BREAKING: Love-bites and smoke breaks, Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan caught and clicked in New York City

Proof of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor's blossoming romance
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There have been incessant rumors about Ranbir Kapoor’s personal life. He was rumored to be dating Pakistani actress Mahira Khan but has always denied it. BUT, We have sourced images of the duo vacationing in New York city while Ranbir was there filming for the Dutt biopic in July THIS YEAR.

These photos have been taken outside Mahira Khan’s hotel in New York City and the alleged couple can be seen smoking. Mahira looks lovely in a white dress, whereas Ranbir can be seen sporting his Dutt look. The alleged lovers seem to be engaged in a conversation as they smoke cigarettes. We are also wondering if those are love-bites on Mahira Khan's back! 

Speculations have been rife about them being a couple since they attended the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony last year. They made a joint appearance at the Global Teacher Prize lasy year and their chemistry was evident. A video of them having an alleged lover’s tiff went viral on social media, however both of them had dismissed it as a conversation. They have time and again denied their relationship. 

He had also said during a media interaction, “Mahira Khan from Pakistan is very pretty”. Mahira too had gushed about the young star and said, “Among the younger lot, I would say Ranbir Kapoor. He is a brilliant actor."

Incidentially, days before these photos were clicked, Ranbir had claimed that he was single. “This is the first time I am single and it’s amazing. You have a lot of time for yourself. I’m not meeting anybody. The only people you meet are the film industry people and eventually, the only people you start talking to are actresses." Ranbir was also asked if he was tired of being in a relationship with actresses to which the star replied, "No, I am not,” he had told a leading daily.

Well, these pictures are enough proof, aren't they!!


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Mhira is a stunner, her latest photo shoot, just stunning. She was also, so beautiful in zaalima, loved that video with srk, chasing her in the villa, very romatic. Ranbir like zaalima song, he played it a lot, it sounded like a rumor, now with these pics, he is really in love with Mahira! Looking at those Duabi vedio and pictures, every thing make sense, this is why he was at that teacher conference!! what is next, this is the hot news that is connecting pak and Indians, LOL!

OMG look at the number of view and comments! Its a record!! The only pics which can break this record if "Global star" SRK and PC pictures get leaked. Hope PC is reading this article!

Pc is photo- shopping those picture with srk this very minute, PC can not be left behind, that would be scandalous!

Now all of you should go back to your daily routine. It is boring news.

waiting for next set of pictures of both walking out after late nighf dinner date in mumbai....soon live in talks....this looks the next rankat story...he will surely dump her after a year of affair

if these pics were out since july why did rk's team not buy them or get it deleted? srk-pc pics dont come out ever.

It looks like its going for 2000 comments now.

Pinkvilla, how many more days to you intend to keep this article ? Looks like you run out of fresh news feeds on what transpired after they finished smoking

Im drooling over this international hate-love combination.... Its a hot news... only if she was not divorcee, atleast didnt had that baggage(Kid)

Some like you should never have kids, you are sick!

sorry pv for the sake of 1000 comment you let this article stay for 3 day
im so disappointed my comment arent here

last time I lost my comment they dont bother to release
I never want to degrade anyone
if ever I did in the past im sure now I no longet repeat
I only love pv and wont go anywhere else
why pv so so not going to let me in
one question is this comment also not going to be post?
pls pv

what is the big deal here man i don't have any problem these two pretty people dating. they look hot. smoking not smoking also not a problem. but that dress is dam ugly.

Please take it down PV, I am bored of it already. You got your million hits, thousand comments, now let it go. Two single people having sex and smoking in NYC in 2017. Groundbreaking!!! Crazier things have never happened, not even in New York City!! Right?
Thank you--
A New Yorker.

She is not beautiful at all! But then again Indians and Pakistanis equate beauty with fair skin. And yes Pakistanis whiten their skin too !!

She is a Pashtun/Pathan and most of them come in blue green eyes, white/red skin and light hair.

Does this article have the highest number of comments in Pinkvilla history? I have never seen an article with over 1000 comments! Plus it has over 1 million reads lol

No, two years back there was one sonnam kapoor article which had more than 1000 comments.

It's a cheap dress, pick a decent dress at least

Rk knows he got the publicity he wanted and there's so way his family would let him marry her. She's the loser in this situation, she knew what kind of imagine rk has but still wanted the forbidden fruit.

