Dispatch reveals the truth behind AOA Mina's bullying allegations against Jimin by revealing their 128-minute long chat history!

AOA was one of the most popular girl groups of FNC Entertainment that debuted in 2012. The group's original line-up consisted of Jimin, Mina, Choa, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, Youkyung and Chanmi. Youkyung left in 2016 while Choa left in 2017 for the betterment of her mental health. In 2019, Mina accused Jimin of bullying her for more than ten years and causing her mental health issues including self-harm and depression. After the allegations were made, Jimin left the group and stopped responding to Mina's accusations after her initial apology.

Mina kept saying that Jimin hasn't apologized to her personally and she kept dragging Jimin in Youtube interviews, Instagram posts and SNS posts. But now Dispatch has revealed the private chat messages of AOA and finally brought the truth behind the matter to the forefront.

Just like Mina claimed, she has raised the issue within the group chat but this is where the information diverges. After Mina starts the conversation all the group members come forward and start to make amends between them, Jimin apologizes to Mina even when she does not remembers the things she has done. But Instead of accepting the apologizes Mina keeps nagging her for not remembering things that Jimin has done to her which is understandable.

Jimin finally leaves FNC Entertainment and stops responding to Mina to calm the situation down but the chat reveals that Mina never stopped messaging her. Mina's language in the messages is not less than crazy as she sounds very obsessive and psychotic. She also drags Jimin's family into the conversation to derogate her. Dispatch also revealed the messages between the managers and Mina which reveals that Mina is very rude. Mina keeps changing her appointments at the last minute that the managers have made or she keeps demanding things from them. The managers seem very scared of her and they also are talking about complaining about her to senior managers. Mina is also using her managers to fix appointments for her mother which is not legal.