From Marlon Wayans To 50 Cent: Celebs Who Reacted To Rick Ross' Vancouver Attack So Far

Rick Ross was involved in a brawl at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver after Kendrick Lamar's diss track played, leading to celebrity reactions and heightened tensions in the hip-hop community.

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Instagram, YouTube/ Drake and YouTube/ 50 Cent
Rick Ross, Drake and 50 Cent (PC: Instagram, YouTube/ Drake and YouTube/ 50 Cent)
Key Highlight
  • The altercation began after Kendrick Lamar's diss track Not Like Us played
  • Celebrities like Drake and 50 Cent reacted to the incident on social media

The Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver was marked by explosive performances and an unexpected incident on Sunday, June 30. Among other renowned rappers like Waka Flocka Flame, S!ck!ck, and Merkules whom Rick Ross shared the stage with at the festival were headline acts. The event was held at the Plaza of Nations in downtown Vancouver, Canada. 

The incident that created the heat

There was a further escalation of the situation after Kendrick Lamar’s diss track Not Like Us played at the festival. This track is known for taking shots at Drake and appeared to ignite tensions in his hometown among Viral clips from the occurrence showing Ross and his entourage surrounded by some crowd of infuriated people.

The song started arguments. He punched Ross while it was playing causing him to spill drink from his hand. It developed into a fight that resulted from one of Ross’ security guys being beaten severely after being separated from them.

Celebrity reactions:

Reactions to this altercation came within no time from several notorious celebrities below are a few examples:


Regarding what has happened he did not say anything specific because probably everything had already been said about the situation. Rather than addressing the issue directly, he chose to celebrate Canada Day through a series of Instagram stories where he raised a cocktail to toast his country. However, fans noticed him liking several memes mocking Ross for allegedly fleeing the scene. In his Instagram Story, he wrote, “Happy Canada Day to everybody. Cheers man, cheers to the whole country. Our day today, sun's out, enjoy it."


50 Cent 

50 Cent who has always been at loggerheads with Rick Ross did not waste any minute before laughing off over this incident. He published videos of the clash calling it The Great Escape, and included Tia Kemp’s reaction towards it who ridiculed Ross for neither hitting back nor fighting hard enough against The posts made by 50 Cent showed how he enjoyed what happened as they stated “I hope [Ross] now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do when you're out in the world.”

Tia Kemp

Rick Ross’ former lover Tia Kemp had gone on Instagram Live to talk about her own thoughts. She ridiculed Ross for not fighting back during the fight and kept posting stories about him as a joker. This made Kemp say that she is his “goat” having revealed that Drake followed her on Instagram. During a live on Instagram, she said, “His fat a-- aint throwing no blows. They kicking the s--t outta his security, they f--kin his fat a-- up. I'm glad they smacked the s--t out your b---h a–.”


DJ Akademiks

Reposts from the festival, which were intended to show how Ross was running away, were continually shared by rapper Drake’s close associate DJ Akademiks. The mockery was taken to another level with references from lyrics in Ross’ own diss song Champagne Moments.

Charleston White

Comedian Charleston White expressed his support for Rick Ross and his crew. He commented on social media posts saying that he is ride or die with Rick Ross. White commented, “[Rick Ross] I'm riding with you! I ain't taking sides with no pink toes.”

Trick Trick

Rapper and producer Trick Trick also showed support for Ross. He pleaded with people to stop sending him videos of the fight and lauded Ross’s accomplishments in the music industry. 

Trick Trick said, “Humans, stop sending me that video of brother Rick Ross having that situation in Canada. I don't gloat in the mishaps of no man. Don't be sending me no video of that man having a situation that he had with no Canada n----s. I support that brother, I salute that brother for being great at what he do.”


Marlon Wayans

The actor and comedian Marlon Wayans made an appeal to hip-hop artists against bickering among themselves. He referred to previous tragedies such as Tupac’s and Biggie’s deaths calling for peace and positive energy among artists.

Marlon stated, “I love [Drake], I love [Ross], I love [Kendrick], and I say to all my brother's there's enough for everyone to eat. Y'all all need to what [Cole] did. Walk away from the bulls--t. With peace, with love, with positivity. Life is short... even shorter if you spend your energy on breaking each other down instead of building each other up.”

Rick Ross

Rick Ross himself took to social media following the fight and posted a video of him drinking Luc Belaire Bleu on his private jet. He also mentioned that he had ordered chicken wings from Wingstop for his crew and ended his post with “Vancouver it was fun, till next time.”

As far back as May, Rick Ross has entered into the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake beef by releasing a diss track called Champagne Moments after Push Ups by Drake. In response in early May 2024, Drake released ‘Family Matters’

The Ignite Music Festival incident without doubt added one more layer of complexity to the ongoing tensions in the hip-hop community. While initially being about music celebration, the festival brought out all the rivalries and conflicts among top musicians in the industry.


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What caused the brawl involving Rick Ross at the Ignite Music Festival?
The brawl started after Kendrick Lamar's diss track Not Like Us played, angering some attendees in Drake's hometown.

How did celebrities react to the Rick Ross altercation?
Celebrities like Drake and 50 Cent took to social media, with Drake celebrating Canada Day and 50 Cent mocking Ross's reaction to the brawl.

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