Follower of beauty trends? THESE bizarre beauty treatments will leave you shocked; Check them out

Staying young and beautiful is not easy but some people resort to crazy means of achieving eternal beauty and it never stops getting weirder.
Follower of beauty trends? THESE bizarre beauty treatments will leave you shocked; Check them out
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If you think Botox and cosmetic surgeries are weird, you've seen nothing yet. We all found it super weird when the fish pedicure came to the country and it still feels pretty funny but it doesn't end there. Some people are willing to for way past to look beautiful as per the society's standards. From anti-ageing treatments to some messed up beauty treatments to remain beautiful, they're ready to try it all. They're ready to take the pain in order to look pretty because beauty is pain or so they believe. Women end up pick such shockingly bizarre treatments for this skincare and beauty that it is appalling to even see! They go for some crazy and unbelievable treatments that it will leave you feeling terrorised! All of this just to get smooth and glowing skin and look beautiful. Here are some crazy treatments you probably haven't even heard of!

1. Bee Venom Facial

It's like the organic version of Botox where they use the venom from the sting of a bee to stimulate your skin. Applying this on the skin causes it to react and improves blood circulation and the production of collagen and elastin is increased. This tightens your skin and removes fine lines and wrinkles provided that you don't have an allergic reaction to it.

2. Leech Therapy

This crazy treatment includes leaving leeches on your body. These leeches just suck on your blood and it is claimed that they detoxify your blood. It's said that they purify your blood and unclog your blood vessels and pores. This rejuvenates your skin and makes it look new.

3. Bird Poop Facial

This is a Japanese treatment. This facial includes using the bird poop of nightingales and make a special mask out of it. They mix it with some rice and water and apply this thick paste all over the skin. It's known to exfoliate your skin and renew it.

4. Snail Facial

Snail slime is known to have antioxidants and other properties that can stimulate your skin can increase the production of collagen and helps your skin heal. It has nutrients that can help you get better quality skin and makes it more youthful as well.

6. Thai Slap Massage

This one just gets even weirder. Women Thai massage therapists to slap them across the face a number of times. It's said that slapping the face helps prevent wrinkles and saggy skin and fine lines. It helps the muscles relax and improves blood circulation as well. Maybe you could ask your friend or mom to slap you a few times for more youthful skin!

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