5 Ways you can store garlic to keep it fresh for long

If you want the garlic to stay fresh for a long time, then you have to store them in the right way. So, here are some ways to keep them fresh for long.
Tips for storing garlic5 Ways you can store garlic to keep it fresh for long
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It is not possible to buy fresh veggies every day. So, you have to store the vegetables properly to make them last longer and keep them fresh. It is always advisable to eat fresh fruits and veggies.

But not all kinds of veggies can be stored in the same way. There are different methods to store veggies such as, garlic. There are different ways to store it in the fridge and in the room temperature.

Here’s how can you store garlic in the fridge:

In the room temperature

The best way to store garlic in room temperature is to keep them in mesh bags or in woven baskets. Garlic should be stored at 60 to 65 degrees with moderate humidity. It becomes tough to keep them fresh during the winters.

In the fridge

Always put the garlic in the crisper drawer of the fridge as it maintains the humidity. Remember, after being in the cold, the garlic will be sprouting after some days of taking them in the room temperature. So, only bring them out when you have to cook them.

In freezer

To store the garlic in the freezer, you need to blend them into a puree and then put it in the ice cube trays or in a thin layer of a silicon sheet.

In oil

You can put garlic cloves or slices in a jar and cover them with olive oil. Then, you can use the softened slices for cooking or the oil to make a salad.

Roasted in oven

Roasted garlic can easily be stored in the freezer for a long time. You can use it for all cooking purposes.

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