GUESS WHO: An actress gets paid Rs 10 crore to NOT name a superstar amidst the Me Too Movement

Can you guess the actress and the superstar in the question?
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The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment broke in when Tanushree Dutt spoke about her ordeal and shared that she was harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. Post this BIG revelation, there were cascade of allegations. Women are finally breaking their shell and sharing their stories in front of the whole world. Big names like that of Alok Nath and Sajid Khan have been highlighted and many other accounts have jolted the entire foundation of the entertainment industry. Every other minute, we are listening to these gut-wrenching stories. 
Remember, there were stories that top Bollywood star's name will come out soon. Now, our sources have told that now girls are taking money for keeping their mouth shut. Recently, we heard that the actress has been paid Rs 10 crore and this deal has been struck through a top film producer who is supposed to be close to the superstar. We wonder where have these girls disappeared who were to finally break the shell of naming and shaming these BIG Bollywood stars who were involved in some or the other sexual harassment activities. 
India's Me Too Movement has stormed the media and entertainment industry. Well, no one can escape this wave of India's one of the biggest movements. 
Some celebs have openly supported the movement and some of them just refrained commenting on it. 
Can you guess the actress and the superstar in the question?


I hope hypocrite Big B gets outed before he dies. His son is a nice chap although I think he is gay. Never believed the rumours before...I do now. No wonder Ash is mental.

Stop talking nonsense. Abhishek is not gay. Take your venom elsewhere.
Abhishek is kind, caring, generous with praise, self-critical, humble and extremely loyal. Above all else, he is immensely talented. He's just too humble and classy to sing his own praise. Trolls have made him an easy target because they know he doesn't engage in self-praise. They take advantage of that. No one else in Bollywood gets criticized as much as he does, yet he's more talented than most actors. People wrongly believe overacting is good acting. Thank god for sensible artists like Abhishek.

Amitabh Bachchan and Sayali Bhagat?

Aamir issued statement on Me Too first so that he wull known as the one whi initiated & if his name comes people will reject it. It was a fasad.

Its been 2-3 years stories of Fatima Sana Sheikh blackmailing aamir Khan are surfacing.
It is being said that Fatima is the first woman in aamir life threatened him by releasing SMS. On that basis she got thugs of Hindostan.

Aamir is known to be another version of Raj kapoor. Raj Kapoor was like that only.

These two man are prem rogi. They fall in & out of love. They are not meant for social rules like Marriage.

Superstar aamir
Actress Fatima
Producer Aditya Chopra


Guess it's Zareen Khan accusing Salman. Only Salman has that kind of money and all the ladies he slept with are doing well except few like Zareen and Daisy. They don't want to expose and cornered bcoz the moment they talk about this openly, their career comes to an end. That's the only reason y big names have not come out till now

Do they even have a career to begin with?

Since Me Too India people were waiting for Akshay Names to come.
The Superstar (which he is ) is Akshay Kumar

Producer - Sajid Nadidwala

Actress - Tapsee Pannu


Look at the clue - BIG in uppercase letters! Big B for sure. Question is - who's the actress?

Not Salman. Many actresses have accused him but it doesnt affect him but those actresses' career has been drowned.

Many be Amir. He is too image concious. And the girl in the blnd item is Zarina Wasim (well for too obvious reasons)

Which actresses accused Salman? I didn't know Jealousy can make people shameless also

It is not Amitabh. And since when is Ajay a superstar?? I wouldn't even count Akshay as amongst the league of superstars..

It is not Amitabh. And since when is Ajay a superstar?? I wouldn't even count Akshay as amongst the league of superstars..

Akshay kumar

It must be Amitabh.......or with so many surprises coming it might be Abhishek Bachchan....
Can be SRK,akshay,...
All these actors are very image conscious and others are scared of them

The blind was about Salman and the quid pro quo that all actresses working with him will have to sleep with him. Which Nargis rejected. It's an open secret. Ever wondered why Ranbir walked out the relationship with Kat, because she signed TZH with Salman. She had earlier rejected other films with Salman to avoid an uncomfortable situation. But since rumours of Deepika and Ranbir hooking up on Tamasha propped up, Kat decided to sign up with Sallu. Post it PV if you have the guts to expose Industry secrets.

Stop lying jealous evil person. There's no such open secret. It's cooked up in your head.

What kind of blind is that with no clues whatsoever?!? At least give us some hints!! For instance he’s known as “khiladi” or “bhai jaan” etc. This could be anyone


actress is zeenat aman actor you can all guess who it is

big B hands down

Twinkle should right a book on her moron hubby

read the BIG ….ITS AMITABH

Fawad is blackmailing kjo...poor Kjo he trusted this manipulator and give him work and free drink...but Fawad just want to harm Kjo image and reputation...disgusting man...