People are more shocked about how good girl she pretended to be and how she really is behind camera. She's getting hate for her double standards, it's the fake imagine she had created and maintained for years that's shocking people

Mahira had always project her self as todays, girl. She lived in usa for her education, all her interview, she was very honest, that she married, young, because she was in love, even though, her family wanted her wait. When her marriage did not work , she got divorced. lesion learned. She was and always will be very honest and talented artist. She had nothing to hide about her kid, she post pic with him. She is not hiding , she in out in the sun with other people around! Problem is the negative mind set , just like to create neagative narrative! They are called Haters!

actually thats how she dresses normally offscreen, the ppl in Pak r just upset she isn't their khirad from HUMSAFAR, highly unlikely many of them will get any boners anytime soon.they were stupid enough to believe that her onscreen persona is her real one

Ranbir likes the concept of the forbidden fruit! He will not settle for something that comes easy. He is his own enemy!!! Wish he put more effort shaping up his career:(

Pinkvilla this is the limit. That is no bite mark which you are trying to highlight and zoom. That mark has been there forever. That mark is from her cyst removal surgery. So just stop the gossip.

is it just me or is mahira hanging out with RK on dutt set? his recent pics on his fan page shows a girl in the background looking exactly like mahira!!!!! lol

I have been to New York n see girls in shorts n tees n dresses but not many Indian girls walking half naked in the street n looking so desperate for attension. Canada is royal class so u r right no comparison at all.

New York or Canada doesn't matter, all that matters is that we are Indians and have a culture where one persons doing affects the whole family. Walking half naked is not our thing. Every one wants to be western n modern by drinking, smoking n wearing less cloths. This bollywood is going the wrong way. They can have a relationship but this is not the way I want to see them.

Do you watch BW movies, Katrina was wearing shorter dress then Mahira with low neckline ,salman had Alia tell to fix her dress,deepika wears, a low neck dress to the navel, with high slits,with vin diesel , etc,all in India! So what are you talking about Canada and USA !

Where can I find the new pic? And this is the 1000th comment!!!

this article will end on 1000000 views n 1000 comments

This is exactly the kind of publicity RK wanted with these pics and we have it given to him. 1000 comments :)

You know, putting out a PR created social media drama might get temporary eyeballs, but it does NOT give box office success, in fact it works against them, as evidenced by Simran, etc. DP's movie will be a box office success, which is what counts.

No I did not mean that it will make his film successful intact it will make his career nose dive even quicker lol. :)

Guys commenting Kat or DP will be upset, y'all they both have moved on. DP used him for Tamasha and Kat maintained the stony face for JJ. They both are happy and both their films are going to make more money than RK's films. Lol

They look wonderful together MashAllah. I hope they can work out the complexities of their relationship and get married InshAllah. My best wishes to both of them. PV please post. People should know the truth!

Goddd! Cant believe all this annoying noise and slut shaming for a cigarette and a dress and apparently dating an Indian! God! sinners judging sinners for sinning differently.Both of them were smoking but only one is getting trolled.Their life their business guys shutup already. Agar shaadi kar li doo nay toh India Pakistan mein toh shahid aday logon nay mar jana hai aisay pagal ho rahay hain sab..relax guys.live and let live without judging when we ourselves aren't saints. Peace out.

Beautiful couple.

Indian media is so uneducated and narrow minded. What is so controversal or inappropriate in these pics. These two actors are having a smoke break from acting schedule. What is so slutty, love bites or intimate scenerio they are trying to paint out of a regular pics. Now the pics with katrina and ranbir was intimate and shows relationship. mahira and ranbir seems to be taking a break from shooting movie and big deal if they are smoking.

Bachna ae haseeno lo me agya

I just wanna tell u all pls don't give any suggestions what a person should have to do or what not, specially to girls, this is your narrow mentality which we really want to freedom from that.

hoping to see her in india ...guess she is already in india after all the back lash. maybe with RK

Wat is that ...with no release in near future y choosen this tym to post..! N look at the number of responses..! Unbreakable in near future

So now mahira will get roles in BW due to ranbir, not on merit. A tight slap to all pakistani who were all gaga over her performance. LOL

wont be suprised if salman sends katrina flowers since she would be in mourning.

