NCIS' Sean Murray Spills the Beans About His Co-Stars Habits On Set; Here's What He Had to Say

Sean Murray revealed some interesting details in a game of superlatives. Here’s what the actor said about his NCIS co-stars.

Published on Apr 15, 2024  |  09:29 PM IST |  43.4K
Sean Murray revealed some interesting details in a game of superlatives. Here’s what the actor said about his NCIS co-stars.
Sean Murray with the cast of NCIS (PC: IMDb)

Sean Murray is ready to hand out awards to his NCIS costars. Sean has been the longest-running cast member on NCIS which recently completed 1000 episodes. In a recent interview, Sean gave his costars some classic yearbook superlatives. In the process, the star ended up revealing wholesome moments, accidents, and mishaps that happened on set. Here’s which award Sean Murray presented to whom.

Sean Murray gives NCIS costars superlatives

Sean Murray is the longest-running cast member of NCIS. The show released its 1000th episode on April 15. The 46-year-old actor bestowed his colleagues with superlatives which speaks of how well he knows them after working with them for years.

According to the actor, the award of the "biggest class clown," should go to Wilmer Valderrama. He laughed when he was asked who deserved the title and didn’t take long to choose Wilmer who plays Nick in the series.

"He's a steady stream of hilariousness for myself and many others, so we have a lot of fun shooting together, and I see that guy offset all the time," he revealed. Sean also added that Wilmer was a “lot of fun.”


Murray then chose Katrina Law as the "biggest mom or dad” of the group. "She's a mother herself with a young daughter, married," he added. Murray praised the actress for being a great mother as he added, that she is "one of the most dedicated mothers I've ever seen and ever known."


He explained how Katrina is always talking on Facetime with her daughter in the middle of takes. He gushed about the actress and noted that Katrina is not only a great mother but also a great costar. Sean said that Law “cares about everyone” and is “such a warm person." 

Sean’s pick for the "biggest sweetheart" was Diona Reasonover. The actor recalled meeting Diona for the first time and shared how the cast and crew fell in love with her. "She came onto the show and everyone fell in love with her immediately,” he shared. He continued, “And I'm not just talking about viewers, I mean us, as people working with her, immediately."

Sean Murray talks about Brain Dietzen’s accidents on set

When it came to choosing the "most-accident prone" person in the cast, Sean chose Brian Dietzen. Before narrating a story of how Brian got into an accident on set, Sean stated that he loved his costar to death.

He recalled, "I remember years ago we were shooting on a location, and there was a small tree, and it was very windy and a huge amount of wind came in.” Sean explained how a branch broke off a tree and unfortunately hit Brain in the arm.

The actor’s bad luck didn’t come to an end there, Murray disclosed how while shooting the Season 21 finale Dietzen “bumped his head pretty bad.” Though after stating all the unfortunate incidents Brian has gotten into, Murray defended him saying, “I don't want to take away from his grace either. He's a graceful man and a hell of a performer and a hell of a physical per medium."

The last award was "Life of the Party,” which Murray gave to Gary Cole. To justify the award, the actor stated, "Gary is the most... He's just the most perfect performer." The actor struggled to explain his reasoning behind giving Cole the award and concluded while saying he deserved the award simply because it was well deserved.

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