With Gadar 2 emerging an All Time Blockbuster in August, Sunny Deol is the Pinkvilla Star Of The Month

From box office records to social media footprints - Sunny Deol tick marks all the boxes with Gadar 2 that one needs to qualify as the Pinkvilla Star of The Month. Read detailed analysis

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With Gadar 2 emerging an All Time Blockbuster in August, Sunny Deol is the Pinkvilla Star Of The Month
With Gadar 2 emerging an All Time Blockbuster in August, Sunny Deol is the Pinkvilla Star Of The Month
Key Highlight
  • Sunny Deol makes one of the greatest comebacks for a mainstream Hindi Film Hero
  • Lovers of cinema from the 80s and 90s turned up in big numbers to witness their ‘Hero’ on screen
  • Gadar 2 has given a new opportunity to Sunny Deol at the age of 65

Indian History always remembers the ones who make a comeback in the most unexpected times, rising against all odds. It happened once in Indian Cricket when Sourav Ganguly made what could be termed the greatest comeback by a cricketer across the globe and now, the same has been reciprocated in the Indian Film Industry with the return of Sunny Deol. Back in 2021, when Gadar 2 was announced by Anil Sharma with Sunny Deol, Utkarsh Sharma, and Ameesha Patel in the lead, the same was met with a lukewarm response from most in the industry circles as well as the digital world.

Sunny Deol rises like a phoenix in the month of August with Gadar 2

But little did one know that Sunny Deol as Tara Singh is among the most iconic characters of Indian Cinema and the audience was eager to watch more of him, especially the arc of visiting Pakistan to bring back a loved one. And hence, once Gadar 2 opened the bookings for the audience, there was no looking back. The film took a thunderous start at the box office, with an opening a little under Rs 40 crore and it has been a one-horse race since then.

The 21-day total of Gadar 2 stands at Rs 477 crore and the film is fast headed to enter the Rs 500 crore club at the box office in India. In fact, the film also has a real chance to surpass the Hindi Only collections of Bahubali 2 and Pathaan to emerge as a time-grosser. With records coming down crumbling, Gadar 2 has given a new opportunity to Sunny Deol at the age of 65.


While some might say that Gadar is a one-off scenario due to the franchise value, one must realize that it's not merely Gadar or Tara Singh that has got the audience excited, it’s Sunny Deol in Gadar as Tara Singh that has got things rolling in its favour.  The visuals from across the hall saw the lovers from cinema from the 80s, and 90s also turning up in big numbers to witness their ‘Hero’ in an iconic avatar again. It's the audience that has grown up seeing Sunny Deol in cults like Betaab, Ghayal, Ghatak, Damini, Border, and Gadar among others, that turned up in big numbers. What pushed Gadar 2 to an all-time blockbuster level is also the introduction of Sunny Deol to the youth, who have often seen and heard about his macho'ism in the social world through reels and memes. 

Sunny Deol and his loyal fan base from the mass belts turned up in huge numbers for Gadar 2

We have seen it in the past and Sunny’s run from hereon will also be a testimony of this if the actor does films that excite the audience, he would well see a great run even at this age, a phenomenon that usually happens down South. There is a legit on-ground following for Sunny Deol and he is among the very few Hindi Film Stars to actually have a following in the interiors. While most have alienated this segment, Sunny will be making an attempt to maximize on this void and bring them back to cinema halls in huge numbers.

It's the biggest grosser of August in India (across languages) and will also end up being the biggest on the global front by topping Jailer at the end of its month. Superstar Rajinikanth as gets an honorary mention in here, as his Jailer too is on the way to emerging as one of the biggest grossers of all in Tamil Cinema, that too without much contribution from the Hindi markets. Many stars will come and go, but none will be able to match the standards set by Rajinikanth on the stardom front.

The records aside, social media footprints as well as the on-ground activation have been at their peak for Sunny Deol, thereby tick-marking all the pointers that one needs to be The Pinkvilla Star Of The Month. Stay tuned as the IP will keep getting bigger and better.


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