Mahira is young, successful, talented, beautiful and confident- my best wishes to her!

sonam,kat&dp must be thanking their stars they are no longer with rk after seeing all this.

either rk or mahira got the pics clicked&leaked as they wanted the relationship to come out in the open where as the other one wanted to keep it hush hush.these leaks are in no way accidental.
now only if kangana had any of such pics with hritik she could have proved her point as well by leaking them..all she leaked was a morphed pic from a party which even susanne attended.

hahaha ..he stole deepikas thunder ...baap re itta comments to kabhi zindagy me pinkvilla ne nai dekha hoga /...kya kr diya mahira ne .... ek short dress pehni to itta comments ..ranbir ko itte comments to katrina aur deepika dono ke sath bhi nai mile jab wo dono ka status tha like shahrukh in that song " ,mere mehboob mere sanam shukriya ,mehrebani karam"...ppl are pouring to see this ... by the way ....in western dresses she looks like SCARLETT JOHANSON ..... such a beauty ... pv plzz post ..u have not posted any of my comments ..PLZ POST ALL MY PAST DUE COMMENTS

mahira is pretty but anorexic as well.

Love him more.

Ranbir's haters barking more and more. This proves his supremacy during his bad phase.

Who told that Ranbir leaked ibiza pic? Salman? Lol he hates Ranbir and he also said he is virgin not drunk drive etc.

Ranbir plz get a pr. Some agony refuse to accept that you don't have. So get one. He will manage a online army who defend you like anything and the same time will derogate your rivals.

Only his haters love to believe this leaks by him. Then he could leak it padmavati release date. His life doesn't revolves around dp like her and he fans ife revolves around Ranbir .

when the British Royalty Harry can date a woman who has been married before then it should send out a message to the society and some people like ones making shitty comments about this here. Being divorced does not define your character, if anything it goes to say that you are not scared of commitment. Things don't always work out, everyone has the right to be with the one they want to be with...irrespective of the political and religious boundaries. Mahira is beautiful and they make a lovely couple if that's true! Stop judging them
Posttt plz:P

They not looking at each other

Ranbir ko Hatao! Aur apni beti ko Bachao!

Kareena new bhabi is also a Khan..:p

It must have been way more than 1000 comments but pv is not posting all the comments.

Pak serials like Humsafar,ZGH and Sadque tumhare dont show any intimacy , not even a proper hand touch and she gained popularity with 2 of those dramas. Ppl love her for that presence. Now suddenly they got to see this extreme avatar and fans are mad and hating her for hypocritical image and lies..All these actors cheat their fans for building their image.
All the above mentioned dramas showed women in such a progressive manner, but they are conservative in some areas and actors need to respect that feeling about them and take care of themselves in public eye.

Fawad rejected kissing scenes only to not hurt fans because they dont allow intimate scenes which comes in tv or cinema.
Mahira really gave a big jatka and its a scandalous news

Stop promoting delusional thinking. People know artists,in movie and drama are not the same people in real life, if you are this stupid, then get education! Mahira, wears jeans and western and modern clothes in all her interviews! Only people that have problems have their own agendas! Reality Check !

Hey Bhagwan!!

He deserves her PK nose. Kat is too good for him & dp

so much hate for mahira on her instagram page

Disgusting, Mubarak to Neetu ji n Rishi ji for the new kapoor bahu!!

He did an Ibiza again! So it's Ranbir who leaked the Ibiza pics! And poor Kat got blamed all these years. And people say Ranbir doesn't have a PR. If this is not his PR , then what is it?

Only his haters love to believe ibiza pics were leaked by him. His life doesn't revolves around kat like her and he fans ife revolves around Ranbir . pv post it

Why is she even bothered to wear that dress even. I live in Canada and I don't see indian girls who are born n brought up here wearing cloths like this on streets even if its heat wave. They will still wear decent outfit.

Dude it's Canada lol
Please don't compare Canada to New York City again. Shame Lol
It's a perfect dress for the New York summer.
And I'm an Indian living in New York for quite a while now.
Maybe in Canada but here in New York people don't waste their time judging other people's clothes. Trust me. So, don't worry so much about her or any other girl dressed up the way she likes to!

OH ..Really donu clean restuarnets and toilets in NY like Mahira did in LA? Its all about decency and not sleeping with each every person u meet... SICK!!!

So she is the best bahu Kapoors can get now?

