newfound powers, Touka is a powerful individual who can get out of the Ruins of Disposal and put his revenge plan into action. He will likely meet many more characters during his journey, and some of them will also join in on his quest. We are also likely to see more of his classmates and how they are faring in this new world they all find themselves in.


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