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Elemental movie review: Pixar's fire and water chemistry is wholesome, visually pleasing

Elemental brings in the unusual love story with a beautiful message that will stay with you. Read Pinkvilla review!

Published on Jun 23, 2023   |  03:29 PM IST  |  588.9K
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Disney and Pixar

Still from Elemental (Courtesy: Disney and Pixar)

Name: Elemental

Rating: 3


A city where all the elements of earth - fire, water, land, and air, reside together. Everyone lives a joyful life except the fire people. They don't mix well with other elements. Here's when a fierce girl Ember (Leah Lewis) comes in who is looking forward to take over her father's shop. Things change when a water-guy with a go-with-the-flow attitude enters her life. Will they mix together? 

What works?

Elemental is a wholesome story that also highlights the importance of family and how one needs to identify and pursue their dreams. The movie has an underline of xenophobia and also sheds light on how people discriminate. This is portrayed by how fire people had a small town outside the element city and others were not very welcoming of them. The rom-com style will surely make you teary eyed but what steals the heart is how Wade (Mamoudou Athie) never gives up. The film has successfully portrayed the difficulties of an immigrant who are trying to fit in but decide to create their own life. 

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Disney and Pixar surely tried to bring in a modern take on romance and self-realisation. At one point, you will feel the emotions of the characters and leave the theatre with a lesson. The songs and background music elevates the experience. 

What Doesn't Work?

In the past, we have watched movies like Luca and Soul. Such hard-hitting films that stay with you for a long time. Elemental, on the other hand, fails a bit short of originality. There are multiple themes that Disney has tried to cover but at some point, you might feel that this isn't a rom-com. 

Star Performance

Wade played by Mamoudou Athie stole the show with his very lovable character. On the other hand, Ember played by Leah Lewis perfectly portrays a character with anger issues who just wants to pursue her dream.

Elemental movie review: Final Verdict

Elemental will surely uplift your mood with visuals and puns. With not so much originality, you can watch it to melt your heart and experience a very unique love story. Watch Elemental in theatres near you!

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