Exclusive: Sunaina Roshan: I am not BIPOLAR nor am I under any medication

Hrithik Roshan's sister clears the air on rumors of her hospitalization and admits to family issues; says the star and their parents haven't spoken to her.
Exclusive: Sunaina Roshan: I am not BIPOLAR nor am I under any medicationExclusive: Sunaina Roshan: I am not BIPOLAR nor am I under any medication
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On Sunday evening Hrithik Roshan’s sister was horrified to read reports about her being hospitalized, in an online report, of a leading daily. The portal had reported of Sunaina being in the hospital and kept under observation for 24 hours for her psychological condition and bipolar disorder. Apart from being a cervical cancer survivor, a couple of years ago after suffering from weight and other health issues, Sunaina had undergone bariatric surgery, under Dr. Muzaffar Lakdawala and lost over 70 kg.

When we called up Sunaina today and asked her about being hospitalized, she sounded baffled by the rumours. “I really don’t know who is spreading these rumours but I was touched by my well-wishers who asked about my health! I have not been hospitalized getting any kind of treatment forget psychological. I also want to clarify that I am not under any medication. I was out partying with my friends on Sunday night at the Golf Club in Chembur. I came back home to my father’s home (in Juhu) and now I am very much at home. I am surprised that such a well-known publication would carry such news without checking with me.”

(Sunaina taken at her juhu apartment today afternoon)
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Has she visited a hospital in the last six months? “I was at a London hospital in December for a few weeks for alcohol rehab but I came out clean. After my father got diagnosed with throat cancer, I was with my family to give him my support. He was battling cancer and then, I did not take to any medication. I prayed for his health. Why would I need any medication now and where is the question of being in a hospital arise from?”

There has been mention that she suffers from bipolar disorder. “Being angry and short-tempered does not make you bipolar and nor have I ever suffered or been treated for a bipolar disorder, which causes shifts in mood and energy. I have been maintaining my diet and lost a lot of weight but otherwise, I am physically and mentally completely fine.. I wouldn’t have stayed at a hotel these last few days if I wasn’t okay."

On Sunday she had posted on Twitter, “Sunday thought… Didn’t know that I would have had the opportunity to visit HELL in this lifetime…" What did she mean by that? Sunaina says, “It’s what I am going through with my family…! It’s living hell." Probe her further and she says, "Yes, there are certain issues, but please don’t ask me to talk about this more as it’s about my family and I don’t want them to be affected further. All I can say is that I have been staying in a rented hotel apartment for the past 17-18 days before I came back home to stay in the same building as my parents. While I am staying in their home, I have a separate entrance and a separate floor on which I live.”

Since the article yesterday and over the last few days, has Hrithik or her parents spoken to her? “Nobody has spoken to me. Nobody is in touch with me… It’s sad but they are not even supporting me.”  

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poor girl....The Roshans are so weird.. the whole Bollywood is weird actually.

Roshan the musician was a good and a very talented man. Rajesh Roshan seems to have gone on him, has lived a controversy-free life.
However, Mr Rakesh Roshan has been an alleged womanizer on the sets of his films that did not star his son. Look who he considers his friends - sleazy Jeetendra, philanderer Rishi Kapoor, villain Prem Chopra. Totally filmy person.

Hrithik was defended against Kangana by Rakesh Roshan, seems he is now paying for his damage control lies. Sunaina may have been mentally ill all along, and her family got her some interventional support services. They seem to have tried to help her and also hushed things up. Sunaina seems to be interested in juvenile partying, and drinking as that is what she was exposed to in her impressionable years, thanks to mum and dad of filmy successful families. It’s not easy to take care of a mentally ill person through the highs and the lows. But the situation is compounded by the bad karma of the father and brother. Only God can help these people. All the money in the world has clearly not! Do good deeds, give money for treatment for the poor, help the helpless continuously, with your mega millions instead of making more movies.

In today's world, if you cannot even show a text or phone call or hotel receipts for a 7 year relationship then you are lying. So, Kangana tried to get HR and he was not interested is true.
Regarding Rakesh Roshan, he might be a sleaze and would pay for it.

That does not make Kangana right though. If your karma theory holds, Ranaut family is full of bad karma too, one sister was attacked with acid, everyone hates one and son does not have a job.

