Zayn Malik, Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson: Which One Direction member has the most Instagram followers?

One Direction may not be active anymore but the members continue to celebrate solo success. Let's take a look at which 1D member has the most Instagram followers.
Zayn Malik has 36.5 million followers on Instagram Zayn Malik, Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson: Which One Direction member has the most Instagram followers?
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One Direction really made quite the mark in the music industry even though they were active only for five years. As 2020 marked their 10 year anniversary, Directioners proved that their 1D love is still alive by making the boyband a worldwide trend, even after five years since their fateful hiatus. One Direction can proudly boast of its five chart-topping albums with foot-tapping numbers which fans are still obsessed with.

2015 saw Zayn Malik make the bold decision to kiss goodbye to One Direction and embark on a solo career. Post the release of Made in the A.M.; Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan decided to take a break from their boyband days to taste some individual success as well. While it was believed that 1D would return after 18 months, we're five years down the road and still have no plans of the highly-awaited reunion. Speaking of the beloved members, each of them is successful in their solo endeavours treating fans with five times more music. They also have a large presence over social media as seen by their Instagram and Twitter pages.

But the question arises; which One Direction member has the most Instagram followers? We have the answer below:

Zayn Malik - 36.5 million

At numero uno, we have Zayn. While there are no traces of One Direction posts like we would have liked to see, Malik's IG page is instead filled with droolworthy selfies of his handsome face which rake in millions and millions of likes. Moreover, his recent IG post was the subtle first look at his daughter with Gigi Hadid that has 12.4 million likes and counting. The Better singer has the habit of taking IG breaks from time-to-time but he makes it worth it when he eventually posts.

Harry Styles - 31.5 million



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Coming in second, we have Harry, who just like Zayn, sporadically posts on Instagram. From his tour photoshoots to some goofy snaps, Harold's followers get treated royally, even if it's in limited quantity. As they say, quality over quantity anytime!

Niall Horan 25.5 - million



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Niall is in the third position as his Instagram page is filled with handsome photos of the good-looking singer. His recent slate of posts includes made quarantine videos as well as fun Instagram Live sessions where we sometimes get to see a shirtless Mr. Horan strum the guitar and croon some tunes.

Liam Payne 21.1 million




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Up next, we have Liam who also treats fans with his uber-cool photos as well as work projects. Payne also keeps Directioners very happy with the occasional throwback One Direction posts. The Midnight singer made sure to give fans company during the quarantine period with several IG Live sessions as well.

Louis Tomlinson 16.3 million



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Louis rounds up the Top 5 as his Instagram page is filled with his work projects along with a sprinkle of his candid photos. His debut album Walls released this year and hence, the Just Hold On singer's IG page saw many posts dedicated to Tomlinson's solo music.

Which One Direction member is your favourite to follow on Instagram? Share your pick with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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In case you were wondering how many followers One Direction's official Instagram page has, it's 21.4 million strong.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Louis tomlinson

Anonymous 5 months ago

Zayn Malik

Anonymous 5 months ago

louis tomlinson

Anonymous 6 months ago

Harry styles

Anonymous 6 months ago

Zayn Malik