3 Zodiac signs who make the worst drivers

Updated on Jul 09, 2021 11:05 AM IST  |  320.5K
3 Zodiac signs who make the worst drivers

If you ever end up being with either of these zodiac signs in the same car, start counting your blessings! Do you ever wonder if you make a good driver or not? Here is one way to find out.

Zodiac signs can tell us a lot about our life skills and personality traits. These traits can be used to judge a person’s driving skills and why not? If you want to know which zodiac sign is ranked as the worst driver out of all, here are 3 zodiac signs who make the worst drivers.


Aries is the roadrunner who is rash driving their way to the office. The impulsive and headstrong Aries is not to be messed with while driving. An Aries on the road is like commanding full attention, making sure there is a clear path for them with zero traffic on the road.


Another impulsive driver, Sagittarius can never get the turns right. There is no way a Sagi can park the car parallelly or make slow turns. They are as impatient as a driver as they are while travelling.  


Slightly opposite that an Aries, Cancer is the slow driver who likes to be extra cautious while on the road. They might take forever to reach a destination and this can get quite annoying for the co-passenger.

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