Guess Who: The female lead of an upcoming film gets miffed with the makers; the male star comes to her rescue

Can you guess who the stars in the question are?
Guess Who: The female lead of an upcoming film gets miffed with the makers; the male star comes to her rescueGuess Who: The female lead of an upcoming film gets miffed with the makers; the male star comes to her rescue
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Promotions for a movie can be a tedious job for the actors. Sometimes, it turns out to be a stressful job, often more than shooting for the movie they have been promoting. But, promotions can also be hurtful if one of the actors gets sidelined despite being an important part of the film. Such instances are often witnessed in the industry, but in rarity, actors speak about it in public.

Recently, a talented young female star who established her mettle in a very short period faced this kind of situation. She is the female lead for an upcoming musical film which stars the current heartthrob of the nation as the male lead. It so happened that the female lead was heard to be miffed with the director and the whole team of the movie for sidelining her during the promotions and giving all attention to the male star. She felt that she is being shown as only a supporting cast and the movie is not riding on her shoulders just as much.

Moreover, the young lady raised these concerns to her mentor, who happens to be a friend of the director as well. The mentor spoke to the director and the male star got a whiff of the whole incident. The male actor made sure that she becomes a part of the grand event that was held recently irrespective of her presence needed or not!

Can you guess who the stars in the question are? Let us know in the comments below.


This will happen Alia. You are too gifted and you are mahesh bhatt's daughter. You have been reduced to a puppet in the hands of your mentor and uncle boyfriend. Break free and you will soar high.

Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aryan

Be aware Ranveer Singh with your antics Takht is on its way And Kjo 2 favorites Kareena & Aalia in it. Don't know about Aalia but if Bebo gave 100% of her talent then you will be overshadowed for sure from Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The film looks like a rip off of ‘8 Mile’. Why is there never any originality in Bollywood?!

Alia has like 3-4 stock expressions which she repurposes in every movie. The furrowed eyebrows at discovering something suspicious; have seen that in highway, udta punjab and now in this trailer. Also, the whole smug look when she is on the phone with the other girl- could see that coming. She likes to show herself as this woman men would be scared of and her off-screen antics seem to match that personna.

Lol looks like deepika’s PR wrote this..RS hearthrob of nation and alia just a young talented actress! Looks like padmavat stint is repeated where shahid was shown to be insecure and all praise to RS and DP

Ranveer is sooo very annoying these days. So loud and wants all attention on him.

Tera time ayega Alia

Oh my gosh! Alia and karan together are getting ridiculous! They are ruining the industry together. Karan should let Alia be on her own and see what and how she can do.

Cant stand her nowadays!

I maintain that Alia Bhatt is the worst thing to happen to the Indian film industry. And I don't mean that as an actress, because she's a perfectly good actress. But she "broke the glass ceiling" for useless star kids. Before Alia, star kid or not, you still had to have all the elements to be a star that the outsiders had, talent, hard-work, good-looks, and the "it factor". No one saw someone like Salman Khan or Kajol on screen and thought "star kid" like we do now, and people like Shweta Bachchan or Karan Johar didn't become actors no matter how powerful their daddies were because they knew they wouldn't make it.

Alia baby throwing tantrums! She is such an attention seeker!!

Aaawweeeee. Alia is ranbir’s karma! No wonder katrina looks happier these days!

I hate Alia. To the core. Manipulative lady.

I’m surprised alia didn’t push to have her vocals on the soundtrack. Zoya knows what she’s doing tho

Whatever alia, she doesn’t know the meaning of struggle

She probably goes to nepo papa when uncle sherbat is not paying attention to her! Hello , baby aloo,this is how your co star in razi felt ,too! Merry ground club in BW.

Yes aunty agree

Alia Bhatt

Alia and Ranveer

Alia - gully boy!

Alia and Ranveer

Ranveer Singh has become so wild recently. I like his energy very much but sometimes you should know where to use it and how much to use it. He is very loud. I found him quite annoying when I saw his interview with Sara. If I was alia, I would have felt the same but am happy she Experienced this situation. She always gets nice treatment from everyone in the industry (esp karan) and gets best of the best films to act. She is like a kid of Bollywood, spoilt with choices. So many new comers don't get opportunities and because of her many must have felt sad or struggled very much.its not her fault but am glad atleast she felt this way.

Happy now ¿ go sleep:)

Gully boy
Zoya Akhtar

Ms Alia and her mentor, Karan. Hearttrob of the nation is none other than Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Alia

Ranveer rocks

Thats the reason why they released a promo with alia in it!!

Alia bhatt

what does alia think this movie is about? it’s called gully boy

Musicial film- Gully boy
Young actress-Alia bhatt
Actor-Ranveer singh
Mentor-Karan johar
Director-Zoya akhtar

Ranveer Alia - Gully boy. Kjo - Zoya.

Alia Bhatt?

Alia/Gully Boy/Zoya Akhtar

Easy enough, alia bhatt. Mentor karan johar. Male star- ranvir singh and musical- gully boy

Definitely, Alia and Ranveer with her mentor being Karan . She’s just whining as usual when things don’t go her way. The movie is clearly about Ranveer’s character and how he goes on to establish himself as a rapper on the streets of Mumbai, what did she expect lol.

Alia going to Karan smh


This movie seems more about hip hop culture.. not sure y the female lead is that important to the story. Explains why they released that dialogue promo today. Alia you need to get over yourself

what a baby. this makes alia incredibly annoying

Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh

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