Raj Kundra deferred arrest till now by bribing Crime Branch officers with Rs 25 lakh: Report


As per the report, a wanted accused has alleged that Raj Kundra paid a fat amount to investigating officers to evade arrest in the adult film racket case.

Raj Kundra's arrest has opened up some ugly details of the adult film racket that was being operated from the city. According to a latest report in Mid-Day, Raj Kundra was avoiding arrest till now by bribing Crime Branch officers by paying Rs 25 lakh. As per the report, a wanted accused has alleged that Kundra paid a fat amount to investigating officers to evade arrest. 

The report revealed that Arvind Srivastava also known as Yash Thakur, the kingpin of the porn racket that was busted in March, had complained to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) about Kundra offering a bribe. The ACB then forwarded his complaint to the Mumbai police chief’s office in April. However, there was no response on the same.


The complainant was Fliz Movies, previously known as Nuefliks, a US-based firm owned by Arvind Srivastava. The firm came under the scanner earlier this year and the police even seized Srivastava’s two bank accounts having about Rs 4.50 crore. As per the report, the email complaint also included screenshots of the alleged bribe chat but did not refer to Kundra. 

However, the complaint seems to have gone uninvestigated. A senior-level ACB officer told Mid-Day, "The ACB investigates only if there is demand for money and it can lay a trap. Since, in this case, the money had already exchanged hands, as alleged, the complaint was forwarded to the concerned department (Mumbai police) to initiate an action." 


Raj Kundra is currently in judicial custody along with another co-accused Ryan Tharpe who was a techie associate for their app Hotshots. 

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Credits: Mid-Day


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Oh hello. Raj Kundra is not from Bollywood. He's a business man. Totally different field. Don't mix them just because his wife is Bollywood actress.
  • 2 weeks ago
It’s not the industry or any other institution to be blamed why because of few rotter whole industry is blamed?
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He did the wrong thing fully aware and in his senses.thats the sad part.
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