Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta on playing herself on ‘Masaba Masaba’: So hard to be yourself

On the latest episode of Woman Up S3 with Pinkvilla, we talked with Masaba Gupta about her reality show, ‘Masaba Masaba’.

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Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta on playing herself on ‘Masaba Masaba’: So hard to be yourself
Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta on playing herself on ‘Masaba Masaba’: So hard to be yourself (Image: Masaba Gupta/ Instagram)

Masaba Gupta is our latest guest on Woman Up S3. On our annual segment, we are all about celebrating the many shades and facets of womanhood in their full glory. As we continue our saga of connecting with women who have led by remarkable examples in whatever they do, this time, we were joined by popular celebrity designer and actor Masaba Gupta. While we talked about several things surrounding her personal and professional life, we also asked her about her experience of playing herself on the show, ‘Masaba Masaba’.

Ask Masaba if she finds it easier to play herself on screen or be a character instead, and she says, “I really, really, enjoy both, but I have to say, playing a character is much easier. Much easier. I kept thinking of it when I was filming, and I was thinking, ‘it'll be so easy to be Masaba and it'll be so easy to be a character because I’ve played myself’, but it's so hard to be yourself!” 

Explaining her answer further, Masaba says, “Because the thing is, you never know. You never know, what that line is, what that boundary is where you should act, or whether you should just be yourself, and a lot of times when you're on screen, you have to dramatize something a little bit just for the sake of the camera. And at the same time, you have to under play it for the sake of the camera, because you're playing yourself, you know. So that was a challenge, but being a character was, I wouldn't say easy, but easier.”



Masaba Masaba season 2 will be premiering on the OTT platform soon. Ask her if filming for season 2 was easier than season 1, and Masaba says, “Man, I had so much fun in season two because now I was just like, I've passed that hurdle of that ‘oh my god, butterflies in my stomach’ I've passed that but i have to say day one of season two, I was stressed out, because I had come back after two years, right? So, I was like, ‘do I still know what to do?’ and you know, ‘how can I be better at some things that I did wrong in season one?’ and I'm very self-critical so I always say, ‘okay this was not very nice, could have been better, all of those things’”.  

Watch Masaba Gupta’s interview with Pinkvilla below: 

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