Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Journey to Ace a Stunning Physique

Bryce Dallas Howard’s weight loss journey reflects that losing weight isn’t only about fitting in a certain role but also about expressing your ability to do your best.

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Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Journey
Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Journey

On-screen and off-screen weight loss transformations may seem quite different. However, Bryce Dallas Howard’s weight loss journey is a great example that reflects weight loss is all about your mindset, and being able to deliver the best expected of you. The American actress has gained and lost weight many times but at the same time, she has been vocal about accepting your natural body image. Known for her dynamic roles in action movies, her well-toned physique always manages to leave the public in awe. And, after losing those extra pounds and acing an athletic figure journey, she has managed to grab huge attention from everyone. Let’s uncover the secrets of Howard’s weight loss journey to help you kickstart your fitness goals.

Who Is Bryce Dallas Howard?

Bryce Dallas Howard Weight Loss

Bryce Dallas Howard is an American actress and director. Born on 2nd March 1981 in Los Angeles, she grew up in New York and on a farm in Greenwich, United States. Even though her parents didn’t allow her and her siblings access to television, she was enrolled in an art camp at an early age. Bryce started her journey with theatrical performances in 2002 and her first appearance was in the play As You Like It as Rosalind. However, this play proved to be a turning point for her career and she was selected for the role of a blind daughter in The Village, a psychological thriller movie. 

It’s rather interesting to know that Bryce, one of the brilliant actors of America, began her career with a different name to not be recognized only as the daughter of Ron Howard, an American Oscar-winning director in the entertainment industry. Bryce was appreciated for her wonderful performances as an actor and performed the leading role of a female spirit in a fantasy thriller movie, Lady in the Water. Bryce’s journey thrived as she played dynamic roles in the action movies Spider-Man 3 and Terminator Salvation. Be it playing the role of Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse or being recognized for her exemplary performances in the adventure movie Jurassic World and its sequels, the journey of Bryce has been outstanding to follow. Right from winning the Rising Star Award in 2005, she has continued to receive many renowned awards like MTV Movie Awards, Black Reel Awards, Hollywood Film Awards, Gold Derby Awards, Women Film Critics Circles Awards, and many others including Best Global Actress in a Motion Picture in 2016. Bryce also stepped into the role of a director and directed a documentary called Dads in 2019 and episodes of the series The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Her acting experience is vast, and she truly is one of the most loved female actors all over the world. 


Bryce has always been open about her struggles on the personal as well as professional front. From gaining weight for certain roles and losing body weight for others, she has shared how performing on screen in the film industry may also mean not working with your natural body. Speaking of her personal life, she has disclosed her challenges of motherhood after giving birth to her first son and the impact it had on her acting experience. Perhaps, her willingness to be accepting of her life and being vocal about body image positivity, and female representation has been a topic of discussion in the public domain— her transformation topping the list for all the right reasons.

What Health Issue Did Bryce Dallas Howard Struggle with?

Bryce Dallas opened up about her experiences after the birth of her first son, Theodore. She shared that she suffered postpartum depression and that was one of the most challenging experiences of her life. Studies indicate that almost 15-85% of women are affected by postpartum depression (PPD) which may cause loss of interest and concentration, sleep deprivation, reduced appetite, and an outburst of overwhelming emotions especially guilt (1). 


Dealing with depression as a mother not only affected her self-image but also made her question the purpose of everything she was doing. Bryce added that the weight gain didn’t bother her before she became a mother but felt like a huge challenge, especially while breastfeeding Theo. However, the actress emphasized that the more painful part was not acknowledging, sharing, and accepting what she was experiencing. She couldn’t disclose how weighed down she felt for almost 2 years until she gave in to her friends' requests to seek help via therapy and realized that her journey could be relatable for so many others. And, she has won more hearts and admiration since then.

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Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Journey

Bryce Dallas Howard Weight Loss

Bryce’s weight loss journey hasn’t been limited to losing weight. Instead, she has gained weight for many roles. She had to put on 35 pounds for the Black Mirror Show and was asked to lose weight for Jurassic World Dominion. During her first pregnancy, she gained almost 75 pounds. Bryce admits she isn’t a huge fan of dieting and rather loves making choices that are good for her health. It was especially after giving birth to her first son and facing a difficult time that she made sustainable choices to feel healthy and sound. In one of her interviews, she shared that she wanted to disappear after giving birth to Theo as she wasn’t comfortable looking at her body. The constant worries of being and looking a certain way overwhelmed her but she did find her way back to herself and became more mindful of her eating and lifestyle choices after being hit by postpartum blues. The results are her body transformation and renewed confidence that give major goals while serving motivation to do better.


Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Bryce loves chocolates and candidly shared that her mother loved eating chocolates for breakfast. The  Jurassic World actress was a vegan for a brief period, however now her diet is more inclusive and she enjoys indulging in dairy products and baking yummies for her children like her mother used to.


