Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel opts to adopt baby girl, but did she just take a dig at Shilpa Shetty?

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter to announce the happy news, however, she also expressed her opinion about adoption and surrogacy.
Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel opts to adopt baby girl, but did she just take a dig at Shilpa Shetty?Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel opts to adopt baby girl, but did she just take a dig at Shilpa Shetty?
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Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel has been someone who has never shied away from expressing her views and opinions about the happenings in B-town and well, it looks like this time around, she doesn't just have an opinion, but also a big announcement to make. Taking to Twitter, Rangoli announced the happy news about their decision to adopt a baby girl and in fact, also added how her sister inspired them to do so and has also named the baby girl.

Rangoli wrote, "I have a baby I want another one my husband and I decided to adopt, I want to encourage couples to adopt than to go for surrogates, to each his own but let’s try and give homes to those also who are already in this world and longing for parents." She added in another tweet, "My sister has inspired us to do this, Ajay and I have done all the formalities hopefully in few months our baby girl will be with us, Kangana as named her Ganga. so fortunate to be able to give home to a child."

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Check out Rangoli Chandel's tweets right here:

Well, if anything while this sure is a celebratory piece of news, but it does seem to also be a dig at Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who announced the arrival of a baby girl Samisha Shetty Kundra via surrogacy, just earlier in the morning today. However, Rangoli did add, "To each his own."

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People reading in between lines pl stop. Her statement is perfectly fine, its not a dig.

Where is the supposed dig? Looks like vile PR is taking advantage of her innocuous statement.

People should stop blaming celebrity for surrogy n say stupid things like they go for surrogy just coz they don't want to gain weight. Wt if they really can't HV babies so they r going for surrogy. Ppl shd mind there own business n let live celebrity

Her last name should be chudail,not Chandel. Who is she to point her poisonous finger at everything

She Is absolutely right, celebrities are having babies the way they go out and buy things instead of natural creation.

Frustrated women she is! Live and let live

Chandal sister duo..why doesn't kangaana ji adopt like sushmitha mam,manisha mam and Ravenna mam who have done long ago.

Why can't she wait for this announcement until her baby Ganga arrives? What's the hurry? Why dampen another parents excitement? If she thinks she is doing good to the baby by giving her a home, she is absolutely wrong. It's always the other way round. She doesn't seem to be in the right frame of mind to adopt.

Surrogacy is for people who can not have children and unfortunately it is used used casually used by celebrities as they don’t want to put on weight and also to have a third child and whatnot. So Chandel is right in that sense why not give home to the ones who already exist in the world

She could have adopted the first child, too, instead of giving birth to one, if she is so worried about children who are already in the world and need parents.

She is unbelievably toxic and is using her sister's celebrity status to spread her own bitterness. And someone so bitter should not be having children...can you imagine the mindset they will grow up with?

Rangoli is a leech stuck to Kangana.Works hard for her living.Not long before they pull each other's hair on the streets.

She didn’t take any dig..

It's a personal choice..if you are talking about Nepotism..who you are? No one would know you if you were not Kangana Ranaut sister...u are taking full advantage of being her Sister

I find she just want to prove herself she is right and others are wrong. Frankly speaking it is everyones opinion to have a baby through any minds

Why Rangoli is so influenced by her sister. If someone else in bollywood wud have followed her sist advice she wud have created a havoc. Use your own brians and choice girl, grow up.

well said but should have chosen different time

Rangoli a making a correct point with no dig on anyone. Please don’t read in between lines, wrongly.

Give her some time, she will probably become more popular than Kangana. Even otherwise Kangana's career seems to be going downhill with successive flops.

Chandaal phir se boli..

Please appreciate what rangoli is doing. Those who can’t do it are busy turning her statements with vile intentions. She did not take a dig at all.

Both the sisters need serious help

She did not even remotely talked about Shilpa. Every right thing said is spun by venomous PR of nepo gang.

The worst ever shit to come out of nepotism is her. She has a point though but timing is terrible. These sisters should now salvage their image before Kangana is finished.

This is for Thalaivi promo. They will adopt and parade the girl during promos.

maybe this was not the right time to say it..but she has a point..celebs could make a world of a difference if they advocated adopting.kangana should adopt as well like sush.

For once I agree with Rangoli, it is always better to give a little child home

Wow.. makes this announcement right after Shilpa Shetty announces her daughter’s birth through surrogacy. Is cheap enough to even throw shade at surrogate parents. This woman really doesn’t need to prove anymore how cheap she is. Why does she continue?

These psycho sisters have problems with each and every one. Good that public are now see through their drama and attention seeking tactics.


She has antagonized so many ppl that even when she says something logical,ppl get mad at her.

Who is this rangoli chudail

Jealous af sisters.

She needs a tight slap

Venomous woman

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