U cannot have alcohol within 6 months of rehab. Plus she is diabetic. I think she shud start acting hr age for a change

Read her full interview...she says she needs money to move out of her house...if hrithik can do it, why not me?? Why can't my parents support me?? But the key here is hrithik earns for himself, she on the contrary wants to live off her family...she is 47...ridiculous to expect her parents to sponsor her...looks like when they did not support her money needs she threatened to join hands with kangana...kangana will b more than willing to exploit this brat now

When a person is living with a serious mental illness, the whole family may be affected.

If she doesn’t have bipolar then why are her eyes like that? I don’t know the term they go different directions. It’s a side effect of bipolar medicine I’ve read.

are you psychologist?? If not why making such comments??

Daily wagers dont have time for all these issues bcoz they toil to make their ends meet. Which rich people hv the luxury to get alcoholic, get this treatment, that rehab and still throw tantrums. My sympathies to her parents.

Only in India, parents care about their kids all their life. In US, parents throw their kids out to earn their own living after the age of 16 yrs.

I just read that she wants to have alcohol, party and live in a plush apartment so that she can spoil her health again. One wud think that after literally spending crores to get her health on track, she wud be of some use to her aging parents. But pampered princess still wants to continue her irresponsible ways without earning a penny.

She does not sound well to me. Wish the family peace n good health

Hrithik is surrounded by all kinds of mad women. Poor him

Maybe if she had listened to her parents from start, she wud not have had any problems now. I remember reading she ran away to marry some guy and later got ditched. No wonder, he parents are so protective of her. She has caused lot of problems for her aged parents all her life. Her idea of "Hell" is not being able to drink alcohol despite being a cancer survivor. How many crores will her family spend on her for her irresponsible lifestyle. I hope they disown her. Let her deal with her own shit.

Still Kangana wanted to get married to Hrithik Roshan & be a Roshan bahu!!!! She's psycho indeed. No normal lady wud want to do tht. Even Hrithik Roshan also is not mentally well.

Here comes the expert on mental health, so if one member in family has mental issues: everyone has mental problems? Hope your family is fine coz you don't seem normal to me

Hrithik PR is causing more harm to him & his family. The whole team has become mentally ill it seems...hahaha

Stalker wanted to be a Devgan bahu, Roshan bahu and Kapoor bahu. But, nobody gave her attention. So, now she hates Nepotism after getting royally ignored by Nepo kids Bwahaha

U seemed to be a psycho as well as a stalker to all those who are criticizing Roshans. Get some life dear. Ppl are not blind.

Even mentally ill people will not date Kangana lol

AHAHHA, pls take it easy in kangana.

Who cares

She talks like a teenager despite hving a teenage daughter. Anyway, wish her and her family well. They have been going thru a lot for decades now

Easy access to money without working. Rich lifestyle. Pampered by her parents. And this is the result.

And people wonder why Hrithik updates people about his surgery or his father cancer and treatment. Bcoz else everyone keeps spreading extra masala of their own in the media. Anyway, good to know she is happy with her family. Hope watever tiff she had gets resolved. Her father himself is not keeping well and she shud take care of him now. And not expect her parents to take care of her all the time.

She is lucky that she has a family who loves and supports her. Not everyone is so lucky. She shud not take it for granted and start being responsible.

People and Media shud really be kind to celebs. Nobody knows what problems they r facing behind their smiles.

Why everyone in Bollywood having Cancer or a Sibling who has mental issues? SRK, Aamir, Hrithik - all are having Non celeb siblings with mental issues.

She is clearly not keeping well. And she herself had mentioned bipolar in her blog. Anyway. Hope she gets well soon.

Watever happened to Sunaina Roshan is very unfortunate I completely sympathise with her as a woman but she definitely hv some own issues not beyond her control. Her husband & daughter abandoned her & now her own family too. I m glad tht Kangana Ranaut never threw stones at ths issues on Roshan family other than Hrithik Roshan. She must be aware of ths facts. She wud hv easily done tht if she had wanted. I trust Kangana Ranaut now wat she says are true.

She has no right to throw stones at Hrithik too. Big deal, he rejected her advances. Any normal person wud hv respected his choice and moved on. But no, maniac bully cannot take a No and kept harassing that guy just bcoz she needs publicity. It is not like it is working. Infact, her abuses hv backfired on her and her films

Nice try but stalker has targeted his cancer ridden father, his wife n kids many times. And she has no right to target HR too just bcoz he called her lies out with proof. Did u even read what she said. She is living with her family only.