Bryce is all in for relishing a heavy breakfast. Morning calorie intake has proven to enhance weight loss by almost 5.1 kg besides leading to significant improvements in glucose and insulin levels (2). She enjoys making luscious blueberry pancakes for breakfast, which is quite a yummy and healthy choice. Blueberry, recognized as the ‘super fruit’, demonstrates anti-oxidant properties that help in the prevention of many diseases including cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, and neurological disorders (3). She also likes to have honey, gluten-free toast, bacon, hash browns, and juice for breakfast. Gluten-free products might be your saviors if you’re suffering from gluten sensitivity or gluten disorders like gluten ataxia, dermatitis herpetiformis, and coeliac disease (4). Adding a bit of honeyed sweetness to your morning can work like magic as honey has a therapeutic effect on gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes mellitus, respiratory issues, and even cancer (5). 



Bryce’s lunch is packed with the goodness of veggies and healthy foods. Vegetables are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium, and other essential nutrients so including them in your meals is a great boost to your diet (6). She likes to have a good bowl of veggies, quinoa pasta, and chicken for lunch. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid so you can’t miss out on protein content by making it a part of your meals (7). On certain occasions, she likes to eat a scrumptious fish dish with a wholesome serving of mixed vegetable salad.


Jurassic World lady likes to have a nutritious dinner. She enjoys chicken with a nutrient-dense salad to end her day on a healthier note. Salads are highly enriched with nutrients like vitamins C and E, carotenoids, folic acid, etc. that provide ample nourishment to your body naturally (8). Accompanied by a chicken that is rich in high-quality protein, Bryce’s dinner looks balanced (9).


Choose your snacks like Bryce does as snacking is also a way of nourishing her mind and body. She likes to have yogurt, salads, dry fruits, and rich smoothies in between her meals to feel fresh and full. Yogurt is packed with dairy protein, calcium, magnesium, and essential fatty acids and has proven to be quite effective for weight loss, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes (10). Combined with fruits, yogurt makes for a snack loaded with nutritional goodness. Munching on dry fruits is also healthy as they are proven to improve metabolic activity, manage weight issues, and reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis (11).


Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Workout Routine

Bryce loves engaging in different physical activities. She loves keeping her body active and moving. She finds building strength and endurance more crucial to her flexibility in different roles rather than dieting.


The actress from Jurassic World loves running. It’s her way of feeling rejuvenated and keeping her mind healthy a top-most priority. Running even for a brief period of 10-15 minutes is associated with well-being and can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases (12).


Bryce ensures she goes for a walk every day without fail. Squeezing in some time for walking, she finds walking both relaxing and crucial to being healthy. Walking can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, waist circumference, and body fat (13).


Cardio is an integral part of Bryce’s routine. She enjoys doing cardio for at least 45 minutes per day 5 days a week. The treadmill has been her constant cardio for a long time now. Doing cardio consistently can have many impressive health benefits like adequate blood pressure, high insulin sensitivity, and protection from heart diseases (14).

Water Rover

Bryce has a special love for water rovers and it has been a part of her workout routine. Waterrover has massive health benefits including improvement in cholesterol levels which has become one of the leading causes of liver and heart issues (15).


CrossFit was another exercise routine Howard enjoyed doing for four days a week. Her CrossFit included a variety of exercises like snatch, deadlift, overhead squats, pushups, and burpees. CrossFit is an excellent exercise form to improve body composition, exercise tolerance, and attain lean body mass (16).

Core Exercises 

The core exercises of the beautiful Jurassic World Redhead actress include hollow holds, hollow rocks, and dead bugs with a physioball. These are quite effective for enhancing muscle strength and stability (17).

Bryce Dallas Howard’s Weight Loss Journey 

Bryce Dallas Howard Weight Loss

Bryce has always been a charming personality. However, after her weight loss, she has also been open about her struggles with motherhood and weight issues.

She lost 30 pounds after giving birth to her first son, Theo, and her well-toned physique gives her major fitness goals.


Weight loss is associated with looking a certain way. However, when accompanied by love and respect for your natural body image, it can do wonders. Bryce Dallas Howard’s weight loss demonstrates how weight isn’t the only thing you need to lose to appear more presentable and fit for a role. You also need to let go of the weight of opinions and practices that don’t serve your body image. Being a fitter version of yourself is satisfying when you approve of your body as you move ahead to ace a stunningly transformed look. Here’s to more body image acceptance and a beautiful you while you make those health goals more about you!


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Why did Bryce Dallas Howard lose weight?
Bryce Dallas Howard lost weight for certain roles and also after she had gained 80 pounds during her pregnancy phase.

Did Bryce Howard lose weight for Jurassic World: Dominion?
Bryce Howard was asked to lose weight for Jurassic World: Dominion, however, she was vocal about different body images and building strength and endurance for the role. She lost weight for the first two movies in this series but was supported for her decision to not lose weight for the 3rd movie in this series.

What does Bryce Dallas Howard eat?
Bryce eats healthy and wholesome foods like veggies, egg whites, fruits, dry fruits, chicken, etc.

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