20 Photos of Shah Rukh Khan's House Mannat

Here are the 20 photos which give us the glimpse of the inner world of Shah Rukh Khan's home, Mannat
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Shah Rukh Khan is called as the King of Bollywood and he even lives like one in his abode Mannat. The sea-facing palace every day gets thousands of visitors who  just want to catch a glimpse of their favourite star, Sha Rukh Khan. But only a few who are close to Shah Rukh Khan get a chance to tour around the inner world of Mannat.

We as fans get to see the interiors only through some videos, pictures posted by magazines and much more. To make Mannat a house to die for, a major contribution is given by Shah Rukh Khan's wife Gauri Khan, who is an ace interior designer right now. She, on her Instagram page, has shared a few of the best corners of the house leaving the fans awestruck instantly.

Today, let's take a tour of Shah Rukh Khan's incredible home through 20 pictures. We are sure by the end of it, you would either wish to visit it or make it a dream to own a house like Shah Rukh Khan owns

Check out:


So, isn't Mannat a home worth living for? Let us know in the comments below

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Hiii shahrukh i am your die heart and biggest biggest biggest biggest FAN in the world i like yourr house

This mansion is so overhyped. It's nothing special and looks so dull from the inside, Gauri is a bad designer I must say. Yawn

OMG such a boring house. Looks like a cage for birds LOL

is the house is on sale, why too many articles on the house

looks like a monument from outside.

looks like a library

This is the same house where tezaab was shot

Slow day pinkvilla?

More i see these celebrity houses more i start liking my home. Living in "museums" is really not my taste. I'm happy all the people here have same taste.

Looks like a box.

Where is the warmth? This not a sweet home. In between home and museum. Gauri should take some inspiration fromBigB's old house Pratiksha, Akshay kumar's home and Hrithik's new home in juhu.

Very dark

Its amazing,great palace to live in,especially abram tree house which is palace in the woods

Priyanka must be making appointments with her plastic surgeon.

releasing house pics after films r flopping

Some bits are nice, some artwork is pretty up to the mark, but overall too dark, melancholy and glum. Where's the happiness and joy?

Its amazing,great palace to live in especially the abram tree house

Its amazing,great palace to live in especially the abram tree house

Studio or museum not home

It feels very dark inside. I like natural light coming in and plenty of windows. If they like it, that's good. Looks pretty from outside though.

Too dark

sorry not my taste, its too much, and does not give a home vibe at all.. bakwas designs..

Apparently Gauri despeartly need work...and acknowledgement...

I think this is one of the looks of each room. They probably keep redecorating it and keep changing the themes and mood. They perhaps have a huge personal storage of some art and furniture.

Isn't it more like a studio than " A home sweet home"??

ramsey brothers ne interiors kiye hai ya gauri khan ne, where is the natural light ?

A house is not a home. This house is where I can see me installing the Archbishop of Canterbury more than a floor lamp.

Shahrukh khan
I'm your big fan
And I liked your house so much
But if the color of your house walls and étc. Means it will better if the color would light
hope you would not mind for my this comment

I like Akshay and Hrithik's houses, they are bright and feel like home. ShahRukh's house is like a gothic museum which doesn't have the vibe of a home.

I sometimes wonder why film stars opt for such grand and extravagant mansions, when they hardly spend time at home and are always travelling.

House is dull from inside.....it can be royal but I m sorry I didn't liked it.

It looks more like a fancy film set than a cosy home.

The house is too dark for my liking. I like bright and spacious rooms than dark and stuffed houses. SRK and Gauri might have invested a lot on the designer furniture, art work, rugs and interiors but the dark theme makes me suffocated.

Don't know much about interior design, but the rooms look a little too accessorised and dark for the clean and classic look outside.

I look at it and expect an armored robot to walk out. I hear an organ and closet doors opening and closing on their own. Expensive creepiness. Lonely. She is all dressed up and he is in distressed jeans and they do not pose together. What's the word...gestalt.

Amazing n awesome...

Oh my...the house's interior is such a let down considering how beautiful its exterior is...it's so dark and scary inside!

I think its awesome but dark bcz of light ....whch they can chnge as reqd...huge n nicely done hope camera wrk cud hv bewn on brighter side

Every room look so dark and un comfortable.

So nice... uff, I can only view pics from internet.

Gauri is a compulsive buyer!

too dark

Confirmed..!! I wont hire Gauri Khan to design my house,

I don't think u can afford her lol

It doesn't have homely vibe. So Much like an art museum. Akshay Kumar's place is done up so much lovelier and looks like a place where real.people live. Not this show off

why they both look like teenagers or is it pics were Photoshoped ?? ...and this so called palace looks more like museum than home ;)

They have a fire place? In Mumbai?

Liked the religious artwork & sofa with matching Madonna & child cushion . The huge modern artwork of pots (?) don't quite match the Renaissance look of the rest of the room. Rooms are very dark with little natural light because of the dark shades of the walls & the decor.

Bhot Bangla.

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