How Many Children Do Penelope And Colin Have In Bridgerton The Books? Spoilers Explored

Based on the American author's book Bridgerton, fans are dying to know how many children Penelope and Colin will have together. Deets Inside.

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Penelope And Colin’s Children Revealed
Penelope And Colin (Credits: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

Bridgerton books series written by the American author Julia Quinn are loved around the world. Its popularity seems to increase after the Netflix series released on the same name. Recently, the series's third season first part recently hit on Netflix and made the fans swirl with happiness, however, leaving them at a cliffhanger was quite not the deal. With the fans trying to get too much information about their favourite characters Penelope and Colin, they should know the books on which Bridgerton is based on comprises eight novels, each featuring the story of the specific Bridgerton sibling. And the fourth book happens to be the inspiration for the brand new season of the Regency-era series. 

Bridgerton season 3 part one starts with the main-lead Colin returning from his travels, mainly Europe which he enjoyed for his own-good. Meanwhile, the female-lead Penelope finally decides to get married and find a husband in her third season. However, their interaction in this season seems rather interesting. Initially, Colin gave Penelope courtship lessons, but their dedication to help each other to find a suitable suitor for Penelope soon turned into love. Their love seems to become passionate when a steamy first kiss ignites feelings in Colin’s heart, but it was not easy for Penelope so she decides to move on from her crush on him. 

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Penelope’s secret strains friendship and intrigues Colin in Season 3 

Penelope wants a husband who respects her independence while she keeps her Lady Whistledown identity a secret. Last season, Eloise, her best friend, discovered her secret, which caused a rift between them. This continues in the third season, with Eloise avoiding Penelope, making Colin curious about the reason.


The fourth book in the series, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, follows the story of childhood friends Penelope and Colin becoming lovers. In the first three books, Penelope secretly adores her best friend Eloise's brother, Colin.

Going back in time In 1813, Penelope debuted and frequently visited the Bridgerton household, forming a close friendship with Eloise. She often saw Colin and fell more in love with him, but Colin only saw her as a friend, unaware of her true feelings.

She being the wallflower cherished her feelings for years until she overheard Colin telling his friends at a ball that he would never court her. When confronted, Colin tries to make amends, but the damage is done, and Penelope tries to pretend everything is fine.

In Romancing Mister Bridgerton it is seen that when Penelope was nearly 30 she left with no marriage prospects. Meanwhile, 33-year-old Colin has avoided matchmaking for several seasons by traveling the world. When Colin returns to Mayfair, they resume their relationship of being friends from where they left off after their confrontation.


They argue again, but when Penelope reads Colin's journal and praises his writing, Colin admits he's tired of only being seen as charming and not intelligent. They confess their feelings for each other, and their love grows, turning from friends to lovers and eventually to parents.

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How many children do Colin and Penelope have? 

Matching their societal standards and starting from the beginning, it is revealed that the Bridgertons and Featheringtons hold different ranks in London's high society. The Bridgertons have a higher status because the late Viscount Bridgerton held a more prestigious title than Baron Featherington, placing them above the Featheringtons.

Penelope comes from the Featherington family, and Colin faces challenges due to his higher social status. However, that is not the only issue between them.  Penelope's hidden identity as Lady Whistledown further complicates their relationship. 


According to the book series, Colin and Penelope have four children: Agatha, Thomas, Jane, and George, as revealed in the epilogues and additional content by Julia Quinn. In H their Happily Ever After, Penelope's children were born in this order: Agatha in 1825, Thomas in 1826, Jane in 1828, and George in 1831. Growing up with their kids the much-loved couple spend their lives cherishing their journey together, with Lady Whistledown no longer hiding her identity.

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