Its Jaya Bachchan and Hrithik lol

Feel like it’s salman. Anyone remember the salman/Nargis blind item??

Maybe ajay?

Salman Khan

Not Salman because he does not care about his image could be some image conscious superstar like Amir, Ajay or Akshay

Akshay kumar

Big B . The blind was about him.

Akshay Kumar..producer..sajid nadiadwala..actrss..a bit of guess work..jacqueline or tamanaah

Ab made a baby?

I don’t think it’s salman, many women have accused him for many things,clearly he is not bothered of his image...the only one who is bothered is Akshay..

Amir with Katrina?


Big B for sure. Rumour has it that he slept with ash before she married his son. However, I think another actresses are in this equation.

U need help sicko!!

Nasty nasty nasty persons!

This rumor is true. I heard it from multiple sources during 2005-2012. It was well known that Aishwarya trapped Amitabh and manipulated him to get married into Bachchan family. Abhishek had no interest in Aishwarya. Amitabh forced Abhishek to get married with Aishwarya. Aishwarya slept with Amitabh before getting married to Abhishek and promised Amitabh that he will have access to her once she comes to his house under the pretext of his daughter in-law. Everyone saw how close Aishwarya was to Amitabh. She kicked Jaya out of the house and used to go everywhere with Amitabh. There are pictures and videos of Amitabh and Aishwarya dancing, walking hands in hand, hugging, sitting really closely in awards functions, temple visits, interviews, TV shows, public events (all these pictures and videos are on internet). Aishwarya even lip-kissed Amitabh on red carpet during an award ceremony in 2016... Amitabh was moving away while Aishwarya was clinging to him (video is available on YouTube). There were rumors that Aaradhya is Amitabh's daughter with Aishwarya.

one of my Friends who was an editor in a film magazine around that time claims this to be cent percent true

You are so sick!!! You need to be locked up!

Such filth in your head

SO amitabh Will Take a Producer Help to pay Aishwayra who is living in same house ??/

Hahahahhah A prodcuer mediate the deal


You are so sick and need help!!

I m not anyone crazy fan but this is such a cheap comment to make on a public platform.

Chuck noris

Salman Khan

Salman would be there

Now a days...females are having a such a nonsense things in mind naa..blaming for nothing happen things...wd all know that me too is using badly...

well done. ME too is over used. Women first throw themselves and if things don't work out to their
favor, blame the guys and play the victim card. In few cases ME too is very genuine. PV post


I think actress are taking advantages of me too and bkackmailing the actors

lol yes because an innocent man will give 10cr in payout. right. like bill o'reilly gretchen carlson 32 million cuz he was oh-so-innocent?

lol yes because an innocent man will give 10cr in payout. right. like bill o'reilly gretchen carlson 32 million cuz he was oh-so-innocent?

Srk or Salman


There were blinds about Akshay. Several infact.

In other words , is there nobody on that Housefull set who behaves himself ?!!!

They all behave EXACTLY like themselves.

There were blinds about Akshay. Several infact.

Nargis and Salman?

i see you got your boner for Salman going again.

Hipsdontlie you are just a gasti, jealous of salman.

Your obsession with Salman needs to stop..for someone u hate, ur obsession is really unhealthy... it's obviously Akshay not Salman as there have been many blinds about him while that one blind about Salman was clearly someone's work (reshma) to get the heat off of Akshay and if u read the blind u would know..first it was written about Salman and then just couple days later the EXACT blind was written about Akshay so obviously reshma knew her client was gonna be exposed so she decided to throw someone else under the bus to save him but it didn't work.

its Akshay Kumar ..there is a blind item in oneshotone place..

its Akshay Kumar ..there is a blind item in oneshotone place..

Thank you for mentioning oneshotone place. Nice site. Getting fedup with Pinkvilla reporting style.

Illeana d'cruse may be the may be Ajay,Arjun,akshay

i hope she sleeps peacefully at night now..

maybe if she had come out with the name&exposed the man in question..she would have come across as a daredevil&might have coaxed other victims to come out with the big names as accepting money the men still get away with murder&shall continue with their shenanigans as now they know they can buy silence with money..

With 10 crore in her bank account, who wouldn’t?

Srk kjo?

This movement became a joke due to the hunger of gossip and baseless blinds which created for just getting more hits. Shame on you!

Salman, Aamir, Amitabh, Ajay, Akshay, Anil, Rishi or someone else

SRK ya Akshay.

No one

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