Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, July 1: Kaveri ruins Abhira’s gift brought by Madhav

In today's episode (July 1) of YRKKH, Ruhi helps Manish in settling the loan amount. Meanwhile, Kaveri breaks the scooty Madhav brings for Abhira.

Published on Jul 01, 2024  |  05:58 PM IST |  60.2K
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, July 1, 2024, episode: The episode kicks off with Ruhi entering the Goenka house. She asks Sushant and his men to put things back in their place, or else she will call the police. As Sushant begins to tell her about Manish taking a loan from him, Ruhi intervenes and reveals that she knows about it.

When Sushant says he wants his money back, Ruhi transfers some initial amount to him and directs him to check his phone to get assured. She promises to repay the remaining money in six months. 

Sushant stares at the house before taking his leave. Manish questions Ruhi about where she got the money from. She replies that she has sold her jewelry designs. Manish says the designs belonged to her. Ruhi replies that since Manish lent money for her marriage, she is bound to help him. Manish turns emotional at Ruhi’s gesture and hugs her.

Kaveri and Abhira’s face off

Abhira looks at Akshara’s picture and asks her to fix everything in her life. She seeks her blessings. Abhira spots someone at the window and assumes that some thief is trying to enter her place. As she catches the man, she finds him to be Armaan. He expresses gratitude to Abhira as she brought his parents closer. Armaan tries to give Abhira’s lucky charm, a tortoise toy, to her, but she doesn’t oblige and goes away.


Poddar kids—Krish, Aryan, and Kiara—come in Abhira’s way as she reaches the gate. They convince her to see their surprise, which includes balloon decorations and a cake. Abhira gets happy on witnessing the surprise and thanks the kids for their efforts. They wish Abhira well on her first day practicing law. They hold Abhira’s hand, and all of them cut the cake together. Charu reminisces about her time with Dev. Abhira looks at her and offers that if she wants to restart work, she can do it.

Kaveri arrives at the scene and scolds the kids, telling them to get out. She makes a taunting remark towards Abhira related to her mother, Akshara. Abhira retorts by reminding Kaveri that she had pledged not to utter any word against her mom. She asks if she remains Kaveri's prime target. Abhira further questions Kaveri if she cannot see Madhav’s homecoming, Vidya’s peace, or their slowly mending relationship. She also praises her mother and calls her a good lawyer.


Kaveri gives a coin to Abhira and informs her that she will pray for her success. In addition, she mentions that success is achieved by talent and not fate. Kaveri believes Abhira is not talented and, since she runs a law firm, she has an idea about who succeeds and who doesn’t. However, Abhira shows confidence and conviction in fulfilling her mom’s dream. She vows to become a big lawyer. Before leaving, Abhira takes Kaveri’s blessings and states no one can stop her from achieving her goals.

Madhav’s gift for Abhira

Madhav surprises Abhira with a scooter. She jumps in excitement upon seeing it. Everyone gathers around, including an elated Armaan. Madhav shares that it was his old scooter, which he fixed for Abhira so she can go to work on it. Abhira feels grateful towards Madhav, who asks her to ride it well. Abhira assures him that she will ride it within the speed limit. Armaan recollects Abhira’s words.


Krish calls everyone to click selfies with the scooter. Vidya spots Armaan smiling. Manisha brings the puja plate and lets Madhav do the aarti of the scooter. He then hands over the keys to Abhira. Kaveri witnesses all this and gets angry. She goes to her car, drives it, and ends up hitting the scooter, knocking it down. Everyone is shocked.

Madhav gets enraged at Kaveri, who goes on to argue with him. Abhira says she will get the scooter repaired and stops Madhav from having a bitter exchange with Kaveri. She points out Kaveri's childish behavior and makes an exit. Madhav feels bad for Abhira.

As Kaveri begins to move, Armaan stops her and takes a bold stand. He sacrifices his laptop and every other materialistic belonging. While giving the car keys to Krish, he announces that he will not drive the car anymore. Kaveri inquires what is wrong with him. Armaan clarifies that he will not use any of the luxuries and will hurt himself if Kaveri keeps on hurting Abhira. Kaveri says Armaan will never be able to succeed in his attempts. However, he remains determined to win back Abhira’s love. The episode ends here.

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