The Hair Makeovers - Deepika Padukone

The Hair Makeovers - Deepika Padukone 0

I looooooooooove the afro on her!!


Everything looks good on her...everything but her actual hairdo!!

she rocked all of em

Actually, she looks good in all.

This is a much better turn out than the last two, all of them are actually are pretty good on her.

She looks good in all of them except 4th pic!

Last one is awesome on her

she luks gr8 in all of them

I loveee the 2nd and 3rd ones! SHe looks so prettyy with darker hair!

How can she look so good in all the hair styles!! :)

don't try this hair on pc,,...
you are very good at making an angel into witch..

Everything looks good on her exept her actual hairdo!!

wow these hair styles look so real and good compare to last 2 you have done, third one looks so good.

Deepika has gorgeous features and a very flattering face shape which is why she can rock most hairstyles..

She's the only one so far who looks good in all of them.......

Now Deepika makes all those hairdo's work for her.

make up critic chose best pohto among those 3 ladies, kareena's was too chubby, Aish's was not her best but dp's photo is not too zoomed thats why she looks good. But only in black hair.

shes the best beauty after aish

they all look great on her. she's beautiful


She is the MOST beautiful woman on Bollywood... this thread just prooves it!

Woooowww! This girl is soooooo beautiful..!

omg afro suit her alot :)

everything suits her!!

she has the best features! last is the best

Agree. Everything looks good on her except her actual hair

I absolutely adore her in the 3rd pic!!
Why doesn't she try this one reallyy???

Please do one for PC as well I wanna she how she looks in different hairstyles

She really looks good in them all


Deepika's bone structure on her face is perfect! She rocks any hair style! Agree with MakeupCritic. She looks gorgeous in all of them!

All look good. I think the model helps too because she is perfect.

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