3 Signs that you are in a wrong relationship

Updated on Oct 12, 2021 11:17 AM IST  |  77.7K
Signs you are not in a good relationship
3 Signs that you are in a wrong relationship

I don’t deserve him. He should be with someone better. I should work hard on myself to match his level. If you have been getting these thoughts while being in a relationship, it is a signal that something is not right. Why, you ask? Because to be in a relationship means to be confident about yourself, embracing your and other person’s flaws, and to be knowing that you are irreplaceable in your better half’s life.

However, if and when, a relationship makes you feel under confident, demotivated, and your flaws tend to take over you, you should seriously give it a second thought. Because most of the time, such thoughts are proof that you are not being appreciated, encouraged, and loved enough for you to have that confidence in yourself and your relationship.

So, here are a few red flags that one should not ignore while being in a relationship.

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You try hard to impress your better half

If you have been making a constant effort of impressing your partner, but to no avail, and at the cost of losing yourself, you should pause, think, and move on. Because after all it’s better to be alone, than being with someone who makes you feel you are not worthy enough.

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You are being ghosted every once in a while

It’s a no-brainer that everybody needs some time to themselves, and a little privacy, but if this privacy is turning to secrecy, and eventually, you end up being ghosted, it’s better to move on, and save yourself from the trauma. Asking for some time and space is perfectly okay, but doing it frequently without a proper explanation, or a reason, is nothing but a proof that you are no longer the one for them. So set your boundaries, and don't let anyone cross them.

No matter what you do, it’s never enough

If you are the one taking the first step, and doing everything that you can do to make your partner smile, and they are not reciprocating it, you should know it’s a bright red flag. Also, if your efforts are being dismissed as bare minimum that, too, shows, whatever you will do, it will never be enough for your partner. In such a situation, stop and think about why you have to go through this, and are you not precious enough to have been going through this. It’s likely that you will get a positive answer sooner than later, given the fact that you are not blaming yourself for their behaviour.

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