Elizabeth Debicki Discusses Her Role In MaXXXine And Her Aversion To Horror Films; DETAILS

Elizabeth Debicki stars in the horror movie MaXXXine but avoids watching horror films due to a prank from her teenage years. She praises co-star Mia Goth and the film's impressive cast.

Published on Jul 01, 2024  |  11:24 PM IST |  34.9K
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Eizabeth Debicki (Image via IMDb)
Key Highlight
  • Elizabeth Debicki avoids watching horror films after a prank
  • Debicki praises Mia Goth’s performance in MaXXXine

Elizabeth Debicki is excited about doing horror movies, but she would never watch one. For her latest slasher, MaXXXine, the star has teamed up with Mia Goth. She stopped watching horror films when she was a teenager after her friend’s dad played a prank during a scary movie.

“Like every teenager, I went to sleepovers and birthday parties and got scared with people,” Debicki says. “I think my horror-watching days ended one day when I was watching — I can't remember [which movie] — with my best friend. We were like 16, and her dad, classic, went around the house and knocked on the window and scared the s--- out of us.”

Debicki now steers clear of horror flicks.“I don't like rollercoasters; I don't like horror films. My job injects enough adrenaline into me on a daily basis, and so I generally avoid them.”

Horror appreciation

Despite not being a fan, Debicki admits the acting in certain horror films is fantastic. She gave Essie Davis as an example for her remarkable performance in The Babadook. “I don't seek them out. And if someone's like, 'Let's watch this,' I'm like, ‘Absolutely not.’ I watched Hereditary, and I was like, ‘Well, I'll never recover from that.’”

This is two years after Mia Goth first teamed up with director Ti West for the related slasher films X and Pearl before MaXXXine sees theaters. These were placed on the same Texas farmstead but in different eras - the 1970s and 1910s, respectively, where they were acted. 

Making MaXXXine

At its core, MaXXXine follows Goth’s character through Hollywood of ’85 while auditioning for a horror movie where she gets noticed by its director, played by Elizabeth Debicki.


Debicki said Goth was a powerhouse. “I've been a big fan of hers for a long time. She's an amazing actress and a very unique screen presence.” She also adds, “She has a lot of calm. She's very sure about what she's doing.”

The film also stars Moses Sumney, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Lily Collins, Giancarlo Esposito, Kevin Bacon, and Halsey. It will be released in theaters on July 5th.

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Why doesn't Elizabeth Debicki watch horror films?
A prank by a friend's father during her teenage years scared her of horror films.

What is MaXXXine about?
MaXXXine follows Mia Goth's character in 1985 Hollywood as she auditions for a horror movie.

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