The only people I feel bad for are mahira's parents and son. They will have to face the music cuz of all of this.She has every right to dress the way she wants and do what she wants but when you are a big celebrity in a conservative country and a certain portrayal is what gave you your fame and fortune and you stuck to that, and then people see you in such a contrasting avatar ofcourse they will say crap about you. Mahira should've known what she's getting involved into as this was bound to happen.. kabhi na kabhi toh camel mountain ke neeche aayega na ;)

I think ranbir likes the older divorced women he also had a fling with that socialite nanadina Mehta (spelling)) way back in the day. I think he was attracted to Katrina and deepika Bc at that time 1) deepika was the hot model who signed OSO and then he got her. Then Katrina was the gorgeous girl who was becoming Bollywoods biggest draw and he went Gaga over her. They both come across more as homely sweet family girls. I think at the end of day he's more into the rebellious women for play and hence prob needed this after coming out of a 6 year relations ship w Katrina. Makes sense. Let the man enjoy his rebound ! But mahira girl you need to be careful and not get attached - this guy is a jerk, don't end up heartbroken or worse w an STD!! PV please post

Lets make it 1000 comments pinkvillans and break record

Any non hater can understand that both of them not aware of taking photos. They look dull. Normal office colleague also hang out like this in foreign countries.

The only thing I gather from these pictures, is that Mahira is very beautiful. Cool n casual

Leave them alone

I am bored of these filmy couples... all abouts smoking, drinking, drugs, sex & movie promotions. No commitment!

seems like it won't reach 1000 cmnts...

Now I get why Kat was so dull and uninterested during JJ promotions. This Ranbir was acting like he was her boyfriend all over again, but in the meantime all this was going on, and she probably knew it.

Ranbir even talked about Mahira's beauty while Kat was sitting next to him. Jerk. Katrina was living with him for 6 years, that's practically a marraige! Ranbir sure moves on quickly.

I don't think they spend night together they only talking to each other just like friend I am also tlak with of my friends what wrong with u guys

RK is hot!!!! Love this scoop. Have always found RK sexy in the movies n otherwise. There is just some charisma in him

Wow this is good scoop. Kudos pink villa. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt if Ranbir's film will get as many viewers as this webpage got. Flop Sanjay Dutt biopic. Not interested in watching a film about a traitor

You wisH :) This webpage shows how important RK actually is if he wasn't nobody would care but the number of posts on this webpage is enough to prove that people do care about RK and they care a LOT so chill. he has innumerable fans me included who will make his DUTT a blockbuster love you RK keep slaying..every attempt to bring you down will backfire and nobody can stop you from shining !

Padma will flop in any way. Don't blame Ranbir.

Hey haters Ranbir is not coward he defence her. Dp fans get a life.

Kat fans get a life and stop crying he defend Mahira not kat.
post pv plz

Without Ranbir and his haters bollywood is very boring.

On second thoughts, if the current most eligible bachelor of Bollywood marries a single mom, it sends a positive message to our society.
PS: PV, have you reviewed Newton ? Please do.

how come they have not included the pic where RK is closely leaning over her! they are clearly dating since few months now. good RK confirmed

there is a new pic circulating were RK is clearly leaning over to the pillar close to mahira! defo these two are a couple. congrats neetuji and rishiji

which website???

and i thought Pakistani girls were pretty conservative ..

rambir has officially conquered all the three nationsinia,england[kaif] and now pakistan

rishi kapoor-hamari nayi bahu,katrina se kaafi khandani hai

Wow ,thazz good gossip after a long time

At dutt trailer launch RK will tell he never met mahira and he is single....soon after Mhaira will accompany RK to christmas lunch and new years vacation and after dutt release there will be break up stories.....perfectly planed affair lol pv post

A dinner date gone so wrong! Mahira should have turned down RK for the dinner knowing what happened to katrina while she was dating him. This man always has his PR at work. RK got these pics clicked and waited till padmavati for leaking it! going by Mahira tiny winy dress surely she knew what she was getting into while smoking outside in a place like NY! so don't know who is to be blamed. RK won't even clarify as he needs to be in news till dutt bio . after all the circus he will mary a simple girl his mom finds him. lol

RK is such a coward! he is not saying a WORD to clarify the situation when the girl is going though so much . exactly what he did during katrina spain scandal. Mahira already clarified she is not dating RK after this encounter. Coward RK is hiding and enjoying the fun. disgusting

But he did yesterday, he stood up for her. Seems like he's desperate to change his image after reading all the comments here.

they must have pinged each other knowing they are in same place and decided on a dinner date followed by some sex in her hotel room. wats wrong with some casual sex? both are single and young and successful. wats wrong in enjoying life? stop being judgement and leave them alone

Leave the man alone. Y'all hating but he's been trending for days

Both look like they r high on drugs

Timing of the leak is fishy. Someone wants to steal the thunder from Padmavati first poster.