There has to be an expiry date for blaming your parents for your problems. You are in your 40s/ 50s woman, fix your own damn life.

She is living off her parents and brother. What work does she do? She cant support herself. She is 40 and should not live off her old parents.

How come she is so fat???

Rich people problems

She is in her 50s n clearly having some issues. I understand she has suffered lot of ailments but her family was there with her thru out as per her own words. She shud stop adding to their woes

She hadn't tweeted in MONTHS, now all this. If they are forcing her to fix stuff because of his stupid movie, that's just wrong. This family is just unlucky. A lot of cancer and depression and even stuff like Hrithik having literal brain trauma.

Wat force? Wat stuff? This is all her own making. I think they r all fed up of her now. Even her daughter lives with her father

So the blind published yesterday was true! It was indeed Roshan family.

They have one daughter and one son and they f888ed there life when young, hrithik even talked about it but her's must have been worse i.e her weight and alcohol.

Its sad to see someone suffering, hope all your issues get sorted quickly...

Rakesh was down with cancer this year,her parents would have faced their own trials and tribulations for that. Hrithik himself is battling depression and looks miserable from the time he got divorced . Its not possible for people to constantly run after an adult woman who has a teenager of her own. Avoid the press and get professional help for problems.

Hrithik should marry Karishma Kapoor.


She makes no sense. She says she was enjoying and partying. Now says, she is in hell. Then, she says she is happy to be home. Earlier, she said her doctor wanted her to live separately. She also wrote that she has bipolar n visit Psychatrist. Now, she says she is not bipolar. Sister, i dont know what u are suffering from. Just get yourself cured and be a strength to your family. Your parents are old and u shud be a support and not a burden to them.

She is neither a Actress nor any Celeb. Why shud we read about her? Stop this nepotism

Publicity stunt

Cute doggie

Isko kis baat ki chinta hai. Paisa hai, family hai. Phir bhi kuch log khud apni khushi barbad karne me lage rehte he. Hume kya lena dena. Kush raho didi

Looks like she threw a tantrum, her dad did not budge, she left to live separately, then realized her mistake, created a scene and now back.How old is she? She is cute though. Like a teddy bear :)

Yes she have some problems with her family...big deal...
Aish left her family for Salman?...that's mean they were bad...no at all it was a bad decision by her side...and Kareena went against her mother well to live with Saif...
Shweeta bachchan left her husband house...
Aamir and her brother have some issues...
Kangana left her family for fame and later slander them bc they didn't celebrate her birth...it's happening in every family...pls leave them alone...

Last lines clearly say that Hrithik or her parents...none care for their real daughter n only sister! Shame on the parents n HR

They cared enough to take her and child back when her husband was beating her. 90% Indian families will send the daughter back to the abusive husband . Then everyone will think they are happily married and families will be loving and picture perfect when they meet occasionally. Here they have been supporting her all her life . Some fights are natural.

I think she is living in denial. She had mentioned she visits a Psychiatrist every month to control her anxiety and depression

She has always said that her family has been supportive of her. Maybe they r hving some quarrel. Rakesh Roshan is a short tempered guy. Even Hrithik is scared of him

All patients never admit their illness. Anyways, good she is back and smiling. Hope her quarrels with her parents end. Good luck.

Now it is clear why Hrithik moved out separately. His family is a headache

I think she's a special woman, if you know what I mean.

She looks demented in the pic. No wonder the Roshans are ashamed of her.

Hrithik proudly promotes her all the time. Though i must say, she is an embarassment in all ways

Even if that is true, I imagine that it's nowhere near as much as your family are probably ashamed of you.

chchch feel bad for her. How can parents treat a daughter like this? See amitabh bachan, how much he loves Shweta (not talking about her marriage).

She is not a kid. It is that age where parents shud be taken care of by daughter and not other way round

Hope Hrithik just focuses on his work, health and his kids. The rest seems to be worthless!

Y? He cant be selfish to only think about his work when her sister is being scrutinized by the world.
Sunaina is his only sister.

Bcoz he has been taking care of her, her daughter, his parents, his ex wife, his inlaws all his life. This will never end. He shud start living for himself now when he has been already suffering from mental n physical turmoil already. His parents and sister shud sort the mess they created among themselves.

Damage control sometimes do more damage. Her explanation only makes it look more suspicious. Hope she hasn't been pressurised to come up with these statements.

She was staying in a rented hotel apartment why?

Do you pay the bills that you need to know why??

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