A clever guide on how to get along with your sister in law

Updated on Dec 29, 2021 06:23 PM IST  |  146.2K
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A clever guide on how to get along with your sister in law

Getting married ensures that you welcome a whole host of new people into your life. These new relationships also pose intriguing challenges as you’d want to get along well with everyone you meet. Your husband’s sister or even your husband’s brother’s wife may be naturally placed to be your best confidant in the new family. However, this isn’t always the case to begin with as sisters-in-law can be notoriously protective of their brothers. Therefore, we share a few simple tips to help you get along well with her.

Reach out and be her friend

The best way to build a good relationship is to be a great friend to someone. Reach out to her and offer assistance when she’s planning a birthday for her child or for an upcoming anniversary party. She’s probably just as busy in her new life, so let her confide her problems in you and lend a ear to listen. Sometimes all you need to do is be vocal about your support toward your sister-in-law to ensure you become more of a sister to her.

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Seek her wise counsel

It is likely that she has been a part of the family a lot longer than you have. Hence, seek her advice on things to make her feel needed. It is a smart way to show that you respect her and value her opinion. She may even give you the inside details on every family member and their pet peeves!

Offer her a thoughtful gift

This is a neat way to let her know that you’re thinking of her. Make sure to choose a present after asking your husband or your mother-in-law about the things she likes so that you can plan a lovely surprise. A safe bet are cosmetics and fragrances if you’re unsure about what she’d love.

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While it may take time and effort to forge a strong bond with your sister-in-law the work may well be worth it as you may earn a lifelong friend and family member.

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