913 comments. It never happened with RKDP or Rk Kat ibiza pics . Mahora has more followers and biggest star than Dp Kat.

Just one blind item became true, that does not mean that every one is true. I still have doubt over srk-akshay-alia blind.

I don't know, I remember in Alia and varun's Singapore promotion, varun was teasing Alia about someone named "akkiiii". Now as much as I want to believe that's not akshay kumar, that is his nickname and that's too much coincidence. I really hope it didn't happen though.

Ranbir looks so ugly and old period.

Poor katrina kaif was thrashed for wearing a bikini at beach in Spain and Now Mahira. Well Airports pics too leaked with Deepika and beside that tried to link himself with Alia, Delhi gal and Mumbai gal. Ranbir looks so ugly and old but delusional thinks himself as still a young person.

So you are saying he dated all these beautiful woman. Nothing to be delusional about lol

Ok, I'm going to say it...that is one unattractive couple!...she looks anorexic

They will make beautiful babies

What ever happened to Padmavati!!

I think ranbir has issues!!

Whoa ranbir moves on super fast!!!

I work in a restaurant in NYC and I can confirm these rumors are true. They came to eat at our restaurant and were pretty close to each other to a point where we all noticed them giving kisses to one another. They looked very much in love.

In that case, blinds about Sushmita must also be true.

Never expected such degrading behavior from Sush.

Seems like Ranbir has heard some directors wanting to cast Mahira so he went after her. He dated Sonam in the beigining to make a pair with her (pics leaked). His movie tanked. Then he saw Deepika's stardom and dumped Soonam for Deepika. (peaks leaked at airport) Deepika gave back to back 5 flops so he dumped her for numero uno Kat (pics leaked at Ibit za) Kat started to give flops so he dumped her. There's no one good looking left in the industry and desis want to see fresh face every 5 to 7 years. Bollywood is going through huge crises so they might be exploring their options and Kapoor lad took Ayan with him to take their pictures(pics leaked). His true love is Ayan

If Ranbir doesn't claim her as his girlfriend publically, then Mahira will come out a big loser in this photo leak.

If he claims her as his girlfriend then Mahira will lose all her fandom, work and might get killed.

Mahira is known as the Madhuri Dixit of Pakistan ...Ranbir's childhood crush was Madhuri that has got to a lot to do with his Mahira obsession

Sorry, but there's no resemblance here. Madhuri is a legendary beauty and by all accounts was a huge global star well known in all markets where Hindi films are watched. I don't know anything about Mahira apart from her smoking on a street with Ranbir. Nor is she a patch on Madhuri looks wise.

Much ado about nothing !!

Ranbir is the one that has Mahira fever, the reason he went to the duabi event was when he found out about mahria was their. Anyhow, Mahira and Ranbir really were chatting, They develop a friendship, but it is just that, even in these pictures, which look odd, like doctored, they are not aware of each other. I have seen people when they smoke together ,the stand by each other and talk,it is just normal behavior. So, I truly feels the truth will come out about how real these picture are! Her dress is really very consertive by USA and even Indian standards,she is wearing tennis shoes, and no make up,not someone trying to get a man and not even smiling at him! The sacr on her back is from cyst removal, some delusional minds are creating more then , what's meeting the eyes! I am pretty sure they are optic friends, so they may have certain likeness in friendly,flirty ways,as artists,most artists are like. this is USA ! But this is be consider no news in USA!

Why are people hating on this comment? The media who have distorted her scar as a love bite is deluded and misleading the public. I do hope her life is now not under threat. And if Ranbir seriously leaked these pictures - he better make sure she is safe and take accountability for all the crap she is facing...Look at Prince Harry and how he came out in the defense of Meghan Markel.

hi Mahira... I love u....@Prashant32

Ranbir stole Kareena's thunder, no one cares about her birthday,lol.

He also stole Deepika's movie thunder

She is playing Sanjay dutt first wife Cameo in dutt. They were staying at same hotel and just ran into each other nothing more

FYI anushka sharma is playing that role.

