Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, July 5: Armaan resigns after Sanjay refuses to apologize to Abhira

In today's episode (July 5) of YRKKH, Armaan’s commitment towards bringing justice to Abhira makes him reach the real culprit.

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  02:49 PM IST |  47.3K
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, July 5, 2024, episode: The episode starts with Abhira getting emotional after being accused of bribing the judge. She looks at Akshara’s picture and cries. People pass bitter remarks on her. 

The lawyer informs Abhira that they have orders to keep her bar association license with them till the time she comes out clean of the allegations leveled at her. Abhira pleads with them not to seize her card. She insists on believing her as she is sure about proving her innocence in the case.

Armaan vows to fight for Abhira’s justice

Armaan comes and finds Abhira in a dreadful condition. He steps forward to stop the lawyer from taking Abhira’s card, which gets torn with Armaan’s intervention.  

Abhira goes away carrying one part of the card. Armaan follows her and tries to talk to her, but she tells him to maintain a distance. Armaan assures Abhira of fixing everything. Abhira holds Armaan responsible for always bringing chaos to her life. 

She wishes not to have known him ever while counting the troubles she faced since she met Armaan. Armaan apologizes to Abhira and decides to clear her name from the controversy. 

Surekha expresses shock on learning that Armaan will represent them in the court. She fears how Manish would react if he came to know about Armaan’s engagement in their matter. Ruhi says she had no option and shows her belief in Armaan’s capabilities as a lawyer. 


Surekha then gets concerned about Ruhi falling for Armaan again. Ruhi affirms that nothing like that is going to happen. She reveals that Armaan is handling the case for Abhira’s sake as she wants to protect Manish. Surekha remains worried for Ruhi. 

Armaan attempts to speak to the judge. He calls him and defends Abhira by claiming that someone has framed her. Abhira also makes efforts to have a word with the judge. However, the manager doesn’t let her in. 

Armaan exposes Sanjay

Armaan meets Sandeep and demands to view the CCTV footage. As he leaves, Abhira comes there and asks for the clip. Sandeep inquires about her identity. 

She shows him her card. Sandeep directs Abhira to seek permission from the police before receiving the video footage. 

Abhira faces a tough time as she gets surrounded by reporters who raise questions about her ethics. Meanwhile, Armaan gets his hands on the bribe money, the note and the CCTV footage. He discovers Sanjay’s evil intentions. 


Kaveri blesses Sanjay and praises him for winning multiple cases for their firm. As she begins to give toffee to Sanjay, Armaan comes and puts money in his hand. 

He says that he found it in an envelope in the court and is just returning his amount. Kaveri scolds Armaan. However, he doesn’t stop and refuses to respect Sanjay. 

Armaan unveils Sanjay’s misdeeds towards Abhira to the family. He discloses how Abhira was doing her job with honesty and dedication but Sanjay got her blamed for bribery. Sanjay declines his involvement. Armaan reminds Sanjay of the times when he hurt Abhira and questions when will he end all this. 

Sanjay inquires why Armaan is so bothered by Abhira’s ordeals when she means nothing to them. Armaan reiterates Abhira’s importance in his life. He instructs Sanjay to admit his crime during a press conference. Sanjay rejects the idea. 


Sanjay asks Dadi to stop Armaan. He fears ending his career by making a public apology to Abhira. Armaan threatens to quit the firm if Sanjay doesn’t confess his crime.  He assigns the task of convincing Sanjay to Kaveri. Manoj chimes in and states that they will lose the clients. Armaan doesn’t care about it. 

The kids also give their opinions on the matter. Kaveri tells them to shut up. She directs  Sanjay to do what Armaan wants. Sanjay continues to say no. Armaan shocks everyone by submitting his resignation letter. The episode ends here.

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