To everyone who is calling her fake, in a country like Pak most women aren't able to act the way they want to let alone someone who is in the public eye.

She's always come across as level headed. However, here it's like she just dosnt give a damn. Both look completely bored with one another! Wearing skimpy outfit top that promoting smoking. It's hardly a good image to portray. And if it's an attempt to look popular in front of RK then that's lame too. I can imagine an uproar in Pakistan with the publication of these photos

Mahira is a Capricorn, like Deepika ...interesting.

Mahira is Sagittarius

Their body language shows that they are least interested in eachother so plz stop spreading such rumors

Since when did smoking and having sex became a crime?? They are both singles! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

Don't care if they are in relationship or in benefit relationship bt pv it's too cheap of u guys to freaking post those zoomed out mark thgs like that. Cheapppp

You have to be Superrrrrrrrrrrrrr comfortable with someone to roam around bra less,shame shame shame shame Pakistan lost a daughter today.

I thought there's a ban on Pakistani artiste working in Bollywood films so how can she be working in Dutt?

Looks like they both needed a smoke break after an intense sex. But seriously why does some men taste in woman keeps degrading lol

All Pakistani and Indian are here.

Hey Mahira, fyi pre-maritial sex and alcohol is Haram in islam , incase your parents forgot to tell you.

In case your parents forgot to tell you, not everyone is religious.

there's nothing wrong with what mahira is upto.. well, except that cigarette smoking is injurious to health.. but thats her health choice. i like her more than i ever cared for overrated overmarketed ranbir.
independent, self made, ambitious, fairly attractive and fairly talented woman.
hope she takes ranbir for a ride and dumps him

RK's thought in the pic 2 - AWKWARD. i wanna run .

its Ranbir Kapoor...obviosluy the girl will dress sexily...she has opted for white to top it off..lol

This guy must be a real charmer

truth to be told guys mahira is definitely dressed to get RK! she has always had a thing for him was evident in the dubai event. if she was only catching up with RK as a friend going by how mahira usually dresses she would be in jeans and top....but sadly RK has many such ladies throwing themselves at him..the pictures show RK being a little uncomfortable in her presence like she was at the dubai event!

Amitabh and Ranbir wear the fakest hair wigs possible. Please get transplant like Salman, these wigs look fake.

Next AIB roast must be Ranbir. And roasters must be Katrina, Deepika, Sonam and Salman Khan.

Wow..that would be epic..

Wow..that would be epic..

Why do women get into trouble and then play the sympathy card. She knows the kind of person RK is. I see most of the independent women do this and defend themselves as mature

I have gained respect for Salman and Akshay, the biggest casanovas in Bollywood, never used cheap antics to save career like Ranbir.

After watching Game of Thrones, I hope next is not Kareena and Ranbir.

Mahiras looking beautiful just stay away of this user

He cheated on Ayan again? Time for them to come out like Karan and Manish Malhotra.

Sonam, Deepika, Katrina, Anushka, Ash and now Mahira. Next in line are Mawra Hocane, Alia Bhatt, Sara Ali Khan, Sri Devi and SRKs daughters. Then his parents will find him a homely and comely girl for him.

I dont think a decent girl would ever want to date him

Where did he go after this? No pics of he walking in any direction??? Strange!

she left early and he probably followed her after a while lol

What is she wearing...why is she wearing...no need ...its hardly anything...height of seducing a guy....but for what reason, you are going so low...

What do the people who are calling her not as pretty as Katrina and the likes even mean?! She's gorgeous and doesn't look like she goes through a plastic surgery every month. I love her natural beauty and I'm an Indian too. Let's not make this about the two counties, appreciate beauty guys! I wish they sign a movie together now...make some hay while the sun shines!
Let there be love, let there be light
Lol post pinkvilla looks like this is the day to post

Ayan take all these pics on Ranbir's orders. Pics of deepika kissing Ranbir...Ibitza and now this. Both Ranbir and Ayan laugh at these pics and girls before making out with each other.

You are sick !

Mahira - seriously you can do better than this even if it is for casual sex - I am sure there are better men in Pakistan or in Dubai.

none of the Pakistani actors are as hot as the Indian actors

and in America. There are many eligible Pakistanis in America.

DP - on the day of navaratri look at my Padmavati poster
RK- on the day of padmavati look at my sneaky pics with a paki actress
Really ????? If the people commenting on these pics ever bothered to watch his movies then Jagga Jasoos would have recovered the making cost

Why every woman strip infront of him...why they go so weak they forget their own identity their selfrespect ....what he says that impress them so much

It is the same phenomenon, both Rani and Ash were crazy for Abhishek, as he was promised to be the next big thing. Now they all going gaga to be with Ranbir. Varun seems committed guy. Sid seems to be playing with Jacqiline, Alia and Karan. Ayushmann is married. Sushant Singh does the same with B grade ones like Kirti and all. Arjun is single but he looks undateable with those thunder thighs. Ranveer seems committed to Deepika (Not the other way around). Hrithik is complex now to date with history and Susaane/Kangana things. So only guy left is Ranbir

Better stay away from Hritik as he doesnt seem to ready to date. He is interested in one and only Suzanne with whom he has been hanging out everywhere from dinners to vacations. He already exposed two free loaders trying to throw themselves at him for publicity n harassing him so far. Angela n Kangna.

Doesn't seem ready? Maybe that buddha needs his father to date girls in front of him

More like he is still in love with Suzane

To all those people who are saying that they just caught up casually- even if he dropped by to the hotel, waited at the reception lobby and asked her to come down for a smoke; if she chooses to wear that dress to join him for a smoke, then *me rolling my eyes*. Nothing wrong with the dress or she wearing it by itself on another occasion. She might as well wear a t-shirt and joggers to meet him.

mahira looked VERY hyper around RK in the dubai event and now going by her mini dress and body posture its very clear she's super attracted to RK...why else would she meet a man who she has met at few events spend the whole night with her? she has her eyes on him lol RK seems to be sleepy though...rofl

Don't know about Mahira but surely a fatwa needs to be issued against Pinkvilla for this journalism.

Why are people hating on this comment? The media who have distorted her scar as a love bite is deluded and misleading the public. I do hope her life is now not under threat. And if Ranbir seriously leaked these pictures - he better make sure she is safe and take accountability for all the crap she is facing...Look at Prince Harry and how he came out in the defense of Meghan Markel.

It's going to hit 1000 comments. The Kapoor Munda is in high demand.

Those arent love bites. She had a cyst removal surgery. Please dont make it perverted

Katrina must be crying on seeing Mahira with Ranbir.

Kat will be laughing at this lol

Both look adorable

love how mahira is dressed in tat skimpy outfit and sitting facing RK lol she definitely has her eye on him lol....she went all out this night to seduce RK....RK is so used to such woman ...doubt he will marry her or is even dating her!

Over 800 comments. Wow.

Yeah i m impressed !

I am kinda worried for her. Will she get a fatwa in her country? Will they let her in Pakistan? I wish her courage to face the people who cant digest the fact she has a personal life too. What she does with that should be no ones business. People are bashing her in the name of religion and country, its disgusting. Ranbir ka kya hai, he is a star kid and a man, will get away with anything.

Don't worry about her. She will be fine in Pakistan, only thing is she got exposed for who she really is rather then what she portrayed herself in public. She should have been note honest about herself.

idk , Pakistanis (women more than men to my surprise) are bashing her on social media. Be strong just like Kangana Mahira !!

Don't give her wrong example. Strong woman is those like Vidya. Kangana is weakest n shameless woman who needs a man to promote even her film. Mahira is 100 times better than her.

If there is a fire alarm you have to come out of your hotel room (it's the law). They are simply smoking, looking tired and sleepy, if you are in a hotel with a crew of co workers and there is a fire alarm chances are you will stand or sit next to the group you know and are confortable with. I see nothing in these photos, that does not seem normal. I guess for asian mentality there is something mysterious or sordid in them..

Because you are blind that's why you can't see. You need medical attention asap.

Nice story. But better come up with something believable.

Wow!!! Such a popular article! Pinkvilla breaking I!!

I am loving it. Fake Mahira is exposed. Thank you Ranbir.

Funny thing is that she had built her image like she was a Vidya Balan. That is why these pics are creating waves. And even in US cities, a woman dress like this is going to cause people to stare.

lol what US city are you from bro?

i see girls dressed in less and no one gives a hoot

lmao which US city are you living in? women in Europe and NA dress like this all the time. No one cares.

Which Europe and NA you living bro ?? The one in American Pie movies. I live in Europe and decent ones never wear backless dresses.

Well this won't go down well in her home country. She should know better to act and dress this way. I find she's always screaming for attention ever since she wasn't able to promote Raees. She got so bored of her goody two shoes image and wanted to do something controversial. However it's just back fired. Photos are very unflattering.

The circling of that alleged lovebite is definitely in bad taste.

All the women in his life get burnt in one way or the other! He is bad news!

Deepika must be crying on seeing Mahira with Ranbir.

In your dreams katrina. Dp is happy and busy but you are crying to see RK the love of your life with Mahira. Dont ignore

800 comments?? wtf is going on?Ayan and Mawra ..stop crying now..

This is my theory. Someone took these pics and sold to a tabloid likely pinkvilla in July. PV is big fan of KAt. Kat kept these pics with her and release them the day Padmavati first look released. She hit three birds with one. He Ex, Ex's ex and Ex's current GF.

Lol what a dumb thoughts that Ranbir is using Mahira for publicity. It's other way.

If all this were true, they would make beautiful babies

Ranbir is every girls dream. Everybody wants to tag their name with him. Just look at the attention Mahira is getting. Even that Delhi girl.

Oh God! 788 comments,, never have I ever seen a post breaking such records on pink villa.

Ranbir always get hatred because of his link up. So he would never leak this pic. It's a natural paparazzi but his haters refuse to accept his popularity.

What is a natural paparazzi? And why did this natural paparazzi wait all these months to release the pics?

Everyone wants a piece of him. Including me! Lol

Mahira still you will not get any bollywood movies. Say good bye to bollywood dreams. Meanwhile enjoy your time with RK.

Get burnol. Her two movies are releasing back to back starting next month. Pakistani movie Punjab nahin jaungi has overpassed Badshaho and Subh Mangal collections in UK and Canada.

Get your eye check up. I said Bollywood Movies. Bana diya ullu khudka.

OMG Mahira is looking old, even the dress can't save her aging body.

The number of guys in both India and Pakistan who have fapped to these Mahira pictures, damn too high.

That is the idfference between ranbir and other guys...they get to fap and he gets to do things *wink wink

so typical of RK to get spotlight when someone else is shining...happened in 2013 and happening now!

I am so loving it. Go Ranbir!!

Why no one ever catches Ranbir and Ayan together?? Coz Ayan is himself taking these pictures and Ranbirs PR leaking them.

Only Alia and Akshay pictures together now can surpass this. Or in future Mawra Hocane getting caught in bikini with Ranbir. Pinkvilla you are awesome.

It seems like hell broke loose!

7 days back mahira posted a pic about a perfect date and tat was mostly when RK and her met up in london...sadly the RK fire breakout cut short their london plans!

Anybody can tell these are after sex pics. 1. Smoking 2. Way she is sitting in Picture 2. 3. No Bra. 4. Ranbir looks tired. 5. Love bite

yes. the picture 2 is clearly give away lol

there was a basic instinct moment happening between the two when RK smartly signalled her they are on photo and mahira quickly got up and got rid of the cig and started walking away! lol these two have been at it for months now by RK travelling to diffenrt countries just to meet her....this is very unfortunate they have been exposed and like this!.....Mahira is definitely doing her best to seduce RK in tat flirty dress lol

I am 100% sure she is commando in that dress.

not reallly.....she is not wearing undergarments clearly! atlas don't look like it....

OMG!! So these funny and fake blinds are true?? So Akshay-Alia, Deepika-Hrithik ones are also true. And Abhi-Ash marriage on rocks. Damn Pinkvilla, even Donald Trump won't call you fake news now.

yes blind are true. So kat wanting to live with EX salman, her faking a sweet and friendly image to save her career, kapoors finding of kat indecent past etc are also true.
post plz pv

I was trying to find that blind which was about kat s past...I wonder how she would have suffered ..as if kapoors are saints

Also the blind about Sushmita must also be true.

Morphed pics, Pinkvilla. How could you do this? She was sleeping in the hotel in her nighty when fire alarmed broked so she has to come out as per New York laws. She smokes and it's not a hidden fact from her fans. Ranbir pics were taken separately and then morphed with Mahira's.

Someone should get Sonam, Katrina and Deepika on one couch and talk about Ranbir. It is the only way to surpass this post.

KJo are you listening? This trio should be in next KWK. It will create history.

+1. I would love it.

Well daaaaaaaamn

They are not just smoking. They definitely had sex. Mahira sleeping around and smoking, leaving her son at home is not the kind of image I had of her. Disappointed.